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MAY 26, 2012 8:50AM

MacLeodsgunj Photos

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breaking stone

Breaking stone the ancient way - he has hammered in pins into the rock in a line (where you see the dots), Upper Bhagsu in the Dharamshala district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Himalayas. Elevation 2200 mtrs. This is my third visit to this state. The first time I travelled to Bushair, the second time to Manali and Kullu.

Internet - in the mountains, it matters, warrants road signs like this one :)



I went down this path too, goes from upper bhagsu down to the bhagsu market.


Power of love and acceptance: she made me happy when she shared my food, with me 

Sahil's kitchen

This is inside Sahil's kitchen, he is a Gujarati US returned Indian that set up this Himalayan traveller's retreat five days ago, I had khichhdi with papad, my fellow traveller a raw thali with delicious carrotbeet juice. I recommend the place in upper bhagsu to anyone that needs quiet time away from their city lives, in the middle of nature and caring people that understand the traveller's needs thoroughly.


A traveler relaxing at Sahil's retreat.


Me in the sun at Sahil's retreat. The child shot my picture.


Other people, guests eating at Sahil's, upper bhagsu, MacLeodsgunj, Himachal Pradesh, India. Picture taken by the little girl - I think she said her name is Sean, but am not sure I read her pronunciation correctly. Hope I get to go to Sahil's again and see her once more. She made me think of Anne Frank :)


Pretty as a picture - Saul made my day at Sahil's resort.


When I asked her where she was from, she said, "From many countries". She is one of those rarechildren that knows how to say "yes" to most things in life: "would you like to draw now" "yes", "would you like to share my food with me?" "yes" (nibbles at the papad, places it gently and neatly back on my plate when she is done tasting it), "would you like to have our picture taken?" "yes", "shall we ask that guy to take our picture?" without a word she walks confidently walks around the table and snuggles close to me the way you see her in the picture, I put my arms around the little girl and smile, she smiles at me and turns her head towards the camera, ready for her picture to be taken "yes" she says :)

I cannot help but smile at her poise.


"Would you like to take some pictures now?" "yes", I show her how and off she goes, shooting. These are pictures she had taken. She is about ive years old, the daughter of one of Sahil's guests I suppose.


 This is baby girl's attempt at photography. I wanted to save it somewhere so posted it here. She used my phone to take pictures of her color pencils, and the space outside.


 All pictures taken by me on the Nokia music series phone. I was glad life becomes easier by the day. 

Next I plan to sell off the laptop and the phone and the CD player and get a Samsung phone that does it all and is smaller lighter and fits into the purse. I love the way you can enlarge maps with two fingers and find all info you need while travelling at your fingertips on that phone and the GPRS WiFi enabled thing makes internet less expensive. Hm learning. every singleday has been a surprise and a learning experience.



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Knowing where you are in your life's journey, that first picture spoke to me in metaphor. It looks like the two people are standing at the far end of a flow of stone, as if it were a peninsula in the sea. After reaching the end of their trail, they turned and set to work turning the end of the peninsula into a boat by splitting it from the spit of land it grew from. To do this, they take many small actions to that end, which can only be seen as having a common intent when the flow of events can be seen with this perspective. After taking enough of those small actions, the combined effect begins to sheer the section on which they stand away from the common grounding from which they had come, so that they can continue on their journey with the new under-standing which they have set free to show them new lands across that sea.

Thanks for showing me where your journey has taken you now, and thanks for looking back at us through that child's eyes. Peace.
"they stand away from the common grounding from which they had come, so that they can continue on their journey with the new under-standing "
Great story and wonderful pics.
happy to see a picture of you my friend! interesting post