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January 31
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OCTOBER 31, 2012 7:38PM

a sudden hot wind? or only monkey political flapdoodle-ry?

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Well, you can blame old Tom Cordle. 

It all started out innocently enough.  I wrote my silly blog about the even sillier, ridiculous and utterly fraudulent Republican candidate Romney and his over the top cockamaimy campaign.  But it was only after posting my blogpost did I see Tom’s terrific “Snake-Oil Salesman”.  

To be honest, his is a lot more serious than I expected anyone to take mine (my bad on that one).   And meantime, I have been following Tom's because there are a number of interesting directions the comments have taken.  I even commented relatively seriously for me, and this blog is an expansion of a comment I made in Tom’s.  

First off let me say I voted for Obama.  Again.   

It’s true he wasn't exactly what I thought he'd be.  He didn’t turn out to be the Great President Who Could Do It All (with a Smile) nor was he the Great Politician Who Walked into Hell and Singlehandedly Changed Partisan Politics.  

He wasn’t even the First Black President Who Understood The Trials of Workingclass Us nor did he Gently Hold Our Worried Heads as We Collectively Puked in Terror While Our Economic Future Melted Down Around Us (And No He Didn't Sit With Us Every Friday Night Like FDR Did Which I Would Have Liked, Nor Did He  Bother To Remind Us We Will Once Again Live the Dream).  None of that.

Turns out he's a guy who is wanted to and kept a number of his campaign promises; but he is also is a man who learned the big lesson we all do at some point: it's a big fucking world out there and he's just one human, President of the US or not.  He also learned in case he didn't know for sure: 

1) He ain't God

2) America is a raucous country, much akin to a shelter for demented cats who will never be herded

3) and he’s the president of all of it.  

I tend to think, in the last point Obama has proven himself quite remarkable.  It is that one quality which has pissed me off to no end while making me respect him for it so entirely.  He's a  better man than I would be, partisan slut that I am.   He's been determined to be everyone's President, not just for the Democrats or as the First Black President.  He belongs to us all, like it or him or not. 

So me?  I give him props for what he tried to do, even as I often felt like ramming my head into the nearest brick wall in frustration.  I am his “base” and I wasn’t a happy basewoman nearly as often as I’d hope I’d be.  Then again, even I, foolish monkey had to acknowlege that these are times like I’ve never seen in all my 65 years.     

I think about that freezing cold Inauguration Day four years ago, when the great lawn was filled with over a million faces.  Even though the economy was in crazy mad freefall decline, mostly everyone was happy and smiling.  Except the one guy who had just been sworn into office.  

Giving the speech we waited so expectantly to hear, hoping for one poetic, perfect thought or phrase to latch on to - something uplifting and memorable – but it didn’t come. 

When the President was done, the whole moment felt so odd and grave, and judging by the expression on his face as he spoke and the tone of the words,  you had to feel that what he was trying to convey was this: what was coming wasn't going to be all hopey changey happy days are here again right around the corner.

Oh sorry! but did you think even while the market and the economy was flopping around like a great beached whale, that he was going to instantly cure it all, march us out of war, heal the tanking banks, fix the mortgage crisis, run over to china and viet nam and every third world country and grab our jobs back?  

Even with a so called dem majority (and never forget certain democrats are just as conservative as republican conservatives), did you really think they were all going to lay down for the man who also happens to be (dare I say it?) a non white, half white, half african american (which if you’re honest you know really grates on them).

Did you think they were going to let him keep all those lofty campaign promises?  

Shit baby….they didn't even give him his first State of the Union speech without some racist asshat shouting out for all the world to see and hear - calling out "LIAR” in the middle of his speech, to his face, to all our facesin the middle of that historic event . 

Oh no, they did-nt.  (Oh yes they di-id.)

In some areas, he didn’t do what he said he’d do - he didn't end the wars as he promised.  And that makes me wonder what he was told, what he knows that I don't.  Then I fantisize how sweet it would be to be a fly on the wall, because it’s so easy, too easy to say I know how I’d handle it all and conduct these wars, this economy, this social mess we have on our hands. 

Oh how I’d march our troops - in one fell swoop - right the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan and everywhere else.   

But I'm not a fly on the wall.  I can't even begin to fathom what in hell is going on in that part of the world that would keep us there, so I can't begin to say what should be done.    I know what I wish.  Unfortunately, I’m not in the clear about all those other important little details.

It would be wonderful if it were all clean and transparent and the royal national “we” could instantly make anything so.   Maybe next time around in the next life.   

But in this life I can only wonder: what does this President know? And probably I don’t really truly want that knowledge; I don't want to see the faces of the dead or meet with their families.   

I wonder if I might be thinking a lot differently when it comes to how to proceed and strategy and drones and all the other ugliness that is modern war if I were the one responsible for everyone’s well being – everyone's bodies and lives, the people at home and heaven help them the troops over there, not to mention the innocents on any side who die, yes are murdered in aid of these decisions.

I sure as hell know I wouldn’t want to be Ms. Buck Stops Here surveying the human wreckage.   It's an ugly job but someone has to do it and it isn't always a Republican to blame and point fingers at.  Obama inherited a can of worms let loose a long time ago.   

I have month by month, watched my government at work and I’ve observed how differently Barack H. Obama’s presidency has been treated and publicly commented upon and offhandedly regarded.   There are different standards at work here, and we all know it so don't even give me any bullshit guff in that respect. 

The criticism has been far harsher, and far more disrespectfully,  these endless discussions of this man and his specific Office of the Presidency (which seems to always be discussed btw, in a lower case sort of way, like it's illegitimate.).  I guess all those millions of votes didn't count. 

I don’t happen to agree or even comprehend why trying to create a healthcare plan for everyone justifies such vilification and hatred and pictures of watermelon patches and witchdoctors and nazis.  Vehement disagreement I get, but hatred makes no sense.  Unless you look at his skin color.

What I said in Tom’s blog I will say to any fool reading this far:  America feels to me like a great ship slowly sinking into muck and mire of it's own collective hatred and ignorance.  Our dreams seem to begin with "me” and “I”, and revolve around a cynical fantasy of greed, having it all and not wanting to pay for it.  But what’s worse to me is the overt hate for everyone who gets in the way. Or dares to disagree with a point of view. 

We throw around the word "free" but I think we've forgotten or maybe have never understood what freedom means or it's cost. 

Americans appear to me to want to believe that which comprises the real nuts and bolts of our lives are something we’ve inherited, for example, the roads that get paved apparantly because we are entitled to have them paved, not because we’re living in a country with shared responsibility to pay for paving them.  The hint of any discussion that smacks of “ism” is to be eschewed. 

We no longer care for caring, not about equal opportunity or education, or even basic essential needs or even maintaining the bridges we cross.  We don’t believe in government and we don’t believe in people working together to make government anymore.  

And we think we haven't been attacked again on our own soil....does anyone wonder why?  Because we're so nice and we're the "free country" and everybody in the world just loves us? 

So Obama is now the enemy to some liberals because he isn’t the Perfect Left Wing Hero, so fuck him, that fascist!  He's no better than or only a hair different than Mussalini I've heard, so we should all make a statement and turn over our votes to a third party candidate who can’t win.  Lets decorate a maypole too while we're at it.  And PISS on this election, damn it!  

It looks to me like conservatives love these third parties because in the end it’s that little notch of disenfranchisement liberals love to fill in neatly, pressing real hard to make sure they're demonstrating the anger of their dashed dreams.  EVEN in states where every vote counts.  In the end, waiting for a neo Bernie Sanders to win the presidential candidacy is like waiting for Godot.   We become the nails in our own coffin.   I will not speak of Bush v Gore, thank you very much.  

I fear with each success, each election of any moderate candidates, all we're doing is forestalling the inevitable.   I think the handwriting has been on the wall for a decade or two and that we’re sliding sideways but still moving on down the line to fascist hell where we'll all be low paid line workers until we die. 

I'm one smart ass monkey and I know change will never come with the election of one person, one office but each success, each moderate does seem to keep the dogs at bay,  shredding us but not eating too much flesh. 

So my hope is meanwhile, those evil fuckers will go one step too far and they are THISclose, and America will wake out of this blind lethargy - maybe when the 99ers grow up and graduate and actually try to get jobs and get REALLY pissed off and the disenfranchised unions start marching and the ex homeowners who are now homeless and the unemployed who have given up will fucking get off the old ass and we'll make signs and MARCH!

How I'd love to see Americans see clearly again - to once again give a shit about more than what's going on in our individual pocketbooks, and to know in our hearts as in the end, even oblivious Rose of Sharon learned in Grapes of Wrath - we are tethered to and are the lifeblood of one another whether we want it or not. 

Perhaps then we might come back to sanity.   

Or maybe I'm wrong and America is better off a winner take all individual capitalist venture.

Well, if that’s the case, then that's that.   So maybe it's the best ticket yet in this stinking festering global economic world of  the “have a lots” and the “kids climbing to the top of the nearest heap to find garbage to sell”.  

You see, I'm really not in a position to say because as you know I’m a left wing biased, dirt poor fool old monkey with a free blog and too much time on my hands.  




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Sounds like monkey business to me... R&R ;-)
Nice rant. I never thought Obama was anything but a moderate, so I guess he hasn't disappointed me the way he has disappointed progressives. I think he has done well with what he had to work with (against). Can you imagine how much worse things would be right now had McCain won?
Boyohboy when you get serious you do damn good.

On the Being Liberal fb page was posted a picture
made like a lolcats one that was a picture of Romney
and the big block letters say


I expected him to do certain things, but more importantly, whatever he's done, has been done with the middle class in mind. I think that's the difference in philosophy: they think it's from the top down. we believe it's from the middle out... I wish he had been more contentious but maybe in these times..his moderation has been what's kept us from going full bore batshit crazy. I don't know... comment just floated off into the error ethers....

Nerd, apologies. I couldn't continue commenting last night because I kept getting error messages.

My feeling is this election is about as serious as it gets. As Island said, he was never a liberal candidate to begin with and I think we have to consider the monumental mess he walked into from day one. So in my estimation, Obama has accomplished a great deal. Life is still difficult and certainly not perfect but imagine what life would have been during a McCain's presidency. Or worse, a Romney presidency. comment just floated off into the error ethers....

Nerd, apologies. I couldn't continue commenting last night because I kept getting error messages.

My feeling is this election is about as serious as it gets. As Island said, he was never a liberal candidate to begin with and I think we have to consider the monumental mess he walked into from day one. So in my estimation, Obama has accomplished a great deal. Life is still difficult and certainly not perfect but imagine what life would have been during a McCain's presidency. Or worse, a Romney presidency.