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MAGIC TOWN where the old never die, Connecticut,
January 31
*************************** "I find that I am so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain" -Red in The Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King *************************** WARNING: I like to noodle. can't resist. and once is never enough either. ***************************

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I wrote the bulk of this as a comment in Linda's blog of today, Who Are You?

Race is the most important issue in black communities (and white communities in relationship to black communities, etc etc), only if you ignore the bigger issue which is class, wealth.

We have been set againstRead full post »


I would eat that plate of stuff.....after I finish my carrot... 


the promise of French's green bean casserole

as pretty as a picture!

took my last post down - just couldn't leave it up - way too depressing.  still, I must thank you all for your support.  your word… Read full post »


For you kid (Phyllis, I see you in my minds eye - a kid, a young woman looking for herself) and for you Bill and for all the veterans who read this and for those who don't.  My husband sent this excerpt to me and when I read it, I… Read full post »

I started this as a comment in Tom's thread: Another Immodest Proposal.  If you haven't read Tom's post and the comments that follow, I recommend you do.  As I wrote another response to it, as usual my words grew into a blog sized cluster of thoughts I figured I'd better say hereRead full post »
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I'm weary and sad - observing six years of my president's political strategizing is about on par to being back in school and watching a guy you thought was really great, a guy you wanted as your friend come out of school and get the shit beaten out of him by… Read full post »

no one came to our door.  not one child.  

not even the usual rowdy clusterfucks of well past the age teenagers for their last go around before admitting they're still closer to child than they'd have copped to three hours before.   

so we're left with four full bags of… Read full post »

OCTOBER 27, 2014 12:50PM

still the old razzle dazzler


oct 23 (2) 

in her best show yet, upon the stage

a sky of pearl blue velvet drapery surrounds

the impossibly rich tapestry woven in the breadth of

sun and rain and wind and blood sacrifice

witness the crescendo of

dazzling yellowed mountains 

 amidst swirling em

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OCTOBER 24, 2014 6:35PM

mushpuppy (MushMush)

As you well know, for the last couple of weeks my life has been all mushy puppy, all the time. 

oct 13 (4)oct 13

oct 14 (14)oct 14

oct 16 (4)oct 16

oct 17 (6) oct 17

oct 20 (17)oct 20

oct 21 (16)oct 21

I carry her here, haul her there, teach the basics, play, crate, uncrate, baby door on/off, feed King SmoochRead full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2014 3:09PM

my five lovelies: kitd's OC

first lovely is the grandchildren. my two sons are pretty lovely but not nearly as much so, as the grandbabies - who are no babies and are cresting the hormonal years and then some - the eldest three are either in college or figuring which one to enter next year and… Read full post »

first rule: in order to create order must kiss all illusion goodbye.

os closeup

second rule: response must be rapid while appropriate

observe: one tiny unbearably perfect life-crazed pup with golf ball innards - made of a million million miles of rubber bands, compressed and encased in sweet smel… Read full post »



as Z cleverly coined it - we are:


damn damn damn - I'm having my coffee and I start with Just Thinkings blogs, and they are compelling and incredible and I haven't finished my coffee so I go to Delia's blog - which I hadn't/… Read full post »

ever wonder?  now you know.  Read full post »

pinky OS(1)

hello. you are looking at one serious monkey puppy and I eat feets, too! soon I will eat everything!

yay teeth! 

pinky OS (2) 

I was in a scrap with my siblings while we were in transit from NC.  I have pink all over the place including my silly toes -… Read full post »


Ma! what kind that a leg? 

I had to bend the rules on the OC just a little because truthfully if I’m lucky I might remember where I put my glasses so it's not likely I can recall much of what revelatory fact or skill I picked up last/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 6:47PM

puppytales can come true............


Kool and the Gang

I have a thing for American Bulldogs.  ABs are the Petey dog from the Little Rascals, although Petey had his bullseye painted on, like Groucho's mustache in the Marx Bros films.  


My first dog, Petunia Faloonia Falafel was an AB.  At the ti… Read full post »

I think about black and white because being a painter I know once I touch white paint with any color, it is no longer white.   If I touch a sheet of white paper, it changes.  This may be because chemically there is such a precarious balance in… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 10:51AM

oh how I wish this was fiction!!


Welcome to Manchester!

Well it's finally happened - somewhere VERY close by, there is a turd that could have only come from something so monstrous and evil, something that eats other disgusting things and judging by the stench, it's probably a giant troll.  

Whatever it is smelled… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 11:33AM

meditations on the way of the baker

 walking the path
There comes a moment when I know it's time to begin, and I gather the butter and eggs, the various sugars, nuts and extracts and set all of it out.  I'm not exactly sure where I'll start, but it doesn't matter.  My ingredients must be… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 14, 2014 2:41PM

The wondrous poetry of Paul Simon

It has been said that Paul Simon is a dick, that he will borrow a hook as soon as look at you. And alas, there may be some truth in it.   My brother believes it, being a studio musician and quite the dick himself.  So if one were… Read full post »


PLEASE NOTE: this consumer, wife of Mr. Mega 49ers Fan is OFFICIALLY DONE! 

The image of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious wife Janay out of an elevator wasn't the worst, unfortunately.  What's going on behind the scenes in pro sports, like this obvious tolerance of players off… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 4:30PM

taking it on the chin

thinking about the rice affair (0f course) and boy does it ever brings back memories of the good old days when anger was the defining emotion of our lives.  
no anger was a good day.  
a little anger was a close call.  
a lot of anger and anything… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 2:10PM



I"m going to say it out loud:

I love summer.  I love it when it's warm and balmy.  I love cool breezes.

But I don't like being hot! 

 This is because I don't enjoy sweating but I'm a sweat-er which my son told me was the worst worst gene I… Read full post »

Watching the news this morning, I was wondering who are these kids who are joining ISIS, hustling themselves over to the other side of everything they have ever known, wanting to kill for a cause not even remotely their own. 

Later, in conversation with my husband he mentions a couple of… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2014 3:01PM

kerry! and you too a.dooling! did you get up there? I tried to refavorite squirrel and there you be! are you the squirrel?  woaho!  

(to anyone becoming confused, I defavorited the squirrel and then refavorited him and kerry popped up!  so I went back and found the squirrel again and refavorited h… Read full post »

this started with my deep purple post and the two songs and then Tom C and I started shmoozing about music we loved and concerts we've been to and musicians we've seen live and some people thought it might be a good thread but I don't want to cheat and copy… Read full post »