and if my thought-dreams could be seen

they'd probably put my head in a guillotine

Natalie Not Pedantic

Natalie Not Pedantic
November 01
“If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light. If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will write always. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you.” Henry Rollins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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DECEMBER 13, 2009 5:21AM

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

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playing in the sand







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Maybe none of us are responsible until we have to be. Maybe it was there all along.

Yea I think that's it.
Beautifyl post. I remember what it was like with my daughter.
Just such a delightful read
How awesome that he'll be able to read all these posts one day. Thank you for sharing. You really captured a sentiment and delivered it. I don't have kids but even I get it after reading that. -e
Hug him everyday and tell him you love him.
Such a good post Natalie.
Being a parent is a wonderful thing. We are blessed with innocence and help nurture and develop our children long after they leave home. ~R~
I hope you share this with him when he's older.
How sweet and beautiful; your words and the photo accompanying them.
Off point…but interesting!

The two “Most Recent” posts, one under the other, were titled:

We’ll Always Have Paris…and…

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

Bogart must be on lots of minds today for some reason.
You describe your love for your son, perfectly. I believe that we, as parents, learn many things about ourselves (things that we can only learn from our children.)
This post reminded me of my last post (Cheesecake with a Mama's boy) and sounded like "me" all the way through! I treasure every little thing with my each age. It's sometimes particularly hard with my youngest, who is nine, because I know that each stage he leaves, that will be it for me because I won't be having any more kids. With the older kids, I would subconsiously console myself knowing that my younger child would repeat a particular stage that I loved....which was pretty much every stage! As much as I did appreciate and still do appreciate every day I have with the kids, I'm already deeply missing their very young years. I so badly wish I could go back in time and repeat EVERYTHING! This post is so beautiful and echoes the feelings of so many parents who truly treasure their kids. Thanks!
Looking at that beautiful, robust little fellow, he would make me think about him all the time, too!
Like micalpeace said:

Maybe none of us are responsible until we have to be.

We practice our best selves in our minds forever. We read fiction and just KNOW we would be with the good and oppose the bad.

Yet awful things happen every day -- and these people did the same practice thinking through.

So, yes -- you are spot on. It is how it plays out in the real world that counts. It is so nice to surprise yourself that you ended up more than you imagined.

Beautiful!! Lovely and touching expression of the Mother's love for her child. Had me tearing up on this one, just remembering the days when mine were so little. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts and privileges in life. Yet still one of the hardest job that is in life, to make sure they grow up to be wonderful people.
Sounds like you like that little boy, just a bit. :)
Wonderful and honest. You made me smile with remembering, enjoy!
This is really beautiful, Natalie. Sounds like you're a great mother raising wonderful children, and not taking a moment of it for granted. :-)
This made me nostalgic for those quiet moments of wonder. I know I took them in and it is obvious you are as well.
I envy you in the best possible to you and your family...xox
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Ahhhh!! Adorable!!!

You're both beautiful!! :)

Thanks for your comments everybody. I'm holed up with steroids, ventolin and antibiotics for asthma and a chest infection so I won't reply individually, but I appreciate them all. The comments, not the infection :P
Gorgeous . . . precious moments.
Being a parent is the best thing I've ever appreciated in life - and you have captured it. Hope you're feeling better soon.
This is so beautiful, Natalie. So beautiful.
This is wonderful; the love comes shining through in every word.

"I try so hard not to let you down. I want you to be as proud of me as I am of you."

How could he not be? I'd say "appreciate him while he's there" but you obviously already do that.

"I know how fortunate I am to be aware of my blessings in this moment. "

I'm so glad; many people have no idea how blessed they are.
Very nice Natalie. I can see what parenting is all about through your writing. I doubt you will ever let that little one down. :)
Someday it will be your little hand in his,...and you will be sleeping as he looks into the face of the one person more than any that has loved him all those years.
The roles will reverse atsthe age builds, but in so doing love comes full circle. There is no greater love than that which is shared.
Enjoy the trip, my friend.
Indeed your love shines through!
Grand post and grand photograph of a fine young man. Love him and hug him and cherish him each second. Time, love and children are ephemeral beyond words.

A fine read.
Beautiful. Just teach love and acceptance by example. My youngest never had to be pushed to do for his brother because he knew each of them were loved. Even the times when his brother would become violent and lost in his autism, our youngest saw we would find a way. His words to me have remained, "You didn't give up on Alex. I knew you would never give up on me." What a wonderful brother and son.
Just beautiful. Living in the moment. May the two of you always.
I loved having a little boy. Every moment. R
Beautiful, sentimental and endearing.
your son sounds like a free spirit. Please domt discourage that. he will be a good man , with your guidance.
Beautiful piece, full of hope and longing. I remember those days. My baby boy is 26, and we don't cuddle anymore. But I remember.
Sweetness itself. Thanks for sharing this part of your son with us.
Beautiful post Natalie, hope you're feeling better soon.
Beautiful post, Natalie. I have read all of your posts and you are a very talented writer. You obviously write from the heart. Hope you feel better soon!
So touching. After I rate this, I'm going to go kiss my own sleeping boy. Thank you.
This is an absolutely beautiful post. Talk about moving the heart of a parent. Thank you very much for sharing this.
Rated and appreciated.
The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.

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