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SEPTEMBER 20, 2009 5:18AM

Peacock Videos (not rendered)

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Preening Peacocks - Prince and Family

Would you be my Love?

Foursome: The entire family gets together early mornings here. I sometimes feed them bananas or bread. Prince prefers fruits to bread. He always calls to alert me in the morning

 Gottacha: a moment alone together before the family flies in


 Is this the one Prince wants ? He's been trying for over three weeks now


Now if this was cleaned, rendered, posted here first - I definitely would have expected a cover or and EP for this one :) but as it isn't, I don't. But hope you have fun watching what I did. How many of you ever watched them dancing outside of zoos ? In the forests maybe - but this is right in the middle of habiatation, a busy city.

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This is just absolutely delightful! What a wonderful way to end the evening (late, late evening). Thank you for sharing these moments with the Prince, Nabina. I feel honored to have witnessed them.

oh, wow, these are outstanding! preening peacocks are a huge gift from nature! i need to find out what situations/environment led to them evolving this way, with these fabulous colors. well, the men anyway. Prince has a complicated life and all in the middle of a teaming city, as you said. amazing. thank you for sharing this and it is completely EP and Cover worthy without rendering, whatever that is. :) love love love and gratitude
I LOVE these!!! How cool!

Ir is amazing to see all the work he puts into looking stunning and how she just says, "Eh. Whatever." I love the one with the whole family, too.

And now my cats are pacing and looking around trying to find out where those new bird sounds were coming from!

Thanks for such a fun post.
These are great. I have some friends here in Oregon who have peacocks. It's funny to drive up to their house and see one standing on top of their car.
Ha ha, I thought he was shaking his rump at her but it was his wings. So cute! He's persistent.
:) knew you wd like them !
Mishima, it is indeed funny to see them everywhere - so gorgeous too
WUS, imagining your cats made me laugh
Scruffs, he didn't even look at the others :)
What's not to love! Prince is a very handsome fellow. But I also love her indiference.
A lovely way to procrastinate doing chores on a Sunday:). Thanks for posting these.
The determination of that lover, I likedd the sexy dance very much; I had never seen it (not even in our local zoos). Thanks !
This is so neat. Thanks for posting it.
aim, you are welcome - anytime
Robin, glad you viewed it - hope it made you smile
Cindy, welcome and yes, I did - glad you liked them :)
TMichael, :) ... loved your NYC post
Amazing metaphoric synchronicity with my life...
Preening & preparing and being met with seeming indifference..
Still, a hell of a lot of fun..

I wish I could watch peacocks every morning like this. very cool. poor prince....
what a beautiful bird
Jim, 'seemingly'
come visit India when it is possible
Kathy, yess!
thank you all for stopping by
hey hey! HAd to investigate the hullabulloo and look what i find. Mor naachna kisne dekha ? aha! the BEST. the smell of fresh rain upon grass the mayur naach and then the distant sound of the flute....plaintive and melancholy......but soothing to the soul. No wonder Krishna charmed with such aplomb!Look at the backdrop!
Golfers are a lot like peacocks. They dress up and preen and strut, too. I guess it works. They attract female fans. cy
Cy, you are joking...
Romadi, chhobigulo bhalo laglo kina rting na korley bujhbo ki korey? Khubi kashto kortey hoechhey oder pechhoney...ttha ttha rodey dariyey chhobi tola tao circuit house er chhdaer chattikhani kothha? tumi mulyo diley na boley besh dukho holo :(
oma! bhule gechi re! ashole doura dourir majhkhane tao shudhu tomar post porechi bodh kori. Shomoy boro kom. Rate to def korechi...amar comment kora manei tayi na hole usually chup thaki....phire asjar por theke ektar por ekata utsav. Shubho Durga Pujo ebong ajke actually shubhu ashtami!
bte facebook e accoutn ache? jani gamil e ok? Okhane onek beshi anondyo payi. Family anf friends der modhye rakhi shudhu tayi. Much care.
hango, aaj nabami - mahanabamir shubhechha tomakeo.
SHUBHO BIJOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How cool to have this outside your window (unless of course you're trying to sleep :-) beautiful birds, but they can be a bit noisy at times