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OCTOBER 1, 2011 9:52PM

Too Old for Apple?

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 I am a fallen woman.  I was able to buy an ipad-2 this summer and it has been my constant companion.  I sleep with it.  I downloaded 40+ Georgette Heyer kindle books during their sale in August and have been reading them ever since.  I think I need a 12-step program.  I. A.   

This was written before the Georgette Heyer kindle sale, in June. 

 eve tree

I'm sympathetic.  Apparently the garden of eden had wifi.

Apple has been around most of my life.  Not all of my life.

The odd little boxes were beginning to be used by schools and the odd teacher when I was in college.

"What can it do?" I would ask, politely.

"Not much, but it's wonderful," would be the answer.

Last month,  I replaced my Razr with an i-phone.  

To date:

I have placed several calls on it.

I made a favorites list.  Verizon transfers the contacts from phone to phone for me, which is why I have phone numbers for people I don't remember knowing.

I watched several Youtube videos of pandas sneezing.

I attempted to log in as an i-Tunes person, but was defeated byy apparent inability to type my user ID and password correctly.

I used the compass to find my way around my office.

I took a photo of my office.

I asked the Audubon Zoo program staff to come down to the Children's Room to see my "Bead Gator" which is how I collect Mardi Gras beads to re-cycle.  I had forgotten to do this the last time they came, and had regretted it sincerely for a year.  

They brought down the live baby gator and put it in the gator's mouth and the only camera we had handy was my I-phone.  I did not take the pictures.  I cannot figure out how to share the pictures, but I enjoy showing them to people on my i-phone.

I took a photo of my black long-haired cat, Gloomy Midnight, on the phone and made it my wallpaper.

I listened to some voice-mail.

I have re-charged it twice.  

I set my ringtone. 

My father, a generous man, recently gave me money to buy an I-pad.  

Yesterday I bought the i-pad.   Does this thing make phone calls?

"What does it do?" my teenage son asked.

"Not much," I answered.  


There's some old cliche about the poor workman blames his tools. . .








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You made me laugh and nod my head in agreement :)
I still don't know what an iPad is, so there you go. When you figure out all the stuff, we need to see pictures of the live baby gator in the Bead Gator's mouth as well as Gloomy Midnight. Thank you for the tip on youtubes of pandas sneezing, I really enjoyed the one with a 33 second sneezing fit. Who knew?
Free New Yorker application for iPad/phone. FREE to subscribers.

To feed your addiction.

Apple = garden of Eden vs Apple = Newton's revelation.

Historically, it was based on Newton's mental shift. Apple fall toward the earth/earth shift to the apple/of a combo.

I dunno when people get too old for something. When I think it happens, it tends to unhappen.
Kinda botched it.

The Newton thing is more of a metaphor of a paradigm shift. Watching an apple fall to earth doesn't generally stimulate much more than a thought to pick up the apple an eat it.
Funny! It is worth the fight to get into it all. I-pad is unreal.
Have you got a postal address ?
There's this book I'd love to send ;-)
Thanks, you all for dropping by. I will someday add in the photos. I have some of the worst home videos ever taken on that i-pad 2.