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APRIL 29, 2010 12:32AM

Lost--One Sense of Humor

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It’s been missing lately.

  sad smiley

It didn’t happen when I became a feminist.  I know I used to laugh very hard at Sylvia cartoons and Roseanne.  Monty Python.  SNL.  The Daily Show.  If I were to stalk anyone, it would be Lewis Black.    


It didn’t happen when I got married.  Watching my husband triumph over household hazards has been amusing more often than not.


It didn’t happen when I gave birth.  I was very crabby for a while there, but the epidural took the edge off.


It didn’t happen when I moved to New Orleans. 


Come to Louisiana where cock-fighting is still legal!  Can you  believe the Louisiana Tourist Board isn’t all over this one.   (I think they went with Come to Louisiana--Leave without your kidney.)


It didn’t happen when Katrina hit.  We came back, we hauled out  40,000 rotting refrigerators and left them on the sidewalk with commentary on the outside.  We paraded in blue tarp plastic.  We got a variety of tattoos in interesting places.  We learned to say “Road Home” like it’s a bad thing.


It didn’t happen when I went back to work.  It’s not often that the library staff gets shushed by patrons for laughing too loudly. 


It didn’t happen when I moved to New Orleans.  I used to enjoy the antics of our police, City Council, Mayors, Assessors, Congressmen, Governors, state legislators. And anytime I visit the federal prisons, I can see several of them.  This year the legislature is saving iguanas from bad owners.


Our out-going mayor is a funny guy—just don’t ask about the Shadow Government.  Or missing e-mails.  Or IT contracts.  Or trips to Hawaii.  Garbage.  Crime. Streets.  Crime cameras.  Statuary.  Trumpet players.  Credit Cards.  Cuba.  China.  Australia.  Bloggers.  Maybe you can just ask him about his award . . .  oh, maybe not. 


I just wish I had my old sense of humor back.


By the way, confusing the Tea Party and Teabagging?


It’s only funny the first time. 


a little Sylvia by Nicole Hollander



  makes me laugh Lewis BlackMaybe stalking Lewis Black would be a Bad Idea.



smiley on beach
Have You Seen Me??











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Hopefully your sense of humor will be back soon. Sometimes they go away on extended trips...but they always come back.
There is only one sure way to get it back. This is a super secret Discordian spell *you can google that* that is sure to get rid of the greyfaced dowerness and restore your sense of humor.
Face a mirror. Point at it. Shout "Turkey!" Five times in a row, don't hesitate, don't blink, just do it.
After that, eat an apple, preferably with just a touch of tea or wine and know that Eris has made you perfectly silly again.
It's still there. You just need to wear an oversized derby and walk funny for a few minutes.
It's okay, it happens to all of us, including the humorists. Want to talk about truely sad!! Imagine being PAID to be funny and well, failing?? Do you have to give back the money?

I hope not. I already spent it, on drugs!! :D
I'm on Central Time and it' s past my bedtime--what are you guys doing up even later. Well, Tink has an excuse. He's lookin at porn, to save his own life.
Sometimes my sense of humor storms away and sulks if I don't laugh loudly enough at it.

But it will come home when it gets hungry! After all, it knows where your funny bone is.
Hey Nola, let me know if you've never heard the one about the persistent tapeworm, or "Break's over back on your heads!",or "The world's most wonderful pig!"
One or all will leave you gasping for breath with laughter.
Unless you've heard them.
I garrontee!
Sometimes my blog is funny. No, stick to Aunt Mabel's. Love the last picture. I need it as a refrigerator magnet._r
Actually I think you just pawned it off on us - I'm LMAO. rated for subtlety
Saving iguanas from bad owners? This is very funny! Thanks for the Sylvia cartoon; those always make me laugh.
Two librarians walk into bar....

You comments always make me smile. Particularly when you're being serious. ;)

Hang in there it always comes back.
Take the advice you gave me - crack open a P.G. Wodehouse.

I'd tell you a couple of jokes, but the only ones I know are filthy.
I offer the fact that you just made me laugh for several minutes as proof that you DO still have a sense of humor. Even in the midst of the legendary New Orleans political menagerie.
Thanks. My sense of humor is a DIVA. She requires frequent sacrifices of my dignity and self-respect. If I can't laugh at myself, I'm in deep trouble. It has been known to happen. Thanks, yall. My favorite bit of humor on OS (among dozens of shining examples) is Sheldon the Wonder Horse's "You've just killed a hobo" post. PM any filthy jokes--I love 'em and my husband has told me all he knows.
Saving iguanas from bad owners is really important! I don't think you've lost it...or if you did, you've already found it.
Here's something to think about: imagine you have a pet Andean Condor and when you need him to he'll fly over and poop on people who misbehave. It works for me.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the Andean Condor :)
Penguin jokes do it for me.

A cop is walking down the street and he sees a flatbed truck come around a corner too fast, spilling a bunch of penguins in the street.

"What the hell are you doing," the cop yells at the reckless driver. He gives him a ticket and says "Take those penguins to the zoo!"

The driver gets all the penguins back on the truck, drives off and order is restored. A week later the cop is walking his beat again and sees the same truck, this time driving more slowly, and on the bed of the truck are the same penguins, this time wearing sunglasses.

"I thought I told you to take those penguins to the zoo!" the cop yells.

"I did," the driver says. "Now I'm taking them to the beach."
i think it's still lurking beneath everything else. absolutely LOVE the last image:)
Bellwether--always nice to see you here

Suinez--My condor will poop on your head--this could be a T-shirt.

Thanks for the jokes, Con.

Lemonpulp: That image came from someone's blog. I am sure that there is a real woman who runs the company that makes those things on magnets, cards, etc. It's a good one.

Today I came really close to having a heart attack. I was so freaked by someone's evil little agenda (disguised as ethics), that I felt sick. But I just turned it over and went on with what I needed to do and make apologies to my poor boss. Sometimes she is right and I am a poopyhead. Today was one.
Oh, I would say it's still there. A little suppressed perhaps...I wouldn't know. But if the last image is any barometer, you'll be fine.