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JUNE 2, 2012 6:57AM

whassup in locaville

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according to the news, the world is coming to an end again. 

I am constipated.  

recently I fell in love with a male from the house of Morgan 

I offer him carrots.  he snorts then butts me with his head.  

nothing changes.



not him but close






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Then the song remains the same wild Monkey.
Glad to see your wee head pop up here.
Was about to send one of them: How are you notes....
I love the house of Morgan.
Some young women have a horse phase, draw them almost obsessively. It is neat to see someone return to that, when they are more seasoned at love.
Personally I'm only pretending to be a horse today and I prefer tuna to carrots. (~grin~)

Lovely wee poem to start my weekend!
First sign of adolescent love - head butting.
Love Morgans! This boys head looks like the little Morgan my daughter had, I paid 500 for him and he was such a perfect little guy. All you had to do was wiggle the lead and he would stretch out, the more you wiggled the more he stretched!
Still head-butt my ol
hello all of you.

I'm feeling all poopy now...just came back from practice. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing on skates at age 65, but there I am: on skates. at age 65.

what will I do for an encore?

anyone who lives with a horse is very lucky, although they shit endlessly.

you have to take care of them, like you would a one ton two year old. fuss fuss fuss fuss.
skates! for you....i'm 64 and jus got my first pair of heelies.....xpert at fallin already...
" ...snorts then butts me with his head..." you know guys!? That's how they show you they really, really like you! :-)
darling . . .
I out of here.
That be a happy day.
It be the best day yet.
We could float all day.
I call you darling too.
You Monkey darling.
No fall of the donkey.
I talked to a Ox Farmer.
Save manure. It's Gold.
Toss dung on Marigold.
the hokey hockanum is rising
birds pooping from inside the maples
no morgan plop plosives
and the plane some cry
my car I cry
mundane mungo mangos
sounds better
i don't have the patience or the ambition to take up learning to ride a one-ton shitting head-butter, but i'm glad you do, monkey. love you.
As you might imagine, horses have long been my passion and the Morgan is one of the best. The first horse Mel and I bought together was a Morgan mare and we loved her greatly.
Oh, but he`s gorgeous - to look at.
I am also constipated. Something has gotta give soon~
I don't know a lot about horses but I know all that shit makes good fertilizer.