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June 21
I live in a country known for its many earthquakes; I live 200 kilometers away from three smoldering nuclear reactors; my father saw the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki as a boy; I watch movies with titles like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gattaca; I read books with titles like Trout Fishing in America and In Our Time; I make collages about my wife and show them in Tokyo galleries; I spend weekends writing about nukes, aliens, vampires, and love child Vulcans.


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DECEMBER 22, 2012 6:58AM

Short story: Genesis Shuriken

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In the end it was only me and God.

"Hi, God."

"Hi. Long time no see."

"The last one died, didn't he?"

"Yeah, yeah, the guy in the bunker. A descendant of Confucius, too. Pity."

"I remember him. When he was a kid I taught him how to shoplift. When he got a little older I taught him seduction. The first woman he seduced on his own was his speech teacher."

"That was back when there was plenty to steal."

"That's true. Say, didn't you try to do anything when they let loose the first viruses? I mean, didn't someone pray so that you'd stop them?"

"Somebody might have, but I didn't know what was happening in Vancouver 'cause I was in Odessa with a hot redhead. Actually, I thought that was all your handiwork."

"No, no, it wasn't me, just a bunch of Canadian graduate students and their petri dishes. My thing has always been corrupting minds, one by one. I never got into the mass destruction thing. That's your specialty, remember?"

God laughed; so did I.

We shared a cigarette and took in the view; we were on the top of a leaning tower that what was once called the Space Needle.

It took the viruses just three years to kill all life on the planet. Fires destroyed pretty much everything else.

The emerald city was now a big pile of ash; it was like that all over.

We had trouble keeping our cigarette halves lit because the fires depleted the atmosphere of oxygen. And all the smoke made the world a lot darker by blocking out the sun.

"I'll be going soon," said God.

"Where to?"

"Jimi's coming to get me."

"Oh yeah? I haven't seen your brother since Monterey. Tell him I said hi."

"Sure will. And I'm giving you this. I think you know what do with it."

With that God disappeared, just like Kara at the end of Battlestar Galactica. I knew I'd never see him again.

God gave me his hexagon. He'd shown it to me a couple of times before, but it was the first time I'd actually touched it.

It was black and had a cold, non-reflecting surface. It was about the size of a shuriken. It was scratched badly and its corners were rounded.

God said that when he was much younger, somebody he didn't recognize gave it to him. God was told that he was to lick each side of the hexagon; he did as he was told, and in a week there was Earth.

Jimi once called the hexagon "the genesis shuriken." This was before he went into the army.

I lit another cigarette and flipped the hexagon a couple of times in my palm.

It was my turn to be God.

I wondered if I could handle my new role. I liked being the Devil. Now I was going to be the one in charge instead of being the prankster, which by its very definition didn't entail responsibility.

Everything was going to be different now. No; I was going to make everything different.

Jimi's little brother tended to have terrible fits of fury, and on my watch I wasn't going to have floods and bolts of lightning. Since I was a girl, I was going to start the next round of humans with an Eve. And, I was going to allow giants to stay.

I was going to have fun and so would the world.

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Aha! So that's what the old saying, "Things are going to the devil around here," really means!

Who says things already haven't? :-)
I wanted to work with the idea that the Devil is actually a role and that becoming one is a choice. So in this story we have a former corrupter of youth becoming God, which is probably the most extreme career change possible.
If I believed in gods and devils, I'd have to think that someone got the old biblical story of a fight between God and Lucifer a tad wrong. All evidence points to Lucifer having won - not lost!