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APRIL 9, 2011 1:52PM

Jackson Browne and Memories of Long Ago

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Jackson BrowneThe internet is mainly focused on today -- what's new, hot and trending.  But sometimes I'm surfing online and I come across something that makes my past come rushing back.  That happened recently when I found a vintage clip of the great Jackson Browne performing live in London. 

From the second I hit the play arrow I was captivated. 

Filmed in 1978, the performance is vintage Browne with his distinctive voice, the trademark hair and a style that makes it all look so easy.  In the video, he's a young, energetic singer who is obviously enjoying every minute of being in the spotlight.

The song is the unforgettable The Load Out/Stay -- a seven-minute, knock-out performance that starts as a ballad with Browne playing the piano on the big stage and singing about life on the road. 

During the first part of the song, Browne seems to effortlessly capture his mixed feelings about living the performer's vagabond life.  Then the lights come up, the tempo increases and Browne morphs into Stay while the rest of his band comes alive on stage.

Watching the performance I was cast back through the decades to April 1978 when I was in the audience with my girlfriends to see Browne perform in St. Paul, Minnesota. Still in college, I vaguely recall that we made the 100-plus mile round trip to the Twin Cities in my best friend's beat-up Ford.  Her car had an 8-track player and we probably listened to Jackson all the way there and home. 

It's a long time ago and I really don't recall all of the evenings events.  I'm sure that I loved the concert, and I do remember that after much cajoling, my Dad had agreed to let me borrow his expensive hunting binoculars.  I probably felt an out-of-body experience as I found a close-up of Jackson Brown through those powerful lenses. 

I feel an out-of-body experience watching Jackson Browne today.  So much has happened since that April evening of my youth.  I'm no longer a wide-eyed young adult with all the answers and the smug belief that my generation would conquer the world.  I'm a middle-aged baby boomer, sagging a little here and there, and wondering how the years passed so very quickly.

I've come to realize that I can't have everything I want in life.  Yet, my life at this point is good.  I'm so much wiser, more content and very grateful -- just to be here watching Jackson as he sings to me.

Click on the video and spend a few minutes with Jackson Browne -- see what memories come flooding back.  I promise, you won't regret it.



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