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JULY 1, 2010 11:19AM

the 70's all over again...

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HAH! Last weekend I was on a Blues Brothers/Steve Martin/SNL kick. It was 1980, but that was ALMOST the 70's.
Lately I've been watching old movies from the 70's Serpico, The French Connection, Three Days of the condo, The Sting and just posted all three seasons of Soap (OMG it is still so funny.) I have such great memories of records and coming home and listening them to death...studying and pouring over the sleeve art and any extra that came with them...memorizing the lyrics. I grew up in the 60' and 70's DOB 1961), when no one had to lock their doors and in the summer you played flashlight tag with everyone in the neighborhood. I recall those small square portable record players and sitting on a neighbors front porch listening to all these different records all of us kids brought from home... Motown... dancing on the porch in the front yard... our own bandstand. I do not miss typewriters though, computer key boards are soooo much easier, I can't imagine using white out or corrector tape again.
Very enjoyable narrative. Makes me want to get my 70s-flicks out!