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November 01
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DECEMBER 8, 2009 10:27PM

Oh Moko!

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 A very naughty 250kg bottlenose dolphin is making waves at a New Zealand beach. Moko the dolphin became a tourist attraction on New Zealand’s North Island after he swam into a harbour and never left. This was all well and good ‘til about six months ago, when he began growing more pushy and seemed to develop a liking for human ladies.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Moko has 'tipped over water skiers, stolen surfboards and trapped young women at sea, proving he's anything but Flipper of 1960s TV fame.'

 Now he’s become dolphina non grata for scaring some young female lifeguards and headbutting surfers. Several swimmers have had to be rescued over the past week because Moko won't let them return to shore, with one woman fearing she would drown  because she became so fatigued.

 "The problem is that Moko has transformed from a gregarious youngster to an exuberant and insolent hormone-pumped teenager. And a male teenager at that," explains Professor Mark Oram's of Auckland University.

Grant Fussell, the president of the local surf club, says Moko has lost his mojo with other dolphins and sees himself with a human partner. “"He relates more to humans," said Mr. Fussell, adding that it’s possible that Moko could try to mate with a human.

Naughty Moko.

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I love beach babes myself, but I wouldn't necessarily try to mate publicly with them. Of course, dolphins have different cultural norms. I wonder what the dolphin/human hybrid spawn will look like?
How bizarre!
I thought dolphins were supposed to be smart--wonder what the attraction is for Moko to jump species.
Mating with humans is OK, but you haven't lived 'til you've had a capybara. They're every bit as enthusiastic and affectionate as a woman, but don't feel the need to cuddle afterwards.
Y'know...20 years ago an author called Ted Mooney wrote a little speculative fiction novel that included some rather shocking, but strangely moving "dolphin-human" erotica...takes all kinds I guess?!
Check it out here:
Maybe if Moko mates with humans we will have some mermaids...or dolphmaids...
I saw a documentary once which described how South American Indian men had a long tradition of mating with fresh water dolphins in the Amazon. They were interviewing several of them, and as they described how fun it was, better than human women really, they kept breaking into giggles and slapping each other on the back. It was fairly disgusting.
Are Human/Dolphin marriages legal in New Zealand?
Seriously though, this is weird. Can they not persuade this creature to re-integrate with it's own kind?
Why Kiwi woman like mate with dolphin? Dolphin being for unsuitable husband,woman foolish thinking she make babies with fish.
You never have to ask a dolphin to get its back waxed.....
@Drew-Silla. I heard about those dolphin plukers of the Amazon!
"Dolphin Plukers Of the Amazon II; The Second Cumming."

That would make quite an art film.
Nana, I'm trying not to think about the actual process too closely.

Janie, it's something, isn't it?

Spotted, apparently he's aggressively pursuing anything in a bikini.

John, cute and pervy.

Surly, me too. I wasn't sure whether to be amused or disturbed, but ended up coming down on the side of amusement because it's funner (?).


Trey, but they're so ugly :(

Yekdeli, thanks for the link - I'll check it out.

Leonde, dolmans? :P

Drew, you're pulling my chain.

Trig, they're trying. Apparently the local council are introducing fines for people who try to swim with Moko in an attempt to isolate him so that he looks for company with his own species.

Ramesh, the answer to that is quite simple. Have you seen Kiwi men?

O'Really - or put the toilet seat down!
Eh, sounds like the typical male to me.
This isn't the first time this has happened.
There was a gay dolphin named Darwin who appeared on
Seaquest DSV that used to have a major crush on that kid who starred with Chuck Norris in Sidekicks.
It was cross breed love all the way.

I'm with Nana on this one...I want to see the dolphin people.

I always adored dolphins. I even stopped reading about the sexual habits of male dolphins because I did not want to dislike them. Male dolphins are nasty in the ocean. yet I still think they are divine creatures.
Rated for inter-species sex.
Lacey, I read something along those lines in an interview with a marine biologist. A male marine biologist.

Andy, if any babies result from Moko's little flirtations, I'll let you know.

Thoth, this is the first I've heard about the mating habits of dolphins, but now I'm curious.

Raoul, thanks :)

Robin, me too. All dolphins, actually. They're beautiful creatures.
this is a wild dolphin? not a captive? if i were a dolphin, i would try to dig on other dolphins? he is confused, me too. rated for over frendliness!!!!! hey baby, whats sappening?.......
boys... we is all boys
that's just animal play. every animal does it. i call it "get your butt" because they usually target a place you won't get hurt. He may target women beause of scent or because they react more. If it was dangerous he'd have attacked and liked. this sounds like play.

go! go! moko!
The last taboo. This sounds cute enough now, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for lifting that one. Not around this place.

One famous American president said that if you want loyalty in Washington, get a dog. 60 years later....

And then you have males with Totemic names. Nuff said.

Enjoy and move on. Quickly.
The New Zealand Olympic Swimming Committee is launching a study into the eligibility of a human/dolphin hybrid.
True Story. I use to live in California, Oceanside to be exact. One day a few of my Marine buddies and I were surfing in the ocean. We were laying on our boards in the water waiting for the next wave to arrive, we had been drinking all morning, imagine that. I saw a fin come out of the water near us, but wasn't sure if I thought my vision was correct due to intoxication. Then I saw it again. I was positve it was a shark. I informed all my friends to remain calm and told them what I had observed. Then they saw the fin. One of my buddies yell, "SHARK" and the whole beach cleared as we started our way inland. As we paddled in, a head popped up from the water in front of us and gave us a chatter, it was only a dolphin whom seemed to be cursing us a little for being on his turf. A memory for a life time.
Try explaining that experience to your friends... A great chuckle for me today. Thanks
how come when human guys do that sort of thing they are called a pervert? Go Moko. Rated for humor.
In the middle of the bath
In the middle of the bath
I call your name
Oh moko, oh moko, my love will turn you on......


It is humorous yet I'm glad I'm not one of his, er, um, intendeds!
Well, "naughty boy", yes, but it
seems to prove a
very serious theory...a damn dolphin
likes the chicks..

it's all about love, and always has been,
and in all its
weird perambulations,
will be..
The animal, supposedly constrained by
biological laws,
has been


oh, i digress from my
environmentally-sound psychobabble...

the point of life is to be human...

humans especially!!!!

(animals have a great head start on us)
Awwww. Moko sounds so cute, even if he is a naughty dolphin.
Hi Mical :)

John, it's definitely a wild dolphin.

Brian, it appears so.

wschanz, he's actually headbutting the men. There'd be a lot of power behind that, and I know from experience how difficult it is to get back in to shore when you're dazed from a bump to the head.

Nick, I obviously need a dog.

Stim, with some of the studies that come out of NZ, that wouldn't surprise me.

Lionspride, I've been out surfing when shark alerts have gone off here. It's pretty scary. I've also jumped off a bridge, looked down and seen a stingray in the water below me.

Thanks, GJI.

hndymn, Moko is being called a pervert too. Perverted dolphins...what next?

Zashin, me too!

Jim, animals do seem to have a head start on most of us in the humanity's sad.

Karin, all dolphins are pretty cute, aren't they?
Read some David Brin, an OS guy...he wrote some fine scifi
about smart dolphins.

I only swam with the dolphins once. A nice fellow named Bottle
gave me a plausibly accurate
alternative theory of evolution, quite out of synch
with Darwin's, of which he was most aware...

turns out competition is NOT the factor
determining the advance of the various species..tis

Bottle and I are still friends..we exchange xmas cards of course..
reminds me
i gotta get to the drug store and buy my

Jim xom
Sorry Natalie, I screwed up the live link. It links to an article about Moko.

If anyone wants to learn about KP2 the monk seal, here's some info. As seals go they don't get much cuter,
Oh Ablonde, he's just gorgeous. I didn't realise that cataracts was so prevalent among monk's awesome that they're going to fix it for him.

Like you say, being raised by humans for the first 8 months of his life, I doubt he'll have a problem living in captivity. What a beautiful boy he is!
Yeah, Natalie, cataracts or not I reckon he's better off in captivity, he really just wanted to be around people all the time and that might have resulted in trouble for him in the end. At Marine Life he'll have lots of humans to play with and other seals too.

His face looks just like my female black Lab's, sweet, sweet, sweet.
Well it's Moko's turf after all.
Natalie, some hot steamy dolphin sex, just for you...
This is actually a known proclivity of dolphins and is one of the reasons the "swim with dolphins" attractions at some resorts were retired. You don't want to know what they do to female dolphins.
I can relate Moko, I only feel half-human at best most of the time.