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MARCH 3, 2009 10:17PM

Open Call Poetry: A Shade Between

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Little one, it is true.

Mountains are beautiful and forests are great.

But you are not born a mountain,

And you are not born a forest.


Yes, little one,

The night sky is brilliant and the day is warm.

But you are not the moon,

And you are not the sun.


What they will tell you is true.

The ocean is powerful and the lake is at peace.

But you will not be an ocean,

And you cannot be a lake.


Grandchild, hold your head up and know this always:


Some will be mountains or forests,

but you will be the great and unchanging plains between them.

Some are night or day,

but you will blaze as the sunrise and sunset.

Some wish to be oceans or lakes,

but you will be the river that joins them and carries the people.


Grandchild, You will be as a shade between the blue and black sky at dusk.

It is a sacred place.

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If this doesn't explain self-respect, nothing will. Excellent.
Thanks at least reflects struggling with self-respect in a world that wants things absolute.
Sao, thank you very much for your comments. I have to admit, my poetry isn't simple by design, but more because of ability...I even had to look up "artifice" to understand your take on it.haha I'm just glad you enjoyed it and I hope that it may speak to others who find themselves in that really inconvenient and often overlooked between place.
You make me love poetry, a feat I thought impossible years ago. I also see nature a bit more layered as well - the forests, mountains...all of it. Thank-you for sharing. Welcome to OS.
Sao, that's funny that you brought up Sufjan Stevens, because I just jotted his name down from Pandora as a musician I really liked. I did the same recently for Mason Jennings, who turned out to be one of my favorites. I agree with you. I find beauty in simple poetry. I look for genuineness, not cryptic. Thanks again, and I'll definitely check out your blog.
Thank you for this poem.

This poem should be hanging
on the wall
of every teen homeless shelter here
in the City

This poem should be in the hands
of every
guidance counselor
in every inner city or impoverished school
in this country

This poem can help
can enlighten
can inveigle
can invest

Thank you for this poem.
Wow...thanks Connie. But you forgot

This poem should be hanging in
every bathroom
right next to the Jesus
footprints in the sand poem.haha

Seriously, thanks for your response.
This is just beautiful, the language and the message.
Loved it - thumbs, Peece, DJ
Another reader.....engaged. I'm coming back.
I saw poetry and I had to rate it.
Really really beautiful
Thank you
Thank you to everyone for stopping by and taking the time to read and respond.