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January 31
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FEBRUARY 18, 2012 7:21AM

today is the first day blah blah

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o noh!

i go

to read one today

on poetry day

(standing tall

or not at all)

i'll read my stuff

or run away


:: PUFF! ::




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unlike tom, I do not sing. well, actually I do. but only in my shower and I sound FAB U LOUS. (great accoustics plus no one to burst any bubbles)

I'm going to a poetry meeting this afternoon with ten copies of something because I don't know what, and either I'm going to read it or someone else will read it or no one will read it. I'm a wreck. I've never read my stuff in public before (while I'm present, in the flesh) (you poor bastards are the only people that I've shared this with directly).

Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, I'm scared to death and rewriting like a lunatic.

And now I have to go to practice for a couple of hours. An old lady on skates. This day is entirely nuts.

I hope I don't fall on my ass and compound my misery.
I'm sucking it up. I'll tell you how it went later!

I am so excited for you! Hell, I'd love to take 10 copies of something I've written and make someone listen to it.
Knock 'em dead, Monkey-Poet. xo ~r
Good luck with the blah_blah!!
go Monkeywoman, go Monkeywoman
I am pretty sure you will have a great time and whatevah you bring will be remembered and jealoused upon. Puff if ya got some. Woot!
You will KILL! You are the Queen of all Poetry~
why not follow the sacred tradition of getting drunk
first? congratulations!
ha! report back, monkey. i bet you'll knock 'em dead. xoxo
Have fun Monkey, and write all about it!
I'm on my way now. cold stone sober.

two rewritten poems. I'm SO damned nuts.