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MARCH 24, 2009 3:53PM

The Last

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Pow Wow

 I saw him, the last eagle.

Someone pointed, and for a moment

We were all still.

A breeze suddenly touched us,

And in that moment my heart sank,

For somehow I knew.

I think, despite hope, we all knew.

So we stood there, silently.

At last, together. 


I was there in the crowd

When the dancers stopped dancing

And the singers forgot the words.

A group of children played tag,

While an old man sat outside the circle

In his blue, foldout chair

Trying hard to hide his tears.

I didn't realize until then

How much they had taken...

How much we had let them take.

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Beautiful, love the man in his blue fold out chair...
I love the collective consciousness implied in your piece. Far too late to retrieve so much. If we could all get to that point where we could say, "we stood there, silently, at last together." Beautiful piece.
Blade in velvet, very soft but it leaves its mark.

"When the dancers stopped dancing
And the singers forgot the words."

This line I like - end of an age? Beautiful. ~ Peece! DJ
The old's tears cry for so many. --rated--
ok, second piece I've read by you and second piece that's given me goosebumps- you are a fine writer
meant to type--old man's tears--
Rated. We REALLY need to get a poem on the front page of OS, if not Salon proper. Has that ever happened, do you know?
And the singers forgot the words.

A group of children played tag,

I can close my eyes and imagine this scene alone. Thank you for posting. rated
I love your poetry. This has touched me deeply. We are so far from where we need to be in our relationship to the earth. If our ancestors had only known that you were the civilized ones to learn from and to follow instead of conquer. I am so sorry for what we did, and continue to do. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and sadness.
Thanks to everyone for reading and responding. I always look forward to reading what you think, because I truly look up to many of you as writers and poets.

I always felt like I could've gone back and improved this one, but the message is a simple one and hasn't changed for me. So, I decided to leave it alone.

Hey. Obama is on talking right now. I'm going to catch what he is saying and will continue this after.
OK...I'm back.

Mamoore - thanks again for always stopping by and leaving your comments.

Mary - You caught what I was getting at, but haven't experienced yet. I'm afraid, sometimes, we only have that kind of unity in our worst times and states of mind (i.e. fear after 9/11).

Jimenace - How much does a culture change before it becomes something completely new...and how sad is that? It is about the end of an age. Several years ago, the last Kaw speaker died in Kansas. An entire world view died with him...tragic.

Mr. Mustard - thanks for your response and for all of your great posts.

julie - That's weird, because goosebumps is my goal. Thanks again, and I'm a fan of yours.

Hells Bells - I'm the wrong person to ask, because I'm so new. I highly doubt it'd be one of mine, but I'll be the first to recommend you, Jimenace, Scupper, Like-Water and so many others poets that I admire.

Scupper - Some of those scenes were real. Someday, I'll probably touch this one up a bit to better describe them. I think they deserve it. Thanks for responding.

C Berg - We all need to listen to each other. Thanks for listening to me this time. I'll look forward to yours in the future.
Whatsoever disturbs the web, disturbs me. Ah, are we beginning to see the teachings of the grandfathers come to pass in our own times. The web has been broken, and who can heal it?
incredible. I didn't know where this one was taking me and I needed to reread to find my direction - I love it when that happens. What powwow is this pic from?
...a beautiful, sad, reverent poem, Noahvose.

Though, if there is "consolation" to be proffered, Eagle soars still, in the blood, spirit and blessed tongue of each who speak such memorable words.

...a peaceful evening to you my friend...
Tom - thanks as always. I always appreciate your shared insight. You're takes a lot longer and more struggle to relearn the lessons than to preserve them.

Heron - Your comment sounds much like my life. haha I'll have to get back about which pow wow...definitely on the Plains, since in WI they'd be dodging trees.

Like-Water - I always appreciate your poetry and your responses to mine (though I realize they're not in the same league). Another consolation is that the actual eagles are making a come back. I guess we're not completely lost.

Sao - Thanks, always, for your time and thoughts.
I had a strong, unexpected emotion to this. I'm glad you posted it.
Noah, right on! Including the eagle itself , which they took as a symbol for their oligarchy of gangsters.

Still: it's a perverse tribute to your culture. That's what we Anglos do best: steal. Steal the blacks' music & culture & sell it. Steal the Eastern wisdom traditions & write schlock like "the Secret", teach it in boardrooms & quasi-communes to fat middle-aged executives & lithe surgically altered celebrities who live in a high-maintenance cocoons & inspire idolization (well, until recently...ha!) in the hapless masses.

Theft is our way of life. We thieve because deep down we have no faith in anything beyond our ego-boundaries & the elaborate constructions & things we've acquired to stave the fear of death & non-being. Instead of embracing non-being as the Mother , the Matrix from which everything is brought---impermanently---into time & space.

Well, that's my rant for today. Gotta save up my hard-earned (ha) money for bringing my gal to the damn Mohegan Sun Casino. Where i can watch the last desperate vestiges of the "Greatest Generation" stare in blank-eyed masochism at the whirling bleeping icons the World Casinometes out to them. (Yeah, yeah..ironic...)

great . Jim. rated
Raven - I always appreciate your posts and when you stop by my humble ones. Thanks for always keeping us up to date on native news from up north.

James - What can I say. Your responses always add so much to the conversation and ALWAYS leave me laughing. Thanks
cutting to the heart....Sad beauty.
Each line is like a puzzle piece. Only you can't see the beauty until the very last piece is in place.
Gary - thanks for stopping by and taking the time.

rijaxn - It's been a long time. How are you? Thanks for your comments.