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JANUARY 10, 2013 3:51PM

My Very Own Personal Public Blogoversary

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Greetings to you all - I am about to throw my hands up and shout, yea me!  I did it.  I made it through the haze and the craze and all the ways life has to make you stop, but I am still writing little bits and shooting my very own little pix and it's been one year here as of January 11, 2013.  I am celebrating my very first year blogoversary and I want you all to kick back and celebrate with me because, just like Katy Perry says, I am a firework.

You deserve all the credit, you all, you readers you.  I have pushed my agenda, bored you with my dumb vacation pictures, stunned you (I am sure) with the way I can find art in yellow cars and dead plants, shocked you to find that some buildings in New York get reflected in other buildings in New York, and I even drew a pirate once.

You prompted me to write fiction, something I hadn't done since Grade Two.  You prompted me to write poetry which I still think can be kinda dumb.  And you prompted me to keep looking for an "Editors Pick" even when we didn't even know if we still had an editor.  Where the hell do you find that kind of hope and hopelessness in the same place anymore, I ask you?

And I keep reading you, because you are my friends now.  I want to know what bothers you, what inspires you, what gives you the creeps.  I love the baby pictures, bunny pictures, horse pictures, and all of your photographs which are way more cool than mine. I know about your loves, your losses, your nerves and when you grieve, I grieve.  I share your pain, your fears, and your great divine inspiration to keep writing when the world gives you lemons, because I bet there's only about two of you who could make lemonade with a gun to your head.  I certainly can't.

So, open a bottle, tear into a bag of chips, because we have a lot to celebrate.  Open is open and the lights are on and even when you think nobody's home, I'm here.  And I'm happy.


 (OK, don't stand around, get back to work!)

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Yay for you! It's been fun getting to know you, too!

And I'm doing this from my phone, which is an excellent sign for Open.
Yay for you! It's been fun getting to know you, too!

And I'm doing this from my phone, which is an excellent sign for Open.
Congratulations! It was not an easy year to write here, so BIG congratulations!
Happy Anniversary! Yea you!
I very much like your blogs. I also admire your courage as you hung in there during a year of OS having major problems with spammers and other ugly critters. Sometimes only 3 or 4 of us rattled around here in OS while others had taken themselves off in a huff.

Bestest to you forever!........

Amy A - Yes, ma'm! I am on it.

JP - nice. It's good to check in on the run sometimes.

Joan - Not easy, you're right, but we managed to do some pretty kickass stuff around here anyway. And we did it together!

jls - thanks! Yea US!

sky - Thanks! You know I am always happy to see you here in my little shop. We did hang tough around here, didn't we?
Katy Perry is a match compared to your firework self. You've been a great addition to this insane microcosm. I am raising a glass (ok, a paper cup) for your blogoversary. Cheers, dear.
Happy Blogiversary!! Congrats on hanging tough!
Congratulations, and many happy returns! :-)
What? You still think poetry is kinda dumb!!!! As Tink would say, OH NOZE!!!! Well, Anne, because you "still think poetry is kinda dumb", I'm doubly glad and seriously thankful you joined in on Mine and JD's "Iron Poet Challenges"!

Hey, friend, HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! : )
Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! The first year is the hardest!! Wait till you hit, uh,'s tough too!! :D

Happy Blogoversary!!!!
Happy Blogoversary! It's been great reading you and getting to know you this past year! Many happy returns!