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June 29
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"retired" from gettin duh facts to focus on FictionFilmTheater, more truth there.On the road now but still writing a monthly letter for my little towns great indie paper and no matter how long away will be engaged in conversation bout my writin


APRIL 13, 2009 11:25AM

In Appreciation and HELLO

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     My first post . Here.  Salon Personals, which I had not known of, was instrumental in getting me together with the most wondrous woman, generous, kind and gentle, as compassionate as passionate, (most rare in women)sweet and wild, I have known. In the end I may be just too HORRIBLE,  and hardest of all give up the HOPE of her.None the less I was and am appeeciative and felt should do something for Salon, so signed in here, that was several years ago. My home base is a small town, my life  - mountains and rivers, time is different there.

     For too long I have been away, painful miss the animals, those are "mine" and those that visit, and all what run or take wing. For near two years was on the road for Obama, touring with theater, showing up on location was no where to play dead for a day. Now the travel is more personal and I will use these pages as journal and not need carry one. For years my journalism was anonymous, no chance of celeberity and driven by fact, by creating networks long before duh internets, to verify and re-verify. It was days interviewing survivors, often  children and fact checking them. Now I write a monthly letter for my paper and folks come up to me on the street or store and ask bout it, and I will post that here and save my Stumble! page for pretty and pictures.

    Today I am in Louisville Ky., came allegedely for the Humana Fest of New Plays and became enchanted of Basketball, especially as played by the women of UofL and also of singer songwritters and the live music venues here and all women rockin bands. Can't understand how anyone go too long with out live music of some kind, and there is a great symphony here and that the first music, the alone, sleepy time soundtrack of my Texas childhood.

    I came here following the Trail of Tears from the Cherokee Nation West and from here I will follow it on through the lands were my mom's peoples', I will bicycle tour it and visit caves where the old ones escaped the relocation, will take a language lesson from a child and what else? It is my first time to visit these lands. HOPE it may be of interest/amusement to some few. And may on ocassion have something to say of those places I have lived are some in the news. There are links to what is mentioned here.


For Kathleen, my Eurdyice, who can make a paradise of Hell, d, 13April09usa

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I'll look forward to future journal installments.
Welcome, the trail of tears ran through my neighborhood, literally. I, too, am looking forward to your entries!
I look forward to more journal entries.
How! Howdy. There's a book that was given to me. The author is:`
Laurel Kendall, the in assistant in charge of Asian ethnographic collections at the American Museum of Natural History.
Tell Stories.
The title is:`
The Life and Hard Times of a Korean Shaman. - Of Tales And Telling Of Tales.
Greeting. How.
Howdy from Texas:
Life is a journey and I would love to read yours. Thanks for sharing. I invite you to visit me at my blog anytime. Totzaon
welcome. I look forward to reading more of your postings.
Hi David- noticed you had visited me on SP; welcome to OS! I know you'll be a valued voice here!
welcome. I love how many journalists post there on OS.
Ilook forward to future posts. This one was rather cryptic to me--I felt I had walked into the middle of a conversation I had not heard the beginning or end of. Are you still with this woman or not? Are your retired and traveling, doing theatre and the occasional article for fun, or is this a job job? I've lived in remote places myself and loved it: Montana, Utah, the deserts of Arizona. I am not right smack in the middle of urban Chicago and loving that too. I look forward to future posts.
Correction: "I am NOW right smack in the...etc." !