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Bared Bosums and Bubble Baths

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 Leaning on the hood of my friends' mothers' car, I glanced over my shoulder and spied two women carrying moving boxes into the converted Victorian catty- corner to my house.  They were also looking in our direction hands full; I raised a hand an gave a nod and what I had hoped was a nonchalant wave. I watched them disappear inside; keeping my eyes on the door they had entered and my ear to the conversation Carter was having with his mother, I awaited their return to see if they would reciprocate my wave. Shortly after they came out headed toward the parked car with the trunk up seeing that I was still looking both lifted their t-shirts to expose bare breasts and shook then at me.

This was my introduction to "Honey Brown" and Lil' Bit. Two exotic dancers that would expose me to the world of female bi-sexuality.

Honey Brown (her stage name those that knew her simply called her H.B.)  was a semi tall , slender, mocha colored beauty with a voracious appetite for all things illicit and immoral. Convention she would have none of, judgement by others bothered her not in the least.

Lil Bit ( her stage name as well and what she was refered to among friends) was a pefectly formed blonde that stood just over five foot. Beautiful enough to grace the cover of any magazine, her only flaw was a smile that reaveled the extent of her methamphetimine abuse. Missing and blackend teeth marred her beauty when she chose to laugh or smile.

  After exposing themselves to me, they continued on to the car and proceeded on with the unloading. Never once glancing my way again. Indeed, they seemed to studiously avoid looking in my direction at all.

I told Carter after just a moment or two that I had things to do, and had to get inside. He gathered his laundry and "care package" from the backseat and bid his mother goodbye. When he came in the house I asked him if he had seen the two women. Yes he had seen them and yes he had witnessed the same thing I had.  I wonder to this day if his mother had seen the same. I would hope she didn't. As she was a sweet lady who this might have caused some consternation.

Grabbing a bottle of bourbon, and a baggy full of pot ( any one remeber the term lid?) we hurried across the street to house we saw the ladies moving into and staked out their car for their return. When they emerged shortly for more boxes we proclaimed ourselves the "welcome wagon" and asked if we could help them carry their things in. The accepted and we handed the bottle to them an asked if the would like to roll a few while we carried things in. We carried in what few things were left and during trips back and forth smoked maybe two joints. The convienience store across the parallel street became a destination when we realized we would need mixers for the bourbon.

When all the boxes were carried in and the trunk closed, bits and pieces put into place it was time for a break. Conversation had been limited as we labored to unload the car but now we all sat on the ratty furniture that came with the rented apartment. The sodas we had purchased earlier were mixed with the bourbon and conversation in earnest began.

They were strippers at a local club and had gotten this apartment together. They discussed little of their past and littler still of their present. Only offering up the most innocuous of comments and revelations. In reality it was my friend Carter who monopolized the conversation.

I had always been in awe of Carter, he was a guitar player and seemed to always have a way with the ladies.  As I sat and listened, he regaled them with tales of wit and humor. I was once again in awe of his charm and how well he seemed to be winning them over.

After awhile the ladies began saying that they needed to clean up and get some rest as they had been moving and cleaning all day. They then invited us to look at the tub in the bathroom, it was nothing less than perfect in their opinion. And it was perfect, not quite a garden tub but twice as large as any I had seen before.  Sticking out from the wall, clear on all sides but the faucet, it had been gerry rigged in. Not astheticaly pleasing, it was funtional to say the least.

H. B. then said "We're going to take a bubble bath.Nick..you want to stay?"

 I'm sure I blushed because I felt the heat to my face and all I could do was mumble "sure'. Carter then asked if he couldn't as well.

"No" H.B. replied..."theres only room for three"

Carter left and then there was a few moments of embarrasement on my part and giggles from them. Clothes were pulled off, mine with assistance from H.B. and Lil' Bit. Water was ran...bubbles made...and then we all climbed in. Not a kiss had been exchanged or a lewd suggestion made.

I was ...stunned for a lack of a better word. Soon we were washing each others bodies soaping and rinsing. For what ever reason I was hoping not to offend them and lose this moment. And then...the first time I saw two women kiss. It was electric. And absolute shock went thru me.  Even in the haze of weed and bourbon it coursed all thru my body. This was something I had never been exposed too. Stories yes, but to see it as I was?  It numbed my nineteen year old brain.

I was weak, heart racing, and literaly trembling. There was no being nonchalant here. My inexperience showed clearly. So when H.B. asked if I had ever been with two women before I had to admit hoarsely that I hadn't. Eventualy the bath was over and we all toweled off. At this point I had kissed neither. We made our way into the only bedroom of this apartment cut from the innards of what use to be a massive two story home, now four grimy hovels. Against that backdrop began my initiation into what would become an almost obsession with me.

I began to spend more and more time there. Alienating friends and family I stayed there night after night, spending less and less time at home. Even going as far as telling my friends ( Carter especialy) to not come by there looking for me. I fixed their only car. Put together bookshelves and doing whatever they asked of me. Picking up one or the other at work. Anything.

 More and more of my things were left there, clothes heaped in the corner. Deoderants and colonges in a bag in the bath. And then one day H.B. took me aside...."Nick ...if your going to live here, you have to pay rent" All I could think was "they are letting me move in!!!!!!"

"How much" is all I could get out. "Eighty five a month" she said. And with that I was a "roomate" of two exotic dancers. What this did for my ego is indescribable. And yes...I told any interested and uninterested person I spoke to that "I'm living with two strippers". I had closet space, a drawer and a life I would never have imagined two months before.

The parties, women, good times and the fussing over by these two ladies made me swell with an inflated sense of manliness. This idyllic situation lasted some months. I would see them and then I wouldn't. Sometimes they would be gone all night. Sometimes a day or two. But when they returned it was with stories, gifts, and laughter.

  I had always suspected that I was last in this relationship. I would find them curled together on the couch sometimes after being out on my own. Or see them kissing and fondling each other as they worked in the kitchen. This at times would make me jealous in a way. But I couldn't bear the thought of losing either.

  It all came to a crashing halt one day when I arrived home and found H.B. crying in the middle of the floor and an obvious burglary I had thought. No...Lil Bit had left. She had waited till H.B. had gone to work and then cleared her things out. H.B. was inconsolable, and worse, she wanted me to get out as well. So back across the street I went to my home of just a few months prior. Each day I would try and talk to her but she would only shout thru the door to leave her alone.

A week later she was gone as well.

I never heard from Lil Bit again. She had two kids she was trying to regain custody of. Hard for a thirty two year old stripper with drug convictions to do. Once some one told me she had moved to Dallas.

H.B. I saw once a decade later...in a theatre of all places. ( we all three use to like to go to the movies  ...the looks we got..) She was a few pounds heavier , but still gorgeous to my minds eye. She was in the company of two fresh faced boys of about twenty, she had to have been at least forty by then. I started to say hello...but couldn't bring myself to do it.

I left the consession stand empty handed and when my wife asked why I hadn't gotten the snacks could only reply the line was to long and if she wanted them to get them herself.











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your stories are interesting no matter if they are fiction or true, I like them b/c they are a glimpse into a world I have never been in so that part is cool.
Good read. Thanks for sharing.