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June 21
I live in a country known for its many earthquakes; I live 200 kilometers away from three smoldering nuclear reactors; my father saw the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki as a boy; I watch movies with titles like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gattaca; I read books with titles like Trout Fishing in America and In Our Time; I make collages about my wife and show them in Tokyo galleries; I spend weekends writing about nukes, aliens, vampires, and love child Vulcans.


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JUNE 25, 2011 1:46PM

Very, Very Short Fiction: Spock's Sister?

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I saw a vampire once on the subway.

It was on the Tozai Line, the joyless subway that connects one end of Tokyo's core to the other. 

I hate the Tozai Line; riding it from Nakano to Kasai only takes 35 minutes but always feels like hours.

It was really late, and practically everyone in the car was either very drunk or in some state of sleep. 

The vampire I saw looked really pathetic in his stained Hawaiian shirt and bruised bowling shoes.

In fact, I would have considered him just another one of those sorry losers one often sees on the subway had I not seen him plunge huge fangs into the neck of the heavily drunk girl sitting right next to him.

Everyone falls asleep on Tokyo's subways; gender isn't a factor. 

On that day another heavily drunk girl wearing what felt like rayon used my left shoulder as a pillow between Waseda and Iidabashi.  

I literally laughed out loud at the vampire's horrified expression when he discovered that the girl's blood was green. 

Though the vampire was too busy throwing up to have a look, hidden beneath the girl's smooth, black hair was a pair of pointed ears.
Y'know, Vulcan ears.
Everyone knows about Sarek's illegitimate daughters who were born after his visit here. 
Originally posted as "Subway Vampire."  

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Honto? Vampires and goblins? Things sure have changed since I was in Japan. I'm more familiar with the Ome sen: if I remember correctly, it went from Tokyo to Tachikawa. R
Happens all the time on the London Underground trains.
Well especially now they've installed cctv and banned
GobLin. You can't get one for cash either.

"Press send FRed(tm) and I know your canine teeth look like a Sabre-tooth but biting isn't allowed you mad Siamese critter."
I have ridden subway lines and been in subway cars like this - in so many cities. Great story. Poor vampire.
what a gift your writing is!

note: are there Vulcan vampires?
Oh sure, Vulcan blood is spicy as all hell; everyone knows that. Well, everyone except that vampire. noob. Heh, good story.
Put in one word... Succulent!
A truly modern fable (again). A vampire on the drudge conveyance from city to city is unremarkable. A Vulcan spawn beside him is rare but not disturbing except to the misdirected vampire. I can see the hypnotic bursts of light through the subway train windows. Resistance is futile.
Hello everyone!

Trudge164: Cylons have been reported on the Ome Line, along with the usual vampires and such.

Creekend_UK: The London Underground would be a goldmine for stories like this -- the bricks, the tiles, the ironworks, the endless corridors, memories of the Blitz, spiral staircases and the still-extant 19th c. vibe would provide endless stimuli for monster/creature/sci-fi stories, with or without cctv.

Alysa Salzberg: Subways everywhere carry dead-tired people and strange folk . . .

ume: I always thought Vulcans were Vampires. Wouldn't Leonard Nimoy look good in a cape?

Seth James: And Klingon blood is sweet-and-sour. Everyone knows that.

Out on a limb: Thank you! I hope you'll read my future posts . . .

ASH ...: I think I'll write about the Tokyo Borg one of these days.
I smile with admiration!