MARCH 1, 2012 5:52PM

Another Minimalist Film

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For whatever reason, I'm watching this stuff lately. When I'm not watching HBO's Luck.  

Zero budget films with naturalistic dialogue.
It's not for everyone.

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Mostly white space in this one. Cell phone is effectively used.

They are so young, they seem like aliens.
i like it alot. guy asleep, all warm, hand & head warm,
dreaming good dreams, gal wakes up & has
an "existential moment" of some kind,
could read alot into that...
but shuts eyes again seemingly ok with it all..

she wakes and thinks what, tho, i'd like to know..oh well..
She is thinking, Yes.

I guess that's a spoiler, of sorts.
That is very tender and sweet. Unpretentious. I enjoyed a couple minutes of it and could perhaps slow down enough to watch more.
Women always want to make sense and label feelings. Her eyes open vs closed and fighting between the two phases-v. symbolic.
Don't matter, don't care, nobodies...
Thanks for sharing this strangely captivating movie.