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MAY 15, 2010 9:20PM

Extra Normal Expose--Not Good At All

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Can't figure out how to make a hot link or embed or anything.  And I am so sick of trying to make them say "Where You Make the Headlines"

 Copy the link and paste it on your address line and you will be punished!   Very punished!

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Dang! I was very very punished, just like you said. For 3 minutes and 18 seconds. And then for 3 minutes and 18 seconds more, to make sure I got it right. Well, that explains Mary Lin, anyway.

Good job.
You did so well with the sound effects and the movement!
I loved that you added in shut up - shut down. classic.
If you create a you tube account you can easily upload it there and then it is available to embed to OS.
I think I got banned from Youtube for the first draft of this video! Thanks Amanda G and Henry R.
That is the strangest thing I've ever seen...but I couldn't look away.
The gay green hornet spamaniac vs. the buff and butch Palin disciplette (I almost used her to do the 'poem')!
A great job with the animations, sound effects, dialogue.. everything NOLA. It's so cool to see people doing these things.

Now off to watch listen again. Cool!
Addicting, isn't it? But now I know where spam comes from!
Trig--Thanks! I worked on one--lost it somehow. This is the fourth draft and I just had to put it up. I see Harry's Ghost is refining his products. I don't think I'll ever make another movie. This was my Citizen Kane.
It is now 7:40 pst..I have spent 23 minutes on this site.
I need an assistant now..
Good work adn reated with hugs..:)
It's after three a.m., I just spent 6 hrs. recording songs on MySpace Karaoke after all afternoon trying to learn how to upload video from my Blackberry, and failing.
I am not, no matter how tempting, going to play there tonight! Maybe tomorrow.
The 47th century Mentat (Bootsy) that I channel just told me two things!
First, that Republicans and Democrats still exist then, but go by their true spiritual names of "Morlocks" and "Eloi".
Second, an open call for everyone to share a movielet is in your future!
Ha! The Internets was supposed to enhance our lives and all it did was turn us into a different kind of junkie. Sad. So sad.
Brilliant! I am mad about you, we have all gone truly insane. It's funny with the red and black outfit looking so much like the little girls, I kept expecting The Single Ladies to play and Ms. Dom to dance. Of course the little girls didn't have garters with skulls on them. Hilarious dialogue. Thanks for inviting me.
The Internet --- Enslaving Humanity one brain cell at a time!!!


Oh, Tink! You are my biggest fan! With Linda S, Lunchlady 2, Blue Hour, Fred Hallman, and Michael Rodgers. Did you all miss the OS initiation??? Broccoli Man is so helpful. But he wouldn't show me how to make a hot link. Well, he offered to SHOW me a hot link, but I didn't want to go under the stairs. Wanders off in the rain--big storm here.