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January 31
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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 11:09PM

75% turnout! o'bama bitch!!

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Up at 3:45, had to be in the gym by 5am.   I am the lady who checks you in to get your ballot, then adds the numbers at night.  this election wasn't like the last presidential election - there were no big emotions or tears, much less exuberence.   What was felt was a palpable quiet determination.  No anger, smugness.  No me vs you.  We didn't even get our usual biligerent drunks.  There was a different kind of energy on both sides - the feeling that my guy has to get this so we can save the country.

In CT there weren't lines around the block, but for appx 13 out of 14 hours of voting, what I saw was steady streams of bodies to the door, maybe ten, fifteen back, and it only stopped off and on for maybe an hour total, folks on their way to or back from work, very often entire families standing together.  

I did have favorites....mothers lugging fat babies with ridiculous hats, some pushing two or three in a stroller.  Or dealing with a noisy irritable toddler while trying to think and vote.  There was one adorable fat cheeked baby wearing eye glasses with red red chapped cheeks, his young mom and dad together smiling and caring for him while each took a moment to vote.    

And the beautiful mothers surrounded by daughters, the fathers with sons just that much taller than they.  You could see the children would grow to be much taller than their parents, all those bright eyed beautiful children.  

In one case, a family of three women came in smiling, the two stunning daughters so fresh and boistrous, so happy to be voting for the first time with their mom, taking charge of presenting their licenses, pointing out who was who, showing us on the list that earlier in the morning their dad had come in with another sister and voted and informing us the last family member - a brother would be in after working his double shift. 

I kept hearing:  oh please can you check ......did my son vote? my husband? daughter?  then they'd promise (a certain so and so) would be in later.   They'd tell us  "I'll call and make sure that they remember, get here, wake up..".  

Voting in CT is a family affair, the line stopped for an extra couple of minutes while one woman took the time to show my partner and I the picture of her marine son in his official unsmiling tough marine portrait, his very young stern freckled face, slim and angular...and we all smiled with her, admiring him.  

I told you about the last election, about the cleaning woman, who had worked all night and then waited on line for a hour in the dark to vote, waiting in freezing cold, she and all the others on that long long snaking line, so eager to vote for the first African American President.  She voted, went home, then returned with her daughter voting her first election and came back yet again later in  day with her elderly mother.   Being an African American, she was determined to share this moment with her mother and her daughter.     

She was so happy, she did not sleep that day.

Women and their daughters were here again today...daughters four years older, some just coming of age, some didn't wait for mom to bring them.  They came on their own, some voting for the first time.  There were MANY first time young people and damn! it did my heart good to see them.  

Today I saw serious determination.  And I even saw the relief that this ghastly demoralizing election cycle is finished!  I think we are all - left and right - sick to death of and unnerved by the relentless hate and deceptions.  

Today we cast our votes for the future.  I believe what won was a rejection of a manufactured return to the fake good old days, days that weren't that good or that great for many, maybe most of us.  

And then there's this half of America - for the moment our eggs remain ours!   Ovaries produced by us will not become public domain; self determination AND PRIVACY in private medical and reproductive matters was supported by the majority.  America rejected the idea that women's bodies should be a national point of political jockeying, boistrous intrusion and imposition, ignorance, magic and hoodoo religious ritualism.

I was not surprised to see this as an important woman's election but I was more than a little pleased that the women who turned out seemed to feel it too, whether they articulated it or not.   Women came out in numbers today.  mothers, daughters, grandmothers, friends.... a 95 year old woman, actually two of them accompanied by their daughters, these women of an advanced age were casting their votes for the women, the America of tomorrow.

FACT:  Americans have voted our intent is to continue moving forward, even in these economically perilous times.  We go forward, not backwards, not in a goofy moon walk, not in someone's magic act or as a player in someone else's dipshit sexist theories.  

We have voted that we are equals.  We belong to and OWN ourselves, our bodies and this grand dream of America.  We spent the day today acting on our intent to keep our nation moving forward together.   

 We are a nation of courage!!



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Very inspiring! I am so very pleased, lying awake watching the news. Obama won the popular vote, too, so no one can fight the results. It's done. Democrats beat the Tea Party. A lot of billionaires are out a LOT of money today, with no return on their investment. And my niece & her friends don't have to worry about being turned into baby factories.

Now, I will start to worry about what Pence has planned.

P.S. my phone is doubling my comments. Feel free to delete if that happens here.
@Foolish Monkey
Is'nt it good to know that a little more than half our country is'nt batshit crazy?
@Foolish Monkey
Is'nt it good to know that a little more than half our country is'nt batshit crazy?
What a wonderful post! It took me hours to fall asleep after all the confetti had fluttered to the floor. What we women did was stunning, historic and astounding.

As I've been saying for some time now,the outcome of this election would be determined by women voters and sure enough... you go gurls!! R&R ;-)
I cannot post!! It's driving me nuts!
I collapsed last night after finishing this piece. I was so exhausted, I fell asleep before I could hear the President give his acceptance speech. But I went to bed happy. I think America WON this election nomatter what your political belief.

Barack Obama was not the only target of the extreme right, minorities, the right to vote, not to mention women and children were in their sights this year.

They chose to not just ignore reality but insist that America isn't pluralist. They insisted instead on keeping rich white men happy (and like Phyllis pointed out, taking their money from them by the truckload. hahahaha). Their platform wsn't about educating children or taking care of our seniors and less advantaged, OR LIKE EVERY CIVILIZED COUNTRY - offer HEALTH CARE! They insist we can hand over our country to the market, to the "private sector" and expect them to focus on human beings instead of profits.

And then if there were any doubt, the country was bitchslapped by Sandy, reminded that what it is that government does is to do what no state can do on it's own: take care of us under the worst of circumstances. Big government is there to have our back.
Phyllis, ME TOO!

The democrats have been ramping down the rhetoric, I feel. I'm not talking about election cycle, but about their vision for America. I feel as if it's less about any specific platform anymore. Where the right is about VERY specific, very targeted platforms vocally articulated by wackos and fanatics. Self deportation? Disenfranchisement of voters? Even my extreme Republican partner yesterday was horrified at the reports from Florida yesterday. Conception discussions? CONTRACEPTION and BIRTH CONTROL are STILL being argued? HELLO???? what year is this?

we won baby! Now Obama HAS to take the lead. He HAS to reach out and make this work. He didn't the last time...he wasn't nearly as tenacious as he should have been. Maybe this time he won't be so intimidated by the "angry black man" label.

My advice to him: get fucking angry. Our country needs a little energy coming from him!!
Excellent post -- very moving -- and filled with hope. But this is no time to gloat and rest on our laurels -- we should celebrate today -- and get back to work on the mid-terms tomorrow so that we don't have a repeat of 2010.
Anthony Duval, I saw something I didn't expect to see...

The country is coming together in our fear of what the future will bring if we don't start thinking rationally. We ARE all afraid and we ARE in this boat together. This isn't about right or left or vilification.

Romney's platform targeted the Americans most in need and most vulnerable. I felt much of the terminology used was hateful and racist. I believe his primary mistake was to misunderstand the country's feeling about the economic situation and this president's role in it.

We learned we DO care about one another. We care about our children, about education, about daughters and sons having access to birth control and abortion if need be, we care about leaving homosexuals the hell alone and letting them have a life too. And for whatever reason, altruistic or not, we care about the costs of caring for our seniors, for anyone in need of care. We know we HAVE to care for one another, like it or not. Either together, or as individuals. Not many of us can do it alone.

Americans have some understanding of why we're in a slump, we know it's not going to get fixed overnight. There are no promises that can be made in that dept. This hot mess simmered slowly and it's going to cool down just as slowly.

He could have sold himself differently and had he, Romney might have won on his expertise in business and our very limited understanding of what business needs to thrive and how we can get jobs happening back here.

Instead he made it about the president. He made it racist. He created scapegoats. His campaign was not about his vision and anything like that came too late. By then we knew who he was: an opportunist who would say or do anything to be president.

A human being with a heart and a vision for all Americans is a whole lot more positive and reassuring than a rich man determined to give himself the grand title denied his father and another big white house to hang his hat.
Lin, thanks. I was bleary eyed and emotionally wasted when I got home (elections like this are grueling jobs, and even though I put in 16 hours, the monitors put in 2 more than checkers do.) But I knew Obama won. No one had to tell me that although my partner the Republican, thought Romney would win. But he was horrified at the FLorida stories.

There's no room for that anymore I think. And I think Republicans are starting to see their strategy is about the old days. The future is our rich pluralism. Our women. And our children who do not see color. We aren't ready to become a third world country. We want what we want, which is our dream America. A little different in each part of the country but I think essentially the same: we want America to come home from war and spend our resources on fixing up the joint, taking care of our cities and infrastructures, educating the kids and getting ourselves back to work.
and jmac, you were right. us dames had our day. do not fuck with the women, especially because we are the reproductive machines we are and we know it.

so don't be threatening and don't be talking stupid ignorant religious man talk about our bodies. it's just none of any man's business and we all know it. so STFU - beyotch!!!!
Tom you are so right...but the leadership MUST come from our president. He has to make Americans feel him, feel his passion. We've missed that for a good three years. It wasn't until this election that I saw the man I voted for again resurface and show us his passion for our country.

My hope is that now that he is lame duck, he can push for his legacy and I know we will be right behind him. All second term presidents want that, to leave substance behind....

He can't do it alone and neither can we.

During the teaparty debacle, when they were storming town halls, I got emails from the dem leadership and I won't go into details but they were weak and late, often giving me an hour to go to these events to "counter".

And I'd think to myself, "This is strategy? Are they nuts?" I'd also think why am I supposed to put my body on the line when the president isn't saying a word. THat bothered me a lot, how much crap he took.

And so it's been for the last three years. They've given him nothing but lies, stonewalling, racist grief and he's done little to nothing to answer.

This is his time. We've given him the keys. Now we're all waiting...wanting it so badly, we can taste it.