FEBRUARY 27, 2015 11:29AM

fuck people, save the animals

I can't do it! I can't read ASPCA's blog! I can barely read any rescue's blog because when I do,  it's almost impossible to wrap my brain around what people do to animals in their care.  And when I do it makes me feel so helpless.  What can I do from here?… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2015 2:02PM

SEARS: Sucks, Suckier, Suckiest!


the above is the evolution of the sears logo, I added what I think it should look like now. sears I do not heart you. 

okay...want to know why I've been in such a weirdy snit for the last week? 

easy enough - sub zero temps - broken hot water… Read full post »

just read a well written, happy rundown on last nights oscars here:

The Oscars 2014

I wish I felt the same.........but it ain't happening.

 I got monday morning osca-tude. 


first props - the highlights!

patricia arquette, gorgeous, lush, flummoxed then dead serious, kick

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Since I'm doing so much defending this ridiculous series, I've had a chance to think about why - why I read it.  As I recall, I read this book because of the reviews on Amazon.  I got to one that has a huge cadre of comments because it's so hysterically funny.… Read full post »

50-shades 3

 Bettie Page says: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Lots of talk about "Fifty Shades" film and books, with women primarily (and rightfully) worried about and making comparisons to physical abuse and domestic violence situations.  I haven't seen the film - but I read the book… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 3:10PM

we don't need no stinkin white space!

no white space thank you

 either my phone camera sucks or I'm as blind as a bat, which is possible, I will admit.

after the doodling thing, I decided to do some.  get to it!  fuck it.

so I bought some brush pens.  they came today!   I immediately had to test them.  I found… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 3, 2015 11:43AM

which beast needs slaying? for janie

my husband earns a ridiculous amount of money - more than he's ever earned in his life.  but he earns it as as a contractor.  in the end, its as if he earns around 30/40K.  no savings.  hand to mouth.  we don't do shit.  we eat and live and take care… Read full post »
JANUARY 13, 2015 2:36PM

if or ge tt or em em ber

forgetting to remember 

i cannot recall 

your face

o but your velvet skintouches

these exhausted fingertips 

as your smile hides





and go e   s 

andmy heart


for you


searchingeach &everysing le tear stained room Read full post »

momy sed to sa HELLLLOOO!


she sed i am vry fasy fust fasd 


mommy    sed stop moving but I haz fun.

she teks pctres when i slepz



 i lik slep


onn dadyz feeetz 


 smuchy makz me WURK!!!

fffppffftttt to smuchy !!Read full post »


we played his game of what to keep

while giving it away

and now we sing our merry merrys

(or something) on this day 

Me and the man, we're the original pragmatic dynamic duo so we're looking forward to ten days of doing not much (although I'll still be selling… Read full post »


 Licence+Depp copy

things have changed quite a bit around Open Salon. 

let me tell you a story: a few months back I joined in on a discussion in a friend's blog - admittedly my friend is a questionable character, meaning he's a conservative - and we liberals are not encouraged to co-minglRead full post »

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 monkey flounce





today was sad.  I had a few hours and spent it deleting all these great member names from my favorites, and I'll tell you, it hurt.  I love some of the people here.  I DO.  I LOVE ME SOME OS BITCHES!Read full post »