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JUNE 2, 2012 10:21PM

Sunday in the South Bronx

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When you live in the South Bronx, you get used to two things in a hurry.  One is the icky face everyone gives you when you say, "I live in the South Bronx," and the other is the more irritating fact that there are only three cab drivers in New York who know how to get there and they never pick you up.  That's Yankee Stadium in the background of this shot of my Banana Man and that's right, no cabs know where the hell it is.  Remarkable, right? 
These are some shots I took of my neighborhood.  Please share them with cabbies.
This is US Fried Chicken.  On game days, they do a pretty big business.  There are two guys, one in the back frying chicken and fries, one on the counter.  They know me, they know my order.  I walk in, they start packing my five piece chicken mix combo two biscuits no ketchup and a Coke.  It's great for dinner and the leftover chicken becomes the topping on my salad the next day.  

Ah, Crown Diner.  This is one of two diners that compete for lunch patrons from the courthouse just up the block, the Crown and the Court.  They sell homemade crullers for breakfast takeout that are the size of shillelaghs and you can get six of them for less than $5.00.  They come in a bunch of flavors and when I bring them into my office, I am a hero.




This is the seemy underbelly of the #4 train that stops right outside the Stadium.  If you catch the sun just right, you can see the sky through the tracks and you get this terrific pattern when nobody's on the street.  It's not deserted - the police block this street during home games.




Yankee Stadium is on River Avenue with the train tracks just next door.  I am not a baseball fan and have never been to a home game in this new stadium but there's something pretty magical about hearing the National Anthem or the roar of the crowd on a summer night.  You can sit outside just off to the left and watch the games on a JumboTron screen.  I'm sure it's better inside, but you can't beat free. And you can walk into Manhattan from here.  It's just over the bridge.


This park is across the street from the old courthouse.  It runs for a half dozen blocks and in the summer, folks have birthday parties for their kids here.  You walk up some stairs and you are in this wonderful garden with trees and flowers and glimpses of sky overhead.




At the top of the park, you can sit and watch birds and read or just stare at the trees.  There are a couple of nice evergreens in this section.  They look like someone planted Christmas trees.



One of the really great things about living in this part of the Bronx is the transportation.  Any New Yorker will tell you, the closer you are to the train, the better it gets, and because the Yankees need to get people out of the Stadium quickly, you pretty much have your pick of trains.

If you go up north a bit, just two buses away, you find the Bronx Botanical Garden.  This is Central Park on steroids.  They have beautiful walks, they do flower shows with themes, and the orchid show is one of the hottest tickets in town.  If you go in the evening, you can get a drink, listen to some cool jazz, and photograph flowers to your heart's content.




So, spare me the icky face!  And take the Macombs Dam Bridge.  It's the fastest, unless there's a game.

(all photos by me)

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Wow, how cool! The park and gardens look to die for! I'm envious!
The Bronx as an urban paradise... who'd have thunk it?
I used to love riding the subways to games at the old stadium as a kid. I would love to see the new place, but I heard the priced the poor man out. A shame.
ccdarling - These little oases are the last place you'd look for them. It's why they are so special, I think.
jmac1949 - It was news to me when I started coming here!
scanner - Most games sell out, from what I can see. That JumboTron is pretty cool though.
Nice tour, cool pix. Love white orchids.
The South Bronx looks pretty nice. Maybe it's a good thing the cabbies can't find it- no tourists to muck it up.
The photos are wonderful and varied, I especially like the sound of the park and botanical gardens. You make it sound inviting and not pretentious or overwhelming.
I envy anyone who gets to live in and around NYC. Lucky you!! And who wouldn't love to have a neighborhood joint where they start packing your standing order the minute you walk though the door?
"Central Park on steroids" -- that's a great description!

Some of the best posts on OS are done by people who give us a glimpse of "their neighbourhood" in photos and prose. This ranks right up there with the top few!

Nicely done!!
It's great that you shared this. I should work on taking pics of Asheville and learn how to put them up on the blog.
This makes me wanna drop what I'm doing and head for New York and...South Bronx!
Well, for someone like me who finds little in large cities of something to hang around for, this gives me pause.
Just don't think the noise would be bearable.
But I sure love the pictures and the sharing of this dear.
Excellent views.
I had a great Italian dinner and some desserts in the Bronx--the B train and a walk as I remember. This makes me wish we had explored more.
j.h.robbins - I love orchids too. That show was fabulous.
justP4N - Tourists take the train to the Stadium but get a little freaked and don't tend to walk across the street under the train tracks. Not a bad thing, you're right.
l'Heure Bleu - Thanks! It does pay to take on a big city one small bit at a time. This one's my bit, but I am still exploring!
Deborah Mendez Wilson - NYC is just a collection of really small neighborhoods. This is just one of the bennies!
V.Corso - It's stunning. Flower gardens full of photographers - that cracks me up. But then, I bring my camera too ...
skypixieo - Thanks!
Patrick Frank - It would be great to see other OSers home base! OC maybe?
Chicken Maan - Hey, we'll be here all week!
Mission - Thanks! It's actually a lot quieter here than when I lived in Manhattan. And I love that the birds' singing wakes me up in the morning.
jlsathre - There are some great places to explore and Arthur Ave is a perfect place to start.
Nile,a great work..I loved meeting your Sunday in Bronx,me being from Greece.One of my regular Sundays would be a walk in the Acroρolis,than eat in Ρlaka,then a late cinema movie and at the night in my garden house for a red wine or a beer.I loved learning of another Sunday and this is beautiful both in imagery and writing for me who knows Bronx only from movies.So rated for sharing the real thing!!!
What a great tour of the da Bronx! My wife had dinner with some of her former Marymount classmates last nite at a place on Arthur Ave. She left me home.......uuuuuuuuugh!! Been to the new stadium, but still miss the old. R
Thanks for the tour
I think the cabbies say they don't know how to get there. It's a problem in most large cities. The number of taxi medallions is limited, so they're very expensive. The people who invest $ in them don't like competition from jitneys and other halfway measures between cabs and public transportation so they fight them. It is a recurrent theme of stories in the Boston press--well-dressed, professional minority can't find a cab to take him/her to Roxbury, Mattapan, etc.
Born & raised in the NW Bronx, but when I tell people I was from "The Bronx" I always get that face! Loved the Botanical Gardens "Central Park on steroids" ha!
Stathi Stathi - I love the neighborhood and all, but I really can't compare it to a walk in the Acropolis! That's really cool!
Gerald Andersen - I went to the old stadium once, and had lunch today on Arthur Ave. You inspired me!
M.C.S. - Thanks for coming along!
toritto - I'll probably pick some up tomorrow to take into the office. I do love them! And I only go to Brooklyn these days to IKEA.
Con Chapman - See, and I think it's about the icky face. I think they're afraid to get lost in a "bad" area. New York's a really safe place to live these days and there aren't many bad areas anymore but old ways die hard.
trilogy - I'm a new member to the Garden and I'm looking forward to seeing the new Monet show.
Well! The Bronx looks quite beautiful!
Thanks, Myriad! It is pretty wonderful.