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JANUARY 31, 2013 4:18PM

Stupid Rain: A Sad, Little Poem

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Stupid rain.


Don’t wake me up with your stupid crashing splashing.

Stay off my sidewalk, stay off my windows,

And if you must make a soggy visit,

For God’s sake, do it quiet like.


Those folks you hear touting long, romantic walks in the rain? 

Ignore them. 

They are fools.

Smart people know to come in out of the rain.

Smart people shut the windows and ignore the rain.


Why, I remember the summer I was in France

And there was this town

And they never got rain in the summer

And I thought they were blest.

I wanted to stay.


Rain drives me indoors.

I read, I nap, I snack,

I hibernate, 

And not once do I wish I could take a long walk in the rain.


I did that once.

Six hours, pouring rain,

And me walking

In it.


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stupid, rain, poetry

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A poem!!! : )

And one that makes me feel your displeasure! I usually don't mind a rainy day or two or even three ... a good excuse to do nothing but imbibe in my own guilty pleasures! ... beyond that it becomes a little trying. A walk in the rain? Well, I can kind of see the romance in it ... provided you were with the right person! :-)
[r] hah!!!! nice! though one of my "funnest" times was playing doubles tennis in the rain. We were all so addicted to the joy of a particularly good game and it was only a summer sprinkle at first and then it incrementally worsened -- not all that slowly -- and once one is seriously wet why fight it? one had to judge the different velocity and mass of the tennis ball itself in these saturating conditions which was an exciting challenge and we looked like drowned rats -- insane ones --but we played on. Endorphin highs? That was decades ago and yet it was such a mutually-decided contrary and nutty thing to do it still cracks me up. best, libby
So, 6 hours? That would turn a person off. I'm glad you have a dry place to sit these days.
My sentiments exactly. It rained its ass off here and blew. Spent all afternoon sawing and clearing fallen branches. I'm ready for the home. R
I like to go swimming in the rain. Maybe you need to be naked when you walk in the rain. Good!
LK - I knew you'd come by to gloat. I would say the right person would have to have a really big umbrella!

libby - Tennis sounds amazing - the sheer physics of it all must have been really cool.

jp - Yes, it was 6 hrs and we were drenched to the skin and dripping. I'm glad to have someplace dry now too!

GA - No home for you! This was just a test.

zanelle - nakey in the Bronx might not be such a great idea.
@ nilesite: LOL!!!! Yeah, it just made me smile to see that you had written a poem! Big umbrellas are good too!

Much love, A.

: )
This was cute - even though I personally usually like the rain, especially when I can hear it from my cozy warm bed.
Rain is what turns horse shit into cabbages and carrots. Without the rain we'd have to eat it straight.