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January 31
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JULY 30, 2014 8:53AM

all quiet

I have gathered up the dirty laundry to wash, covers of beds, towels, washcloths, assorted items that were out start getting put away.  all those long runners and small rugs have been folded to go back downstairs. 

my heart feels old today.

I see my reflection in my laptop screen.… Read full post »

JULY 29, 2014 6:30AM

Saying goodbye to Pops

Bad night last night.
Her front end is weakening.  Rear end is shot.  She was not drinking water but she was so thirsty when I gave her ice.  This morning I think the meds helped and she was able to get up when I forced her to, to go to the… Read full post »

I dunno.

that knee.

.....and then there's the possibility which I hadn't considered that she may have had a stroke.  The limping could be arthritis but there's much more at play. 


There's not one indicator in all those tests that there's anything brewing inside.  Sure… Read full post »

She responded politely but emphatically that she was unable join the lesbian ladies group on her cellblock, however fun and attractive her cellmate tried to color the invitation.  And even after shading her propositions with vague prison-y threats, Mrs H resisted.

Mrs H's lovestruck cellmatRead full post »




being all moviestar glamour-girlie and sultry and shit

I owe you guys a report.  It is getting dull but there's always the mystery of whats going on inside to ponder and obsess on.   I refuse to obsess too much on the condition of… Read full post »

JULY 25, 2014 1:38PM

Chapter 4: Mrs H in the Big House


Mrs H closes her eyes, and sighs, her prison issue towel tight around her shoulders.  She opens them again to look down and around at her cell and then at the outrageously orangey orange jumpsuit she is wearing.   Sheesh!  How did this happen?  But it did

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“I need companionship Agnes.  My lovelife stinks.”

“Don't you have a dog?”, replied Agnes crunching on Fritos.

“He went to look for Mr. H..he's gone".

“I hope this isn’t getting to be a habit with you."

Mrs H had considered it - that she seemed to be

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The timer goes off alerting Mrs H, who rises pulling her ample buttocks off the most comfortable couch in the world in order to remove the Pillsbury Orange Cinnamon Buns from the oven.  Today she was having a special treat for lunch, having already baked and consumed P

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Mrs H was driving along, minding her own BI business when her whole world and all within came tumbling down upon her like a ton of crap.  She had been feeling okay, or so she thought, but then the windshield starting going all wishy washy and her face became hot.  And

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JULY 24, 2014 10:56AM

The final chapter of Mrs H is coming

I'm going to edit and repost my Mrs H stories.  They definitely need a little bit of editing.  Not content but grammar punctuation, etc.  I might not screw that up!  hey hey.

Because I finished the final chapter this morning.

You see, while home taking care of the Pops I kept… Read full post »

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these are right after our walk this morning (Thursday)...she was a little pooped but less pooped than yesterday, etc.  


please - can we do this later? 


mother! ??? 


oh.....for goodness sake....

(I"m ashamed of you, mother - yoRead full post »

boney maroney 1
Madam Boney Maroney asked to go outside to lay in the sun, took her ten seconds of sun then asked to come back inside.  
I get to play Sancho the Door Girl.  Her powerful mojo is returning.  Please note those ultraultra slim hips and girlish thighs.  She's normallyRead full post »
JULY 20, 2014 10:52AM

The Hesperus on a Sunday morning



When someone we love is ill, the home reflects the chaos and emotional craziness of sickbed high dramas - like wet washcloths strewn in sinks that have wiped away sudden messes or cooled the brow.  And here and there you will see piles of c… Read full post »

I can't say at this point - it's 50/50 because of her age.

What I'm observing (for what it's worth):

yesterday on a scale from 1 - 10 she was about a 2 - 3.  

ambulatory but only just.  she had a fever of 103.8.  wasn't eating. lots of drinking… Read full post »

Got an experienced vet who got down on the floor with her.  Looked over her tests, which btw, that shithole vet practice did NOT send...had to tell him the results of the ones they reported to me and thankfully I brought every piece of paperwork I had gotten from them with… Read full post »

I hate to say this but there's a part of me that believes that her luck or the fates have conspired against my elegant girl.

Her vet retired.  I gave her aspirin that she may not tolerate any more.  (this COULD be a stomach issue that goes back a ways....perhaps more… Read full post »

JULY 17, 2014 7:57AM

Thursday - just call me Sancho


I can’t call this or try to anymore.  I thought it had to happen, that today she’d go up or down and yet she remains the same.  So this powerful impulse I have to control something beyond my ken is once more proving empty and wrong headed.  What do… Read full post »

We seem to be falling into a pattern of dull normalcy again and for this I say thank you to who or what-ever is responsible and even if it's just the way it is for today, it feels special and I'm grateful.  

The Madam had a tiny teeny bit… Read full post »

she's been alert but resting.  a lot of sleep.  she woke and the gas told me she needed to go outside.  she urinated and was able to hold herself in a squat which yesterday was unable to do. (goddamned fly!)

when we came in I asked if she wanted a cookie… Read full post »

JULY 14, 2014 12:08PM


Blood work back, no insect borne diseases, no lyme, no heartworm, no nothing.  Collected a urine specimen so they can test for white blood count - its possible she has an infection.  Or something else.   Since she had terribly loose stools this AM all medications are stopped for now. &… Read full post »

JULY 13, 2014 4:18PM



Madam being stoic through the eye of the storm.  Even the point on her head is fuzzy.

....definitely an improvement physically but mentally I'm a bit concerned - her state of mind is unfocused and placid.  That's not good for a dog believing she is mistress of all things.

PoundPoppie&nb… Read full post »

JULY 12, 2014 1:30PM

the dog lives! huzzahs!

..............from the POPster front!

arthritis or some joint inflammation.  I insisted he give her a shot of painkiller so she can have a good sleep this afternoon and hopefully she'll eat tonight or tomorrow morning.  he put her on a non cortisoid anti inflammatory so that's good.  a… Read full post »

 pop and smooch
Monkey Dogs having their morning snooze.  Smoochie on the left.  Madam Poppy on the right.   

She's getting old my girl Poppy.   We share our lives with her and a young - in his prime, 3 yr old, a boy who's a total idiot named Smoochie.  He's very beloved, f… Read full post »

betty boop fourth
I look a lot hotter than this.  Really.  It's just that some parts of me are wonky but :::cought!::: SHAPELY! (albeit wrinkley wonky) 
Thanks to all of you - you're supportive and sweet - and reading your words made me smile this morning.  … Read full post »
JULY 3, 2014 10:10AM


I’ve been feeling not so great the last month or two and had to stop treadmilling, which is my preferred aerobic method of staying in relatively decent shape.  When I work it regularly, I feel peppy and vigorous.  Not being able to has left me vaguely tired and poop headed notRead full post »