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Nancy Wurtzel writes Dating Dementia, a slightly-twisted blog about making big changes at midlife. Described as a blog you won't be able to forget -- no matter how hard you try -- Dating Dementia covers baby boomer challenges, aging parents, midlife angst, feminism and more. Nancy lived in Southern California for 33 years. In late 2011, she returned to her native Minnesota to help care for her Mother who had Alzheimer's disease.

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AUGUST 7, 2011 9:48PM

Dreams of the Elevator Kind

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girl with dream bookIf you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I'm a bit obsessed with dreams.  Sure, the experts all say that everyone dreams, but for whatever reason I rarely could tell you about one.  I simply don't remember mine.

Which leads me to last week. I overslept on Wednesday and when I did wake up it was to the roar of a gardener's leaf blower.  Wait!  Stop the leaves!  I clearly recalled a dream.  I've read that you should write down a dream immediately upon waking as the dream memory will fade quickly.  So here's what I wrote:

Worst dream last night. (Yes, annoying as it is, I even use punctuation early in the morning.)

My friend's daughter was getting married and I was trying to get to the wedding. I could see other guests arriving.  I could hear the music but I couldn't find the garden where the ceremony was taking place.

Guy threw up on me in the elevator.

Okay, let's dissect this: I was attempting to get to the wedding. While I could hear music and see people, I couldn't find the garden where the wedding was being held. That's actually a very common type of dream, right?  You are late for (fill in the blank) and can't find your (fill in another blank) and you (yet another blank).  I mean, this scenario would make any dream researcher yawn.

But then you add in the elevator incident and things get interesting.

Back to said dream: The elevator door opens and I step on.  A very good-looking man is is standing to one side.  He takes a long look at me and arches an eyebrow. I step into the elevator, the doors close.  I ask the (emphasize good looking) man if he is going to the wedding.  I go on to explain that I've been trying and trying to find the wedding but to no avail.  The man looks at me intently but says nothing. I am nervous and keep talking and talking. I cannot stop talking.

Just as the elevator stops, the (did I mention he was good-looking?) man moves from his corner of the elevator over to mine. He looks me square in the eye and then he throws up on me.  The elevator doors open and...

I wake up to the sound of the leaf blower.

Now the elevator part of the dream is pretty weird and disturbing -- but more importantly what does it mean?  Do I talk too much and it makes people (especially men) want to lose their lunch?  Could I be jealous of others who are finding love again and getting married?  Am I avoiding issues surrounding my own failed marriage? Could it possibly mean that I should never  ever get married again?  Maybe that it is totally fine to run off with a good-looking man that I encounter in an elevator --once he recovers from food poisoning?

Or, do I just need blog topics and my subconscious is doing its own twisted part to help me out?  Damn that leaf blower.

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