AUGUST 25, 2011 9:58AM

When Your Kid Is A Nerd

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Okay, it’s hard to admit even to yourself  late at night when there is no one around but you can do it:  Your kid is a nerd.  Socially inept, gangley, bookish, likes horses, runs like a girl and talks to a bug he keeps in a jar when you’re not there.  You’re embarrassed in front of the other Moms because your son can’t hit a T-Ball to save his life and as far as friends? What friends?  He has two.  If you count the bug.

How could this have happened?  No one knows how it happens. Would an explanation help anyway?  Probably not, so just face the facts:  You and your husband are pretty social butterflies with buggly spawn, plain and simple.  This doesn’t make you love your child less of course.  It makes you love him more and want to protect him.

What will become of him?  You ask yourself and unfortunately only the bad comes to mind.  Will he be like your cousin Jeffry who is 34, never had a date and still living at home; making a living selling garage sale things on eBay?  Or perhaps he will do you proud and get a Phd. but it will be something like Medieval Studies or Molecular Botany.  Nothing you can brag about.  “Yes, I’m glad that your son just graduated from OU as a brain surgeon.  Did you know that my Jimmy can recite the entire introduction to The Canterbury Tales in Old English?”  “That’s great that your boy is in charge of 20 employees but my son is in charge of 20 million worms!  Now that’s management!”

No, there are no cheerleaders for Chess tournaments, just a bunch of divorced men with crooked glasses, unkempt hair and holes in their sweaters, but you can still be there for your boy!  You have to think positive.  Your son doesn’t necessarily have to grow up to be the Uni-bomber.  Just imagine, think of all the great nerds in history.  Einstein, that computer geek billionaire and Stephen King!  Conan O'Brian even.  God knows how many sleepless nights his parents had and look at him now.

The point is, you gotta believe in your kids no matter what they are. You gotta love them, even if you don’t get them at all, and believe me you won’t understand them by the time they reach teenage-land; which is now filled with vampires and wizards and stuff. 

Don't feel bad. Personally, I think God likes to mix it up because I am a nerd with two happy go lucky, good looking children who are popular and have thousands of friends.  What’s that about?  I’m sure, though, they stay up some nights and have to come to grips with the unthinkable: That their Mom is a bookish nerd with crooked glasses, unkempt hair and holes in her sweater, who can upon request recite the entire introduction of The Canterbury Tales in Old English.

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I have always resented the exalted game of chess being categorized as nerdy, nevertheless, I think your kid is cool because I am extremely impressed by his Canterbury Tales recitation.
Delightful, Christine. I'm sure Steve Jobs was/is a nerd, too. What would we do without them?

Without nerds we'd still be using rotary phones.
nerdy guys need nerdy girls. it all works out in the end, doesn't it? thank heaven the world isn't full of only people who think they're too cool for school.

oh, and what john blu said. :)
If it wasn't for nerds, we'd still be using rotary phones.
What's wrong with molecular botany??
I grew up a (female) nerd, but I never felt like my parents accepted me for it. They wanted me to be like them--normal, boring, social. I'm so glad I found fellow nerd friends who convinced me that nerdiness was something to embrace!
When I told my kids I was a nerd they were aghast! The world needs nerds so there is balance in the universe.