FEBRUARY 12, 2012 10:49AM

Celebrity Double

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ROTHKO01                albers

                         Rothko                                                                   Albers


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Colour theory rocks but Rothko is still my favourite.
Damn. I was curious as what you looked like.
Nick, a clever approach to the O.C.! Much as I like Rothko, I'll go with the Albers since my color teacher at art school had been a close colleague at Yale of both Josef Albers and his wife.
Oh I think you are much more handsome. (But then I love red hair.)
I have to second what Lea wrote. You are much more hot than that look alike, not to mention taller too.

You know what women say about men who are tall. Don't you? ;

I like your free form style and ragged edges. Smooth edges can be so boring, and cutting at times.
Not what I expected, but nicely done! :-)
Albers gets four thumbs down. Rock on..
Nice! Certainly wasn't expecting to see a Jackson Pollock (or photo of Ed Harris)
I really like the full face of the Rothko, with your red sideburns giving you a distinguished appearance but the profile of the Albers catches the essential "you" much better.
the one on the left makes your ears look bigger. :)