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May 27
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Nancy Wurtzel writes Dating Dementia, a slightly-twisted blog about making big changes at midlife. Described as a blog you won't be able to forget -- no matter how hard you try -- Dating Dementia covers baby boomer challenges, aging parents, midlife angst, feminism and more. Nancy lived in Southern California for 33 years. In late 2011, she returned to her native Minnesota to help care for her Mother who had Alzheimer's disease.

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APRIL 29, 2011 12:16PM

Walking Good, Swinging Better

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swingingMy daughter and I went for a walk recently and we were having a fine time -- well, I was having a good time.  Lizzie doesn't much like exercise and so she was probably just tolerating it. 

Teens also don't like to do stuff with their parents.  I get it.  Being seen with parents isn't considered cool, and losers go for a walk with their mothers on a Sunday afternoon. Luckily we didn't run into anyone Lizzie knew so she wasn't mortified about being seen with her mother.

Anyway, we were having a very nice, uneventful walk when we passed by a neighborhood park with some colorful playground equipment.  The park is tucked away near a private elementary school and it doesn't get much use when school isn't in session.

Lizzie grabbed my arm and was totally beaming.  "Oh, let's swing!"

So we did.

Let me just say that I hadn't been on a swing for years and years. But swinging comes naturally and in less than a minute, Lizzie and I were both high in the air, pumping our legs and laughing out loud.  It was a little slice of heaven. 

I wasn't thinking about work, what to make for dinner and the fact that I really need to lose 25 pounds, which had all been going through my mind when I was walking.  I was simply smiling, enjoying myself and captivated with the weightless feeling of flying high in the air.

My daughter and I had sat opposite ways, so we could see each others' faces as we flew past.  For a few wonderful minutes we were both free of concern, simply laughing, happy and carefree.  It was one of those perfect little moments -- so perfect you just want to bottle it. 

Since I couldn't, I've instead done the next best thing: Seared the moment into my memory and I will remember it forever.

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