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MARCH 8, 2012 4:39AM


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 India celebrates Holi today... these are my new neighbours





Happy Holi to Everyone at Open Salon.

May the colors and flavors of Spring touch your lives with warmth and goodness and variety and interesting thoughts and ideas to live better.


Dol is what they call Holi in the east of India. The song is a Tagore song. The scenes depict springin the state of West Bengal. Palash is a ornage red spring flower that people use to adorn their hair and themselves.

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Nice photos. I love India. I was there in 1996. I'm jealous! :)

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[r] lovely! ty!!!! libby
I just was 'Booted' `Gin.
I name Kerry `Ganesh.
Ganesh lost his Noggin.
I had to Relauch `gin.
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Ask Melinda and Pa Pa?
Take Kerry to outhouse?
He sit on pot to stink bah?
Seriously, he head duh dull!
Kerry reminds me . . .
at core picnic party
editor cries like a baby
and rides a bulfrog
and he gets naked
and flop in shallow
muddy old pothole
I blame libbyliberalnyc
I followed her. She nice
I spent two-months there
India was fabulous beauty
Sigh . . . I saw a 1993 quake
But . . . I saw amazing people
India etc., changed my Life
Names . . .
I saw paper Ganesh tossed
They tossed Ganesh in a lake
He has a story to unfold. tell
Wonderful photos--love the paint-spattered faces.
Happy Holi! The pictures are wonderful.

I'm endlessly fascinated by symbolism.

Blending the symbolism of the triumph of good over evil with a springtime celebration of regeneration and diaspora through the joyous casting of colored powder at one another in my imagination, I smiled, because the effect shatters the illusion of separateness from others, and makes me feel more at-one with those around me. To me, the colors symbolize the various sources of life that we spring from, and how the intermingling of them strengthens our resiliency.

May the celebration strengthen your resolve to be true to the essence of your self.
Thank you Jeff. Watch the movie Silsila which stars the biggest star of India, amitabh Bachhan and in it you would get a holi sequence - a feel of how it is celebrated up north.
Libby am glad you liked it and you are welcome

Art James long time no see - in India wise people are said to be blessed by Ganesh, and yes I do believe he is wise. Am sorry you were disappointed with the post though. You didnt even like the Holi song? Gives you beautiful glimpses of the flora and fauna of whereI come from. I chose the best for here :) anyways glad 2cya.
Erica - they are lovely people am glad you saw the pictures

Tinker, namaste, and happy holi to you sir

Zack! wow you gave Holi a completely another dimension with that: "the colors symbolize the various sources of life that we spring from, and how the intermingling of them strengthens our resiliency."

I never thought of it that way! Thanks now I wd always remember it and also tell people that you had said that and they wd love it here
I REALLY like that second photo! I'm going to ask my co-workers about Holi (I could google it, but in cases like this, not the same)
Great photos!

I loved reading about Holi in Vikram Seth's "A Suitable Boy"--- this is exactly what I'd imagined.
Ash, Holi is called Raash in some parts, Dol in the east, Vasantotsav in some parts of the country etc. All of it is in celebration of the change of season and the advent of Spring. Raag Vasant, Raag Vasant Bahar, Raag Bahar , are typical Ragas for the season that capture the lovely gentleness of the weather and fragrant nature. The evenings are somewhat sad and we have a word for that "vidhoor" - makes you want to go far far away looking for your self - There is legend that Krishna played with his girl friends and in fact it is a big festival where he is supposed to have been born and raised, Gujarat. In the other parts it is just a Spring fest, people play with what is called Phaag or the dyes. They symbolise the colors of nature and in Indian languages we have this saying that translated in English means "color each other with the colors of nature" - so well - there is the social part of it as well. You know we do not dance the way you do, men and women had to have some way of coming together, this is that way I guess. This is one day when men and women are allowed to touch each other, play and socialise without fear of being called "giri hui" or bad. In India to be even seen with another man used to be a sin once upon a time (it is like that even now in small towns where even husband wives would not hold hands in front of relatives or in public :)
Hope that satisfies you, there is plenty of music , folk songs, and dance forms to celebrate Holi specifically.
V Corso, try reading some works of Rabindranath Tagore, that is our Nobel Laureate national poet, a poet with the distinction of having two of his poems sung as the National anthem of two sovereign nations. His novels would give you a taste of an exotic India especially novels like Gora. Oscar winner Satyajiy Ray made a film on many Tagore stories, you could watch Teen Kanya and after that Gharey Bairey . Let me know what you thought afterwards