MAY 29, 2011 4:42AM

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Note:  Please read Arlene Goldbard's:

The Chasm: Remembering Gil Scott-Heron

This has been done on OS, and done well by Ernest Fuentes.  Ernest wrote it up yesterday.  But it didn't make the cover and there aren't a lot of comments. Or nearly as many as it deserved.

For a thoughtful and complete obituary, please read the New York Times. 

Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday, 27 May 2011 at age 62 in New York City. 


This song was produced in 1970.  Gil Scott-Heron was 21 and he was young, his voice was strong, and there was an air of possibility.  
But, no.  The revolution will most certainly NOT be televised.
Maybe we hoped for too much.
But I regret that we settled for too little.  Much too little.  
RIP Gil Scott.


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I saw this go across the bottom of the News screen. I usually do not watch television but my husband was watching it. Very sad.

Gil Scott Heron- a strong angry passionate poet. The poet sleeps the voice goes on.

Thank God for the First Amendment.

And thank you NC.
He was a great man and artist. r.
Nick, this takes me back to a time when this country was on the edge. I was in Carmel. CA, walking done the street and some one had spray painted "Free Huey" on one of those nice buildings. I smiled!
It is a sad day Nick when someone who spoke the truth so well passes over the edge of the sky never to speak again.
May we remember his words well.
yeah, we settled for too little too late. All of us.
JP nailed it. The voice goes on. Thanks, Nick.
Sends chills. Amazing. My daughter (16) knew him. I at 56 did not. Brilliant guy. Many thanks.
The Revolution is internal. There will be no applause. Only one person will witness it. You.
Anna: Indeed. Thanks for the comment.
JP Hart: Strong/angry/passionate -- definitely. Thanks for the astute comment.
Jonathan: Thanks for stopping by. I noticed you commented on Ernest's post also.
Agree w/Monsieur Chariot.

Still, I'm sad.

He will be missed but he lives on through his art.
Scanner: Indeed, the country was on edge. Thanks for the comment.
Cynthia: Amazing how kids manage to go back and find the real gems of the past. I hope there will be a surge of renewed interest in his work.

In fact, he was on a comeback of sorts and had recently put out a new recording, I’m New Here.
Chicken and
Tichaona Chinyelu:

Thanks for stopping by.
Monsieur Chariot's comment is worthy of a post of its own.
"there was an air of possibility." Well said Nick.

Am playing his work with Miles Davis this afternoon.
"Am playing his work with Miles Davis this afternoon."

The most appropriate tribute possible.