JULY 19, 2011 2:09PM

I Owe My Soul To The Dollar Tree Store

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Every time I get a little money, I am on my way. Breath baited like an alcoholic with the shakes. Blood spinning faster than a compulsive gambler's at the poker table. I got an itch deeper than a junkie's. I'M GOING TO THE DOLLAR TREE, BABY! The skies part, the sun shines and the birds are singing.

You find all manner of things at The Dollar Tree and because of the economy, all manner of people. Rich ones, poor ones, smart ones, dumb ones --all looking for cans of tuna for 69 cents.

Most everything else is a buck: make up, dishes, pork rinds and my favorite--books~! Yes, you can find hardback books at The Dollar Tree! Yes some are religious in nature, many are political but my golden finds are the literary under-appreciated- A collection of early short stories by Edna Ferber, The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates--can you believe it?

Sometimes .I will drive to the other part of town to the bigger Dollar Tree and see their book selection--I'm rarely disappointed. Then I will read my glorious Ferber short stories and my Oates writing angst becoming inspired to write myself. I will then get in my car and go back to The Dollar Tree to get notebooks, two, three, maybe five...

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We just had a dollar store move in close to me now. I agree that they are addictive. I find some amazing bargains but I also see people as goofy as drunks going around with shopping carts filled to the brim with....what? Junk! Those dollars add up. Gee...I think Ill stop over there on my way to the thrift store. I can afford a dollar fix. sigh....great post.
Dollar Tree has become a "great American Institution". It's a regular part of our shopping. Has been for years
When Dollar Tree first opened I thought it was maybe a mortgage lending place (there's a Lending Tree, right?). Then my wife straightened me out (the woman navigates by stores and malls the way a Scotsman [me] navigates his home town by reference to pubs).
I love the place. I have actually bought some neat books there. As Christine says some are religious, and others are C-list celebrity biographies, but I have found some interesting stuff too.
Do watch out though - just because it's a dollar it may not be the best deal. For instance Sookie's favorite Friskies canned cat food is two cans for your dollar - and 48 cents a can at the supermarket! On the other hand Sookie gets to crap in seven pounds of cat litter for a buck.
Ah the joys of the dollar store! I completely feel you on this!
It is something I need to learn to do. Not so much as I was a dollar tree snob but that I was uncomfortable with the people I ran in to there. The times have changed and I will take your cue and find a store!
I saw this title and had to read what is behind it. I love these little vignets of everyday life. A thought and it's gone but captured by someone. My Dad used to lust over yard sales... I don't think he made it to the Age of Dollar Store. Great piece. R.
I love the Dollar Stores. Even before this bad economy, I always would find a deal!
99 Cents Only -is absolutely the best dollar chain in the universe.
Last two times I was there I got a pound container of organic baby spinach/field greens mix, the 56 ounce size Breyers ice cream, 15 ounce cans of wild caught Alaskan red salmon, Keiller Dundee imported apricot preserves, 6 pack of Sara Lee bagels, and 16 ounce jars of Pace salsa and dip amongst other things.

These dollar stores have the equivalent of a corner minimarket grocery selection- and often wonderful gourmet goodies, in addition to the usual dollar store items. Of course you have to know value and how to shop, but still...
If there's one in your area- check it out.
Well I just got back from the Dollar Store with my brand new hard cover book for a dollar!! I wanted to buy five of them but I controlled myself. I didn't realize they had books there. Thank you Thank you. On the way back I stopped at a second hand book store that is going out of business. There were spider webs everywhere and a sign that said the owner would be back when they felt better. It was a mess in there. Sign of the times?
i love love love the 99 cent store! we buy basmati rice there for 1/4 the grocery store price... same for red skinned 'taters and some other staples. and of course as long as you're there, ya have to look for books!
Ah yard sales. With five brothers and sisters--that was school shopping. God always answered my prayers because I never showed up wearing some blouse of my classmates.
Ah yard sales. With five brothers and sisters--that was school shopping. God always answered my prayers because I never showed up wearing some blouse of my classmates.
Gotta love the Dollar store!!!! WOOOO!!! :D