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DECEMBER 31, 2012 8:32AM

Happy New Year 2013

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Beauty in the gutter of Kangra Valley, India


Wishing everyone here a very happy new year.

To the ones I know, wish HNY with a "how have you been, mean to catch up with you soon and apologies for not being there to read and comment on your blogs for so long, missed you all".

And to those I don't know,  "how do you do" with a smile...

Hope there is a bit of blessing and grace in all of our lives in the new year and we know it too in time, while we arein that moment, so we can appreciate it as it should be and have fewer regrets.

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Orin Zack Deb, James Emmerling, Melissa Michael, Newton, Ardee, Owl, Julie, Michael Stone, Rama De Rao, Libby, Ariel, Tink ???
I have captured them all and am holding them in my dungeon. If you ever wish to see them again send large quantities of fresh cream and many cases of Fancy Feast......... OR Else!!

HNY to you too!

Sky, sending you all that plus fresh Kangra tea for ... the party at The Dungeon :)
Awaiting arrival of your shipment. Tink and I will test cream and Fancy Feast asap. Tea will be kept on hand for anyone with "mysterious ailment" who appears.

Party is tonight - High quality nip will be served.....

PEACE be with you Rolling!
Good to see you back here, and happy new year to you too! To you and everyone here, our family toast:

"May you always know what to wish for,
and may all of your wishes come true."

P. Orin Zack (and Deb, too)
[r] (((((((Rolling)))))))))))!!!! best, libby xxx
Orin :) gee glad to see you guys again

(((((Libby))))))) :) ( blushing) - thank you.
Rolling, may I remind you of your amazing generosity in India, even if we did not meet. You are just wonderful. So Happy New Year to you. Though I hate odd numbers, very glad to have 2012 over.
Thank you Wendyo :) and hope you are able to visit again and enjoy every bit of your stay here.