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Nancy Wurtzel writes Dating Dementia, a slightly-twisted blog about making big changes at midlife. Described as a blog you won't be able to forget -- no matter how hard you try -- Dating Dementia covers baby boomer challenges, aging parents, midlife angst, feminism and more. Nancy lived in Southern California for 33 years. In late 2011, she returned to her native Minnesota to help care for her Mother who had Alzheimer's disease.

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AUGUST 28, 2011 5:04PM

My First Hurricane Adventure: Irene is All About Me

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images-28Hurricane Irene is passing through Boston.  Not really not that bad, and hopefully it won't get any worse. It is noon and we are on 24th floor of the Hilton (I'm here getting my daughter settled into her freshman year of college) and the building is creaking, groaning and swaying.  Actually, the swaying has made me a tad sick (like seasick). Yes, this is naturally all about me.

You will love this: my daughter took a five-hour nap yesterday and woke up about 10PM...then she was unfortunately up all night.  I slept very poorly, too (back to me, of course).  So, she finally fell fast asleep at 6:30ish this morning and will no doubt sleep through the entire storm.  I am once again sitting in the dark tapping away on my trusty Mac (see how I brought this back to me?)

I'm a little afraid to go down to the lobby in case we do lose power and then I have to walk up 24 flights, which would be a huge bummer.  We have some basic stuff to eat, but I'm craving scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and pancakes...which is not happening today for sure.

What I don't understand is the number of cars still on the streets of Boston -- not a huge number but why any?  Where could they possibly be going?  I think the storm should be pretty much gone by late this afternoon from what I'm seeing online.  Can't turn on the televion as the girl needs her beauty sleep or she will convert into a snarling mass of anger (Hurricane Irene, meet Katie.  Katie, meet Hurricane Irene).

Honestly, I've never heard a building groan this much -- it actually just burped really loud!  But the Hilton can burp all it wants to as long as it keeps standing.  Oh dear, all of a sudden it is perfectly calm.  Is it all over? This is my first hurricane, so I don't know what to expect or how to act (let alone how to dress).  The weight of this hurricane (and the unhealthy snacking) has surely added a few pounds to my backside (yes, Irene is so all about me).  I wasn't sure what shoes to wear to a hurricane, so I'm not wearing any (just slipper socks) -- for fear of making a hurricane fashion mistake.

Trust me: You do not want to anger Irene.

So, I'd like to say that we are bonding with people and making new life-long friends as we ride out Irene but everyone pretty much is staying in their rooms and keeping to themselves.  The couple in the room next door have been arguing on and off since last night.  From what I can hear, she is blaming him for the entire storm, and I've got to admit she does seem to have a point -- yeah, it probably is all his fault.  The bastard.

On that note: A temporary (I hope) farewell from the City of Brotherly Love -- oh, wait, wrong city. Farewell from the home of Sam Malone, some famous baseball team, beans and a lot of expensive colleges (of this last one, I am absolutely certain).

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