JULY 20, 2011 5:57PM

Don't Call Me Hon!

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First of all let it be known, I am NOT a feminist. Haven't been since I became a mother (that's another essay). Second, this request is not directed at men.

Men can call me: Hon, Sweetie, Babe. Don't mind at all, in fact, because I have one wandering eye, bad posture, jaggedy teeth and three sisters who always got the boyfriends--I'll take any compliment from a man I can get.

Also, any woman 15 years older than me who would be in the 65 age range. They have earned the right to call me: honey, sweetheart or dear-- 

They have lived their hard scrapple life and gleaned,  day and day, the wisdom of living on this earth. And I will gladly sit at their  feet and see what lessons they have to teach me--because all women this age do. It's a shame that more people don't listen to them.

No, I am referring to the young women (17-25) who look at me and must read the invisible message on my forehead that says, "Yes, I look old but I'm actually ten and need to have my life experience and wisdom demeaned, so please go a ahead, order me something off the children's menu."  

I mean, seriously, is it me? Am I just being paranoid? I really feel that  18 year olds girls whom I could beat in any game of Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,  and old episodes of Hollywood Squares starring Paul Lynde and Roddy McDowall should not have the right to call me Hon or Sweetie.

Is this too much to ask? I would ask these girls myself  but they would probably just give me the deer in headlights eyes along with the ever original duck lips pose--which supposdly looks cute in their circles on Facebook  but would get them kicked out of  the Cash Cab real quick.

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Whew! Thank heavens you qualified that, darling!
Yeah, what Miguela said. ;-D
I qualify, Hon. :D They don't mean anything by it. They're just being condescending, bless their hearts. (I live in the South, so read between the lines.)

Darn! I forgot, "Darling"!~
Oops thought I was in trouble for a minute :), r
I just really really really hate to be called "ma'am." ~r
Joan, I had this upstart hit me the back of my 1983 Mercedes because he was talking on his cell phone as as he got out of the car, he told his friend, "Dude, I have to call you back, I just hit this old lady!" Grrr. I guess I can't win for losing.
I just audibly gasped at your last comment.
Only people related to me get to call me "hon." And if anyone says "miss" instead of "ma'am", they get a much bigger tip.
Just once I'd like to have the girl to come up and say, "Gee, you look like you have a masters degree in liberal arts, can you redesign our advertising campaign?"
I HATE that! Granted, I have a similar, but different problem. I'm a 20-something in a company full of 40-and-overs. Love them all dearly, but I'm not your daughter, your granddaughter, your next-door-neighbor-kid, your student, or any other diminutive. I am your coworker. Now, unless I'm wearing pigtails and gingham and sucking on a lollipop, I have a name. And it does not have a term of endearment attached to it.

Another Non-feminist
Guilty. I call people 'dear'. The thing is, I find it a bit obnoxious so I can't really say why I do it. Thanks for writing this. Also, I look forward to the piece about feminism and motherhood being mutually exclusive. Seriously.
Keep out of Baltimore. They call everybody, man, woman, cat or dog "Hon" down there.
I like being called Hon, darling or sweetie. I prefer it. I can't understand why that would cause offense. Only "ma'am," or "ladieee," gets on my nerves.
I personally hate "ma'am" coming from someone who is clearly older than I am.