MARCH 31, 2012 4:32PM

Saturday Song

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As Years Go Passing By

Mighty Joe Young


 Ruler of My Heart

Irma Thomas

Bonus Tracks:
There are numerous excellent versions of these songs. Like Otis Rush and Gary Moore.
 Otis Rush:

Garry Moore:



It's hard to pick one. I'd vote for Garry Moore by a nose. 



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Excellent,romantic and great..Thank you for sharing..hearing them as I write to you..Rated with best regards..
I was listening to these, and maybe there is some open call on songs.
I like the fudge-brass with Irma Thomas.

"Pain in my heart... fuh-uhuhuh-udge... won't set me free... fuh-uhuhuh-udge..."
Dang Nick, these are great!
Gary Moore? Yowza! Those vocals sound phonetic to me!
That is pretty good version by Garry Moore. I was only familiar with the Joe Young one. Moore is one of those guitarists who never quite got his due.
Joe Young and Otis Rush, neck 'n neck!

Darn it. I must wait until I visit farmers who have high-speed-hooker ups.
I followed rita shibr.
Thou shout not yell.
No blare music loud.
No shout in Nick's ear.
No belch while singing.
No cough-up any bucks.
No play the Mega-Lotto.
If You won $670- billion?
Farm/Garden until broke.
Why Worry? Play in dirt.
I Love these Music Post.
In 'our' heart there is a
simple song. Singsong.
Song makes a World.
In the rivers, valley,
a tune, melody, a
simple song . . .

I'll wait to Listen. Great!
No Yell Wake politicos!
They snarl and jest yelp!
Dang these are fine selections
I pick Garry Moore too
you know my love will follow you
As the years go passing by
I'm gonna leave it up to you
So long,so long good bye

Now that is the way to do business in this arena of Romance.

I've got a think for Irma Thomas.