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JUNE 18, 2011 8:04PM

He's not a myth, he's my father

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1)       When he was a baby, his mother called him Rastus.

2)       He was interested in hydroponics in the 1940s and grew pair of cottonwoods that started in water.

3)       According to my mother, he didn’t do very well in the Army.  Something about Chain of Command.

4)      He fell in love with my mother when he first saw her.

5)      He thought of her as a “phantom of delight.”

     6 )  He played piano.  He just didn’t’ play for a long, long time.  And then he stopped again.


7)      He is fascinated by i-pads. 

8)      He eats a lot of spinach out of the can.

9)      He spent years doing family history in the early 1970s.  We’re related to a lot of people.

10)   He was the leader on a locally famous Boy Scout camp-out, which featured camping in the snow.

11)   When he was small, his teacher got fed up with him—she kicked him into a higher grade.

12)   He made my mother furious at least three times a week for 64 years.

13)   When he was in college, he studied while eating chocolate covered peanuts and drinking coffee.

14)    People adore him.

15)   Women spoil him rotten with candy and cake.

16)   He was a Phi Beta Kappa. 

17)   My mother  told me  that she heard him curse only  once—when they were driving on the highway and an ambulance passed them and honked at him (for not stopping?). 

18)   He taught  Sunday  School—well, he and the kids debated God’s character on Sunday mornings. 

19)   He hates hearing aids.

20)   When he and my mother went to the Montreal World’s Fair, he was able to speak French.

21)   He cannot sing.

22)   When he turned 45, he finally got the glasses that he had been avoiding for nearly 20 years.

23)   He was happy to pay for my sister’s house to be painted, but won’t pay for the crumpled fender  on her car that he made with his car or the broken lens on his own car.

24)   He occasionally watches tv.

25)   He is just as happy to watch tv with the sound off.

26)   He loves chocolate pie.

27)   Vitalis.

28)   He is generous—with money—with time—with patience.


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Short and sweet yet I came away with a wonderful picture of your father.
Magical. I feel lightness having read this. Thank you.
i bet he is adorable, hug him extra good.
Thanks for coming by. He is an amazing man who doesn't know it. As an adult, I have met so many people who feel lucky to have known him. What a legacy.
Rastus sounds like he was quite a character! Vitalis! And my dad watches TV with the sound off too -- what's with that??