APRIL 20, 2010 11:06PM

Cleveland Indians --> The Mumbi Indians - A Modest Proposal

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I watched my first Indian Premier League cricket match a few weeks ago.  I was in a sports bar and a group of Indians (from India) came in to cheer on their team, the Mumbi Indians.  They play a version of the game referred to as Twenty20, a faster paced version more suited for Television.  

 The most surprising thing was that they have adopted US pro sports style cheerleaders. 


...they've brought in 12 Redskins cheerleaders, who, in addition to performing, are mentoring a squad of Indian women. The league is also trying to win fans over to a shortened format of the game that is formally called "Twenty20," known colloquially as "cricket on crack".
Which brings me to the modest proposal.
Why not simply right a misunderstanding dating back to 1492, not by referring to the Cleveland team as the Amerinds or Native Americans, but simply changing the reference to the nation of India.  Columbus thought the West Indies was just West of India.   So just name the baseball team after the country that Columbus was looking for rather than a ethnic group.  
Get rid of that cartoon warrior and replace it with the Indian Flag.  They could  sell a billion hats or t shirts.  Put them on Indian Cable Television or Youtube.  The marketing potential is endless.
And while we are at it, WTF is it with those Redskins?  Rename them the Washington Chinese or the Washington Communists.  I suppose we already have the Cincinnati Reds. 
And if anyone thinks that the IPL is just a joke, the player's salaries are the second highest (after the US NBA) of any professional sports league.  About 2.5 million pounds.  

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I think they are supposed to be sort of Totemic. I like teams that are named for the dominant industry in the city, like Oilers, Steelers, and Brewers.
dominant industry? then i guess the Chargers should be the Touristas? wait. i have to post this so i can go back and watch the videos and click on the links. maybe should have done that before i wrote the comment, but oh well.

~~waving~~ hi, nick! do i have to understand cricket to comment here?
I could not get the video to work, but I'll take your word for it. I think it should be the Tahiti Indians. Isn't that where Columbus first landed. I don't know, it late, or early, I just got up!
Instead of crossing themselves before stepping in to bat, Indians hitters will chant "Ommmmmmmmmmm."
I tried following the month or years long cricket match between the UK and Australia, and to this day have yet to understand a single facet about the game. If the Twenty20 version can speed it up, though, I think that would be a plus. I'd be just as confused but faster. Maybe it;s the sticky wickets. Have they eliminated those in the twenty20 version?

As for the Cleveland Indian mascot and logo, I'm minded of a panel of American Indians who one time all agreed that they'd rather be referred to by their tribal name, but if the person speaking didn't know that, then Indian was fine, with one man saying that he was just glad that Columbus wasn't looking for the Virgin Islands.
Ha! I think you may be on to something... :-)
Good one Nick. You are a visionary. The Indian Premier League? I had never heard of such a thing before this post.
Maybe if we did this, the damn Yankees and Red Sox would quit winning everything too...

Good idea, Nick... I vote in.
*sigh* everything is for sale and awaits spandex and sparkles, apparently...

Do you think the White Sox should go back to their original name--The Sioux City Corn Huskers? :)

This made me chuckle at least a few times. Thanks for posting it.

When I saw the title of this piece, I thought it was going to be about outsourcing the Cleveland Indians to Mumbai. The road trips would be killers but they'd also enoy the league's longest homestands.
let's talk more about cheerleaders.