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June 29
Laughin Wolf
"retired" from gettin duh facts to focus on FictionFilmTheater, more truth there.On the road now but still writing a monthly letter for my little towns great indie paper and no matter how long away will be engaged in conversation bout my writin


MAY 9, 2012 8:57PM

New Face of etc/ 4/rough

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    Figure on it, like 90 days, have a book out by Christmas, a big book.Big coffee table book, great gift book. Lots of photos. I need write only the captions. James Agee and a leggy photographer. Don't work out that way. And James Agees photographer was Walker Evans.

  Sixteen months in dear reader and your correspondent must confess to having not a clue as to the hook. the documentary film crew following me round grew weary long ago, back to school, another year another grant. When I speak alound the word grant, it's like a squirel is saying it, or squirly sort. Grant, see the nose crinkle up. Like with service, can't see that word, Forest Service - Human Services - without wonder whose gettin screwed Am reminded a favorite bull, Purdy Boyal, always name the bulls and cats after prize fighters and gangsters. A favorite of mine and the heifers, talkin him up to doin, servicing, OL Bessie, one more time.

   It was of course the another year of the always drought and we had sale Purdy Boy. Member the day, and the men could not move him and I signal them away and speak with him  of the dairy farm to where he will go to be of service, frisky, young, wet heifers. And my beauty strolls easy on up into the trailer and away. and at sunset and all the night long all the cows are lined at the fence, bawlin, you can hear it oh, Purdy boy , purdy boy is gone. True.


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