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OCTOBER 24, 2012 2:38PM

I answer for the confused pundits: Who is Mitt Romney?

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I don't mind telling you, the public political discourse at this time is driving me nuts!  

blah blah blah!  Who is Mitt today?  What is his new position on...?  Isn't this a change of positions?  Again?  If it is, then what are his core beliefs?  Didn't he say something else yesterday.....? Didn’t he say he was going to do this or fix that but then he stated the exact opposite last week?  oh now I’m not sure what he means when he says……blah blah blah! 

From the start, the first questions might have included:  "Who is this guy who wants to lead America?  Why does he want the job"?"    The guy is rich. Okay.  Rich guys always want to be president, but usually they break down and actually do something with some high profile positivity. Or they run for other, lesser offices.  Or they get a cabinet position or a diplomatic assignment.  Or become very prominent somethings or others...a position to let us know they're in the game and qualified to lead.  

Isn't the job of president important enough to ask about the people who want to become one?   I've wondered about a million times, besides interjecting himself into the political conversation for a decade, really...who is Mitt and what does he really hope to accomplish if he wins the prize?     

Why haven’t the questions gone like this: what qualifies him other than having been an unreelectable one term Governor, then paying to hang around forever. rattling away in our political discourse, letting everyone know in every conceivable way that not only does he wants to be President, he's got plenty of cockamaimy opinions to offer and backtrack on and contradict himself with.    

It might have been asked, what has he done other than run for the presidency like his dad did.  Because this business is worrisome - we've already had George W Bush, marching us into Iraq because his daddy didn't.  So are we forever destined to be bought and sold and led into who knows what by every rich guy determined to outdo their “Daddy”? 

What unique vision does Romney possess that entitles him to this very important place in our lives?  What specific talent, philanthropy, or even  knack for public discourse has he shown? Does he have empathy for the public?  Does he even have a basic understanding of what it's like to be anything other than a rich guy?  Has he shown himself to be a man of the people, willing to stand for the good of his fellow Americans?  Is there a specific dream for the country he's consistently articulated?   Is there one he’s actually stuck with?  

What's so confounding to me is there is nothing, not one word or promise he hasn't made to achieve his stated ambition to be President and then contradicted himself with, changing positions like a Cirque du Soliel contortionist.    And no one calls him on it. 

Mitt Romney is the fastest talking, fastest tap dancing used car salesman in the history of America.  

He is a guy who wants to be the president because he wants to be the president!    

He’s playing this election like the game of “Survivor”: “outwit, outplay, outlast” and lie like a thief to win.  

Q: Who is Mitt Romney?

A: Mitt Romney is an American businessman and one term governor who earned an enormous amount of money on top of being born into a wealthy family.  

 Q: What are his core political beliefs?

A. Mitt Romney’s one consistent belief seems to be that he should be the President of the United States.  

Q: What qualifies him?

A:  He's a native born American, of age and he's rich enough to do it.   Also, he's very enthusiastic in his desire to be the President!

Q: So, besides birthplace, age, finances and ambition/exuberance, what are his unique qualifications for this office, specifically?

A:  Mitt Romney is:

·      the most renown freelance professional presidential political candidate in the history of America

·      a tall caucasian with square jaw and prolific hair 

·      possessed of: a) countless male offspring, b) a smiling blond spouse, c) beautifully tailored suits for all occasions, d) at least one elevator for his cars

·      an admirer of the natural symmetry of Michigan trees

·      willing to: a) sing off key in public, b) speak to crowds of his joy in making a great deal of money, c) speak privately to rich guys about loser Americans with a victim mentality, d) eagerly announce his enjoyment in firing people (presumably those 48% of loser Americans). (Muppets, too.)

·       not at all inconvenienced or tethered to economics, concrete truths or beliefs, practicing deft flexibility in instantaneous political shapeshifting without losing his rhythm

·       adept at donning a strange hypnotic stare while smiling simperingly at his intended victim, then leap into role of scrappy pugilist/fearless leader of the Free World, fists raised ready to engage in international  "duke outs" with any country on earth including the entire Muslim middle east (Russia and China, look out!) using American troops as boxing gloves

·       boldly willing to tell everyone's grandparents to “take this voucher and…”.

·        He’s tenacious.  And very very rich.  

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tenacious in flip flopping seems to be in vogue
well maybe. does anyone know what he really thinks? which brings us to the question: is it flipflopping if he's been flopping all over the place like a beached flounder?
Two words: Cake Eater, but don't be surprised if he wins.

The new Super-Pac: Americans For Kissing Cake Eater Ass.
Righteous rant, FM. He gives me the heebie jeebies. And I can't believe he's getting away with not showing more than two years of tax returns -- why isn't there more concern/outrage about what he's hiding?
Lovely rant. Two things: If the robot wins we're all in trouble -- the entire human species. If he loses he'll deflate and be carried away on the breeze, landing somewhere where a dog will find and poop on him.
ben, I don't think he'll win because the numbers aren't working for him in swing states.

and if he does, what would really disturb me is this new precedent of overtly lying through your teeth about everything and anything. if that's okay, we're SO fucked. so very very fucked.
mg...even his syntax gives me the heebie jeebies...I can't listen to him speak for more than a few sentences. it's as if he was trained on another planet.

dollars to donuts, he's hiding for a few years he paid ZERO taxes because he could.
thank you my dear Matt...

I hope we escape his clutches. Not because I know what he will do but because I don't have a clue what he's about. THAT"S what's worrisome to me...NO ONE knows what his agenda is. He's a loose cannon.

However I think he will end up a bad memory of a close call.

still...this business of running for high office and not having to offer anything in the way of transparency or fact or truth is where this country seems to be headed. and it's worrisome.
I'm really getting nervous now. Back in 1980 I was sure that the Republicans would never nominate Reagan because he could never get elected. Well, that taught me to forever doubt myself on what the electorate was capable of. But, I got tempted into a sizeable bet this time round which perhaps factors into the nervousness. Among several other things, I thought that the etch-a-sketch comment would require Romney to sticj to his primary positions. But no. he's back to being the cheery but steely optimist and it's swaying people. As Tom Cordle has observed, the happiest person following a Romney victory will be Bush the Lesser since a few years later he'll no longer be regarded as the worst president in anyone's lifetime.
The only consistent position has taken is the missionary position -- that's the only kind of sex Republican wives are allowed.
I oMitted Willard the Windsock from my previous comment, let's hope voters do the same.
I've come to the conclusion that Romney is pretty stupid. He got into a top college as the son of a governor and having been thoroughly prepped at a prep school. At Bain, all he had to do was apply a formula worked out, bankrolled and researched by others.

He's been running for president for years yet he seems clueless not only about foreign policy, but basic geography. Syria is Iran's route to the sea? Iran doesn't border Syria and has nearly ten times as much coast as Syria.

He doesn't seem to understand economics. Or politics.
Abra, I'm not as nervous myself. I don't think Romney is a monster. He's fake, manufactured. And my sense of him is he's ruthless. But being ruthless and being heartless are two different things.

The president must have a heart. And there's an awkwardness in Romney that I think is his conscience. I think he has one.

We are a great country. On the verge of something big now. Not necessarily good big, but big. And I think we progressives are up to it, if he should win. I think we're up to fighting for ourselves and our positions. It's time women got into the frey again. If they want to fuck with us, okay. Lets do it. Lets march again. Because I fought and marched for my generation. And the next. A woman can't take her rights for granted.

The republicans have more to fear with Obama as a lameduck, than Romney as a first termer. Because ...and this is a guess because he was a very determined but VERY lowkey presence as president his first four years. But he did not engage the right. I think he will now because that "angry black man" thing isn't going to matter anymore. He's a LAME DUCK. He can go for it. I think he will, which is why I'm a little more enthusiastic than I was six months ago.

Romney governed as a moderate republican. And all the posturing in the world hasn't convinced me he isn't the same man. I think that's part of problem he's had: all the lies he's thrown out there to redefine himself as a rightwing asshat make him more awkward than he is. And I think he isn't necessarily very good in public anyway.

Either way whoever wins, I have faith. We'll survive whatever they throw at us. Nomatter how we want to slice this, we're influenced and run and regulated by business interests even with a Democratic president. We're up to our kishkas in a global economic world. I think Obama is our best shot in it, but Romney isn't Santorum or any of the other bozos he ran against. He's not crazy. BUT he is ruthless. THen again, so is Obama. But he's OUR ruthless. :)
Romney is a loose cannon. He's a loose cannon to BOTH sides Tom, which in a way makes this interesting. He might be a lot more moderate than they hope. Romney, being a Mormon is an outsider, EVEN if he's president.

But even so, I don't want him to be president. I don't want a Republican as president because the Republicans are in the midst of a fit of insane greed. So they have to be stopped until they regain their sanity.
Maluskina, when we end up with a stupid leader, what we end up with is a stupid leader being led by a mysterious guy behind the curtain.

It's been said that this campaign has been run almost entirely by Romney himself, which is why he was doing so poorly before the first debate.

Obama gave him the momentum he has enjoyed since which pisses me off to no end. However, I think Romney is smarter than he seems. What we have to hope is he's a better, more decent man.

But what I really hope is we won't find out what kind of president he'll be.
Also, he will represent the 1% not the 47 or the 100. The rich will get richer. The poor can go to the E.R.
Ms. Monkey, you can sum up the reasons why Romney is within striking distance of winning the White House and destroying this country in one simple sentence. Romney is white.

For decades, Americans have been denying their racism. Now it's coming back full throttle, headed by engineer Sarah Palin. And there will be strange fruit hanging from the trees on the White House Lawn in January.

If you want someone to blame, you can blame Obama, who didn't act with enough forthright action in defending himself and his party. The Republicans have no opposition party in the United States. The only party they have opposing them is every other nation on Earth.
Pam, you're right, he will reverse the healthcare law. He's said it himself. the rich will get richer and more powerful. and the poor and the middleclass, what's left of us will have to unite.

that's the cunundrum: will we take this shit lying down? without a fight? because if we aren't willing to fight, we will lose.

the way I see it, the right wing has been out there fighting for whatever the hell it's fighting for. I'm not clear because it's alot of crazy shit. less government. less services. less taxes for sure.

however, when everyone is steering their cars around potholes the size of rhode island, and they're having to help their mothers and grandmothers pay for their healthcare, because you can ignore the poor, but cannot ignore your mother when she's calling you up crying.... then we'll see about less government.
neutron, I just did a comment to the lovely Miss Joanie H about the president and this wave of overt racism that's been directed at him since he took office.

He has been irresponsible in this matter, in my opinion. One could make a case that he's been dignified, that he's risen above it and been a class act.

My opinion is something as ghastly and hateful and dangerous as racism needs to be met in a forthright manner with intelligence and honesty in the full light of day. He had no business ignoring it. He had a responsibility to speak out against it.
This guy truly scares me. It would not surprise me if Mittens wins this one, tho'. Just imagine what he could do to our foreign policy....he cannot even see who our real friends and allies abroad might be. The Brits really cannot stand him.....
poor woman, I honestly don't believe romney's going to win, although his team is trying their damndest to convince us he still has the momentum, which I tend to believe was lost after the second debate. they're hoping for the idiots who want to vote for the winner, rather than actually pick a candidate. (and anyone who is "undecided" IMO is a fucking moron.)

romney gained whatever he would have gained from voters who did not want to vote for obama in the first place and were looking for an excuse. I was damned pissed at O for that pathetic performance. he might as well have phoned his fucking self in, he was so terrible. so people who didn't want him decided they were right and went for the joker.

but polls show from the onset that most americans, surprisingly do not hold the economy against obama. they know what's going on in congress and they know what he inherited. I think romney had a shot BEFORE his campaign because honestly, it's not about racism, it's about economics. and the economy is still a steaming pile of crap. a smaller pile, but still stinking and steaming and unworkable.

still...once the country got a gander at this clown, his vacillating and changing positions and crazy far right talk, he lost the middle.

and it's the middle that will reelect obama. because the alternative right wing is too dicey, too ignorant and crazy, romney himself is too waffly and oveall he's definitely too wierd. PLUS he's a mormon and I honestly think there are going to be religious fanatics who won't vote for him at all. they're write in jesus christ or something.

that's my prediction. but then again, while I'm great at knowing what sex a baby is going to be, my political instincts are rather pathetic, so it's really a crapshoot, still.
Mitt Romney is the GOP candidate for president, and thus, he must pander to the GOP hardline base, and the GOP hardline base consists of 100% assholes.

Mitt Romney wasn't just a businessman. He was actually a pretty decent, ethical one (shit, it surprised me as well, until I got past all the rhetoric and took a look for myself). In addition, he took a 2002 Olympics that was on the verge of ruin and resurrected it, turning it into a well-oiled machine.

More than anything, though, Mitt Romney is going to be the next President of the United States, and while I know that scares a lot of people, it turns out that Mitt Romney isn't really the huge asshole that everyone wants him to be. He just plays one on TV.
Unfortunately Obama in 2012 isn't really running against Mitt Romney. He's running against Obama in 2008, and he's losing, badly. And he has his own inaction to blame.
@BOKO… I don’t think Pres. Obama is running against Obama 2008 he is running FROM Obama 2008. He cannot run on his record this is a clear fact and all he can do is try to paint Mitt Romney as the Scrooge from the Christmas Carol, which worked for a second, until people realized that Mitt Romney was not any of these things.
For me, Mittens will forever be the prep school prick who held down the (suspected) gay classmate and forcibly cut his hair. That's the quintessentail Mitt Romney anecdote: Leader of a feral wolf pack of like-minded bullies.
For me, Mittens will forever be the prep school prick who held down the (suspected) gay classmate and forcibly cut his hair. That's the quintessentail Mitt Romney anecdote: Leader of a feral wolf pack of like-minded bullies.
Malcolm, hi.
No. I don't buy this idea that's all his recent talk is only Mitt pandering. There's enough Mitt history out there that indicates he's a shithead all by his lonesome, without the GOP hardline base.

In fact, the thought occurred to me that it's possible his past progressive leanings (progressives are praying are "really" who he is should he win) were more of his pattern of pandering, that time to the citizens of MA. But they got his number pretty fast so after his one term he didn't even bother trying and moved along.

I'm not a praying woman but I'm praying you're wrong and this guy does not win. I think we've had enough of these ultra globalist capitalists to last a ten lifetimes.
BOKO, you have a point. He's running against a bad situation mostly. If the economy hadn't collapsed, he'd be in pretty good shape because Americans overall like him.

But he failed us too. He didn't come out and talk to us during the worst of it, like FDR did. He didn't and still doesn't address the venal attacks on him. He didn't rescue home owners but he rescued the banks. That's how it seems. He extended unemployment. He's tried to get jobs bills passed but since healthcare, there's been an organized rightwing effort to prevent anything even resembling recovery. The right wants this country, this government to tank.

As I said elsewhere Obama can't be all things, do all things. But where I think he missed the mark was his communication skills...he's a great presence but he didn't apply that to the people who are hurting in America. He's been more or less mute in too many respects.

I think this country needs the strong presence he displayed when we elected him but after January four years ago he wasn't that. Even his inauguration was grim. He's not a myth. He wasn't FDR. Obama is who he is. And right now, I think he'll win but it's going to be close.
Mickey, you and me both.
square jaw, tenaciousness, even
a bit of fumbling bumbling weakness when asked questions
from a hostile media?
a tough guy?
a darn guy who can keep his hair under control well into his 60's?

my man.
i dunno about his politics. i hear from the media that
he wants to cut my taxes.
that really is all i give a shit about, my taxes.
damn tobacco tax, here in CT.
do you know how expensive it is to be a smoker?

dont get me going about the liquor tax.
well, i want that stuff corrected.
i stand for mitt!
square jaw, tenaciousness, even
a bit of fumbling bumbling weakness when asked questions
from a hostile media?
a tough guy?
a darn guy who can keep his hair under control well into his 60's?

my man.
i dunno about his politics. i hear from the media that
he wants to cut my taxes.
that really is all i give a shit about, my taxes.
damn tobacco tax, here in CT.
do you know how expensive it is to be a smoker?

dont get me going about the liquor tax.
well, i want that stuff corrected.
i stand for mitt!
Name 3 things that Mitt has done in his political or professional career that you believe President Obama would have done in a way which is more in line with your personal political philosophy (and remember, he was out at Bain Capital in 1999, so whatever shit they've been doing this year doesn't count, even though I'm sure he has some sort of back channel influence with the officers there currently).

What SPECIFICALLY has he ever done which you find distasteful and based on his record, how would the president do that thing in some appreciably better way, because when he was at Bain, the companies that went through bankruptcy and were sold off in chunks netted +100 jobs, and the venture capital prospects netted 100,000. Them's all American jobs, too.

Free state college if you're in the top 50% of your graduating class and a health care plan almost identical to the ACA.

And ya know what, as far as I know, Mitt Romney has never ordered the assassination of an American Citizen, nor the assassination of an American citizen below the age of majority.

Can the president say the same? (, he can't.)
Love your post. Some good writing in there and it made me chuckle. The way you described him was right on. I was wondering whether not I was the only one that noticed how weird he looks when he is listening to a debate partner or some other adversary. The way you describe him looking hypnotically while grinning simperingly is great. Keep the hits coming.
Cool Mitt's got grit. As a Mormon missionary, as a student and as a father and husband he seems to be both forthright and steadfast...As a fourth child he exemplifies that role as the child looking to heal the dysfunction of the family. He is rather an apolitical animal growing up in the tumult of the sixties, both neither identifying strongly with either the hippies and anti-war protesters nor the conservative old guard (he deferred out of the draft multiple times).

And Malcolm XY's got a point - he looks alot more like Obama than McCain, Palin, Ryan or any other Republicans out there. As for Drones- I doubt if Mitt would kill as many as Bam- but I don't think he'd eliminate them...

Does he pander? Of course. Does he look unschooled in foreign affairs? Yes. Does he look like a composite of every American president? Will he win enough swing states to be prez? No.
Obama was unqualified in 2008, and that lack has borne bitter fruit in the last four years.

Can anyone honestly imagine that Romney would have handled Benghazi in the negligent and dishonest way that Obama has. If Obama wins, it will be as a direct result of the media's complicity in a coverup that makes Watergate look like child's play.

The good news is that, as Nixon learned, re-election does not immunize one from ultimately facing the consequences of political malpractice. In this context, voting for Obama is a waste of a vote, just as much as a vote for Ron Paul would be.
James...I hear you and I sympathize but I'm willing to bet serious money no one is going to lower anybody's cigarette tax.

However, if you're concerned about your social security or your healthcare, then you might do a little more research. And that's all I'll say. **
Malcolm: Ledbetter, Healthcare and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. He should have invested MORE imo.

Look...I'm not going to squabble here about who I vote for vs who you vote for.

My concerns about der Mitt, isn't what he stands for. What concerns me primarily is that he's a liar, he doesn't stick with any position, he switches from day to day, sometimes hour to hour. He's a creepy, dishonest, say anything to win guy.

that's it.
Mauricio, thanks! And welcome to my blog.

Marshall....Mitts got grit? I don't know about grit but he has gall, that fucker. Like a used car salesman, he'll lie through his teeth while smiling like a snake while doing it, so "forthright and steadfast" doesn't come close to describing the candidate I've been watching for years.

Gordon, Benghazi my ass. They handled and responded. People died. People are dying there by the thousands ever day. It's a hellhole and we helped to make it a hotter hellhole than it might have been had we not interfered.

What is the point in the relentless meddling in the middle east. Each country has it's own culture, it's own vision and it's our politics, which are entirely different from ours. And the idea that we should, as Mitt and every Republican believes be "influencing" and "telling" and "convincing" and "supporting our interests" when no one knows or what is a friend is an expensive proposition, in revenue and in LIVES.

We need to get the hell out of there and put our resources back into ourselves, our country and our kids. This is Bush Doctrine bullshit.
Gordon, if you believe what you posted, then you're as clueless to me as I am to you and arguing with you would require more energy than it's worth. I frankly don't care that you like Romney. In fact, I feel sorry for you because you do (unless you're ridiculously rich and stand to gain big bucks in which case it would be doubly pointless).

Me? I could never in a million years vote for that lying snake oil salesman although I did consider him seriously because no one and no party OWNS my vote.

But right now I would not vote Republican because as they continue along this election cycle, I've found them incredibly duplicitous, racist, sexist, shitheaded AND utterly useless AND IGNORANT, who show again and again they are eagerly determined to deny me and my granddaughters the privacy to make decisions regarding our bodies and futures, plus being perfectling willing to take this country to the brink of bankruptsy in order to deny this president any success. And that's just for starters.

So good luck to all of us and I hope your guy loses.
I'm voting for Jill Stein. My vote is meaningless.

I'm just sayin' - Romney ain't the monster that everyone is trying to make him out to be, and Obama dropped out of the race for sainthood on like day 2 of his presidency.
Also, the things you listed were what Obama did (and healthcare? really? should have been single-payer if the president would have mobilized and used his impressive speech-giving skills to demonstrate to the nation why that has always been the best choice). What has Romney done (actually done) that you find so horribly offensive.

Dollars to donuts, if you look into any of the things you think make him a monster, you'll find it to be either blown out of proportion in your mind, or completely innocuous.
Malcolm, I'll reiterate: Romney can't be trusted because nothing he says is consistent or honest or anything more than a statement made to increase his likelihood getting your vote.

he wants to be elected so he'll say anything, and by ANYthing I mean anything. He has no scruples. None. Nada.

I have very low standards, btw, particularly when it comes to politicians. I'm well aware they're perfectly willing to say just about anything ....but ....and heres the deal...JUST ABOUT. they draw lines. Romney? no lines.

You want a balanced budget? he'll give you that.
You want healthcare? he'll give you that.
You want the end of Obama care? okeydokey, he'll do that too.
You want no new taxes? Hey hey easy peasy.
You want to raise revenues? Oh sure..he can do that, too.
You want to do away with "entitlements" (and the motherfucker who invented the term "entitlements" to describe programs that keep body and soul together for millions of Americans, including those that are not "giveaways" but are investment payouts, like social security and unemployment insurance not to mention veterans benefits - that motherfucker should rot in hell)? (forgive me I digress) but Romney's answer to those shitwads is okay, goodbye to all the welfare losers.

see what I mean? he's a real shit. I've thought he was a bit of a shit for a while, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and he's proven himself to be a bigger shit than I ever imagined. Ryan too. He's a REALLY scary shit because he's very popular and this is just his first go round.

reconsider. Obama ain't perfect, but his heart is righteous. If you don't agree, well okay. But me? I'd cut off my arm before I'd waste a vote.
Oh...I see now. You mean like the 67% of Obama's campaign promises in 2008 that he hasn't made good on. (there's a site that tracks that stuff now...)

I get it now. I apologize. You believe that pandering is a new phenomenon which Mitt Romney invented and that he is the 1st candidate to make a metric fuck ton of promises that he has no intention of keeping.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize that when I made my previous comments. If I had, I would have abstained from making them.
Also, until people start voting for the candidate who truly embodies their values and stops voting for the lesser of two evils, all you're gonna get is evil.

Voting for the Green Party means that they will get Federal Matching Funds again next election which means they will be able to mobilize sooner and get on all 50 ballots in 2016. Once we get to 2020, who knows?

It's only a wasted vote until people stop believing it to be a wasted vote. We have, at our fingertips, the most powerful communication tool in human history. Sooner or later, someone is gonna figure out a way to use it to break the 2-party oligarchy currently choking our political system and economic futures.

And, seriously, "pure of heart"? He ordered the assassination of a 16 year-old boy who just so happened to be an American Citizen...after he had already ordered the assassination of his father (the only president in American History to openly and notoriously order the assassination of an American Citizen...).

He should be serving a sentence for murder, not occupying the Oval Office (ordering a hit is 1st degree murder and the president doesn't enjoy any special protection from criminal prosecution in the constitution).

If you think that's crazy talk, I'd be happy to discuss the letter signed by 300 constitutional attorneys or professors of constitutional law, including Obama's former mentor who resigned from his administration just before signing the letter, regarding the torture of Bradley Manning and Obama's subversion of the constitution in knowingly allowing it to continue (for months after the letter was received by him, not to mention the months before that where, as a former professor of constitutional law, he damn well knew it already).

Pure of heart...pfft.
I don't smoke pot, but I find the whole thing about drug prohibition interesting.

'member when then candidate Obama said that he would make federal prosecution of cannabis under drug scheduling laws a low priority?

Guess which president, in only 3 years, arrested, prosecuted and jailed more people under those same laws than any other president in history?

Did you guess Barack Obama? If you did, you're right. The former record holder was George W. Bush. Obama was able to shatter the record set by his predecessor in about a third of the time.

"You want to hear about a relaxing of outmoded, racist drug laws? - Obama will tell you he's gonna do it..." about burying your head in the sand.

Obama panders to people who aren't nearly the kinds of assholes that Romney is forced to pander to. Other than that, it's the only difference, as displayed by your inability to pull out anything but rhetoric as your evidence for being so anti-Romney (who again, I have absolutely no intention to vote for, nor support...I just don't like propaganda because it is fucking dangerous.)
Foolish Monkey: you're just amazing! I would like to think that everything you wrote you're done for a simple reason - you don't want to see what Obama did; you don't want to know what Obama is; you live with your eyes shut and your ears clogged; you will sell your soul for Obama no matter what his presidency did to this country. To say that you don't know who Romney is implies that you know who Obama is and I'd like you to educate me in this. Because what I know about Obama is that he never had any REAL job in his life; that the first decree he signed on his first day in the office was to seal ALL his records and to this day we have no idea of who he is and what his past was. You compare the successful businessman to someone who didn't have any experience, has no knowledge of how the business world works, who knows how to spend OUR money and become richer and richer in the process and who, honestly, don't give a damn about you or me.

You complain that Romney lies and changed his opinion. Let me tell you who lies constantly - OBAMA DOES. Do I have to remind you how he and his clones had been lying to us for two weeks in regard to Benghazi when they knew from the first hour what's going on in there? Do I have to remind you that we lost our Ambassador and three of our bravest while our president went to bed without ordering any help to the American fighting for their lives (which were lost)? Do I have to remind you that next day after having his healthy breakfast and giving a 3 minutes speech in regard to previous day happening, he went to fundraising and, I'm sure, had a great time? Did I somehow refreshed your memories?

Romney doesn't have a plan? What about Obama? Or do you believe that that brochure that he's been showing lately has any plan in it - let me tell you that there's no plan - just empty talks with glossy pictures of His Majesty! It's disgusting!

There are people who are professional in delivering their propaganda shticks and trying to brainwash us into believing in something nonexistent, but even them have problems in doing that. You're not one of them and your points are simple unbelievable misinformation.
Malcolm, I like Obama. I like what he's done. I respect him. He's my president and I'm going to vote for him.

Inga, you write: Foolish Monkey: you're just amazing! I would like to think that everything you wrote you're done for a simple reason - you don't want to see what Obama did; you don't want to know what Obama is; you live with your eyes shut and your ears clogged; you will sell your soul for Obama no matter what his presidency did to this country.

Selling my soul? Are you nuts? What does this have to do with my happy little blog about Mitt Romney?

I'd suggest you do a blog of your own where you discuss the great evil that is President Obama. Let it all out. Let down your hair. Maybe you'll feel better.
Malcolm, now you're being obnoxious. knock it off.

my post about mr square jaw block head happens to be MY observations of him. so enough with the swirling whirling spin you're doing... particularly since you're doing it in my friggin blog.

Now shoo! Go write your own. I've about had enough of this relentless drone of yours about obama. I've been trying not to be rude, but you're not trying at all.

So this is it... I'll say no more. Warning: if you persist, I'll dump your comments. I'm getting tired of getting notices that someone commented and then I have to wait FUCKING FOREVER for this page to open, and then it's just you saying the same thing for the seven millionth time. ENOUGH ALREADY.
What's pissing me off Malcolm, is I've answered you . And now I'm going to delete your comments because I said I would. Not all of them. Just the annoying ones. And if you keep posting, I'll keep deleting until I lose power, assuming I am here because it's never easy Malcolm, getting here is nightmarish. But you've succeeding in annoying me sufficiently that this is going to be my mission while I'm visiting today. Deleting your annoying ass comments.
Love the breatouts. Well done, sister. xxoo

i dont know why OS is working tonight, but i am glad it is, cause i might get to get caught up on all the pieces i havent gotten to!

you state it all very well, not surprisingly, monkey. man is ludicrous. and even this close, i cant tell if he cant win, or not. scary.

love and hugs to you.
i dont know why OS is working tonight, but i am glad it is, cause i might get to get caught up on all the pieces i havent gotten to!

you state it all very well, not surprisingly, monkey. man is ludicrous. and even this close, i cant tell if he cant win, or not. scary.

love and hugs to you.