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January 31
*************************** "I find that I am so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain" -Red in The Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King *************************** WARNING: I like to noodle. can't resist. and once is never enough either. ***************************


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FEBRUARY 3, 2012 1:42PM

it will do

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what has occured in events of malfeasance

strange reality or bad luck

is what I have never desired 

but dished out none the less 

so that sweet perfect sunset is vanquished




and in consideration I have parked

mysoftly velvet wrinkledy such

on the couch


to stay



it isn’t perfect this life

but it will do


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No, not perfect, but better than the alternative I think! Good Stuff Monkey~~
funny...I was just at your blog!

hahahah...thank you scanner. :)
funny...I was just at your blog!

hahahah...thank you scanner. :)
quite succinct and somehow fitting for *my* mood today.. too, Corporal
Monkey, I suspect your softly velvet wrinkledy such is quite good company, truth be told.
hey now.

thank you for stopping by madam sarah, generalismo, and signor pollo.
I love the word "malfeasance" too. Good to see your writing. ~r
Good to see you, monkey. I liked the words vamoose and kaput put into a poem.
Excellent poem, wise words
rated with love
You accept too, FM. I understand.
Living as a couch potato ain't bad Monkey. It is my life, most days while 'enjoying' a flare ..
Glad to see ya too!!
As I we get older, we learn to settle -- and that's not always a bad thing.
oh thank you all.

Joanie, I never really go away away. I just get caught up in life. The man is seeking a new professional situation and that reality places more time demands on me, like having to find extra long ties, for example. plus lately friends and family are more demanding than usual, so I have to bend in that direction. I'm juggling. I'm not even skating or riding horses or anything fun except learning android, which is a hoot. so nothings taking precedence over writing or painting. I'm sitting on my whatsit and pondering the nature of it all and hoping I don't have a particularly short genetic lifespan and that I'll come through this and get back to my life.
Heron, it's great to see you too. I love to read your blog but lately, I'm reading and scooting without commenting. No time because when I stop and start commenting, jeeze, I'm here all day. It's ridiculous how much I love "hanging out" here. (where is "here"?) hahahahah

Smithie, whatever it is you're up to, you're looking particularly provocative lately. I get an enormous kick out of you when I get a few extra minutes and our time here has coincided.

Poetess, thank you. You're a lovely poet your own self so your words are very flattering to old me.
Fusun, I KNOW you know exactly what I'm saying. Thank you for your (always) very kind words and encouragement. Believe me when I say it's very much appreciated.

HIGH5 Julie!

Mission, it's great to read you. I'm not so much a couch potato as stuck doing so much in this damned chair and then jumping up and running around and doing this and that and too much of goofy stuff that has to be done. I hope life is lightening up for you my friend. It's dicey here, too damned iffy for my taste but we're hanging tough.

Tom, you're right of course. As I get older, it doesn't seem as if I'm settling so much as feeling that whatever it is, it is what's supposed to be and I have to work with it. I used to think I had forever, but I know time is of the essence now.
i hope u have a long genetic lifespan &
so maybe someday, w/ your "softly velvet wrinkledy such"
comfy on the couch, y'l figure it all out for us
and put it in a series of fun minimalist
using all your favorite words...

malfeasance : Anglo-Norman malfaisance,
from Old French malfaisant,
malfeasant, present participle
of malfaire, to do evil,
from Latin malefacere ; see malefactor
(turn on the tv to see malefactors f-ing up our of my favorite words..)
indeed, it will do...
"park your carcass," we used to say.

It can be "enough," as long is we let it be. And yes, "malfeasance" is a great word!