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AUGUST 14, 2009 11:35AM

mayday mayday!

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 one of my exhusbands is a diehard conservative, always votes that way, works the polls every year.  he is a decent, proud man and he considers himself a patriot.  he refuses to acknowlege obama is his president and refuses to hear that this presidency may do some good for our country.  democrats are communists.  

 lately he's a little angry and confused because the economic news hasn't been good and his life and finances are becoming as tattered as everyone elses.  he's not sure how he's been exploited and reused and tossed aside by his philosophy but he knows it's happened.  

 this man who has argued with me all our life won't talk politics any more.  he still watches fox news.  he tries to make believe they're not lying to him but he sometimes lets on that he knows he's been fucked over and bled dry.  he says he has nothing to give any one anymore. 

 he's on social security.  his pension that he has been entitled to since he retired has been up in the air for years.  they haven't settled a lawsuit that may or may not pay him from a fund he paid into for almost all his working life.  there was no regulation.  nothing. it's come to a bunch of old guys with fingers crossed and rumors of someone cutting a check.  but no check is cut. 

 he's losing his part time job because they're downsizing, so he has time on his hands.  still he's smart enough to not get on a bus and start yelling his fears.  

 because now the greedy smart have the stupid fearful with crazy eyes armed with crazier talking points out there fighting their battle for them.  if they win they'll get even richer from illness, sickness, misery.  these souless scum happily fund bloggers and emailers and organizers whose sole job is anger and crazy maintenence.

 I watch my fellow americans behaving like idiots, who may very well be idiots, screaming outrageous lunacy, trying hard to sound as if they understand the 36 point printouts of someone else's talking points they muddle through when they grab a mic, yelling and accusing and threatening after a day of getting on and off buses, selling their souls for comradery, misguided patriotism and a free lunch.  

 they are mobs that cleave hard to one another and without looking they are attaching themselves to hate, mean spiritedness, racism, off the spectrum extremists and eventually just like mother warned, someone will lose an eye or two, not counting the people dying waiting for help and care. 

 the words they scream and write on signs are hard to for me to fathom because I know them.  they are the people I have lived with all my life, but their hate is so foreign it's as if they've been replaced by aliens from bum fuck mars.  

 don't call us a mob or stupid - we're patriots, they say! we're saving the country from the black muslim who wasn't even born here!  our forefathers weren't intellectuals.  they were patriots and what was good enough for them is good enough for us.

 we don't have money to help poor people or people who don't want to work for their healthcare or school lunches or crap like that.  none of that is in the constitution!  america is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!  everyone wants to live in america!  GOD bless america! 

 all this is because these apologist democrats hate america.  liberal is the same thing as communist and socialist.  don't ask me what those words mean, but stalin and satan have the same letters in their names.    





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Well, I don't think there's much you can do except leave him alone and be glad he's your ex.
Nailed it. I love the bozo who was quoted as saying (and I'm paraphrasing) "I don't want the government to control my Medicare!" Oy.

Cap'n, I wish this wasn't reality.

Steve B, he won't let me. he likes me. I am the devil, a liberal, a jew and impossible to live with and he and his wife are my best friends.

John B, thanks. they're out there and I wonder if they even care that half the crap they're screaming is garbage. they KNOW the govt controls their medicare. I guarantee they'd know exactly who's office to protest in front of if someone tried to take it away.

I think a lot of them are in it for the free lunch and a new busmate to tell all their troubles to.
I watched some of them on the internet yesterday and I still don't understand them.
I just want single payer for us all.
even me.
mission, they never even put the single payer option on the table. it boggles my mind!

senate committee chair baucus wouldn't even permit any discussion of it at his meetings, and had arrested a number of health care workers who disrupted the initial meetings demanding the single payer option at least be discussed but he refused. they are playing hardball. I don't know yet what we're playing but it's really nerve wracking, isn't it. I want single payer too.
Damn those Communists!! Ruining the country!!

Good thing I'm a Socialist! :)