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norman kelley
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Norman Kelley is an independent journalist, author, and former segment radio producer at WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio. He has written for Society, L A Weekly, The Brooklyn Rail, The Village Voice, The Nation, New York Press, Newsday,, The Black Star News, New Politics, Black Renaissance/Noir, and The Bedford Stuyvesant Current. He is also the author of the "noir soul"/ mystery series that features "Nina Halligan" in Black Heat (Amistad), The Big Mango (Akashic Books), and A Phat Death (2003). Norman Kelley was also a contributing writer to Brooklyn Noir (Akashic Books, 2004) and DC Noir (Akashic Books, 2006) and Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs at the Turn of the Millennium (Random House 2000). He edited and contributed to R&B (Rhythm and Business): The Political Economy of Black Music (Akashic Books, 2005; 2002).

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OCTOBER 31, 2011 9:30PM

Live From Niggerhead! Pussy-whipped Journalism

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What can be said of American political culture, of current American journalism, when reporters are so politically correct that they can’t even use the title of the camp that Gov. Rick Perry’s family owned in legitimate news reports?

Rachel Maddow, while speaking to the ever lovely comedic bomb-throwing  Sarah Silverman,  recently showed a clip in which reporters danced around the word: “Niggerhead.”  If Herman Cain – as did Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson in ’84 -- got pissed off and said “Kike Town,” would the media be so circumspect?

Everyone, supposedly seasoned journalists, are getting their undies twisted and lodged in the proverbial crack of unreality because the use of the word nigger is now considered so corrosive that it is verboten  from even legitimate news reporting.

So, now the anodyne N-word is used. That's like using the term  fornication to replace fuck: it just doesn't have the same thrusting implication.

Granted, if you  applied this now verboten term to a man or woman of African persuasion, you probably deserve a beat-down or read the riot act. But American journalism has become so pussy-whipped that it can’t –won’t!—even use the term accurately to tell the story of casual, down- home racism of good ol’ boy Perry.

However, the disappearance of the Perry family's  camp having this odious word as its leisure standard has allowed the Man from Niggerhead to have the temerity to question President Obama’s birth and school records.

Wow, a Texas cracker pot implying something ugly about the .5 African-American kettle.

Remember when Perry said it was okay to get underneath the president’s skin,  "to poke" at him?

Wouldn’t you just love having some annoying, smart alecky  Jew bastard reporter  saying, “Yeah, like Niggerhead  was a genius piece of marketing, right?"

Oh, yeah, Sarah Silverman, America’s provocateur Jewess, is actually doing that live from Niggerhead, Texas. Calling out that cracker mofo...

The problem with this type of political correctness is that it impinges upon the public record. Reporters are now too scared to use the word Niggerhead in actually reporting lest they themselves are branded as racist or insensitive, with conservatives being the first ones clubbing them and liberals with it. Meanwhile the Man from Niggerhead gets to walk away free and clear, cheaply casting aspersions on Obama as a sop to the more rabid of his party’s base.

Once again, leave it to the irreverent fierceness of the comedic class to  pull away the skin of the politicos, yet also exposing how utterly dickless the lame stream media really is.

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You're lucky (OK...maybe not in anything else, statistically, but...), you have the epidermal pedigree to use that word whenever you feel the need and, unless you're doing a 5-hour Eazy-E impersonation at work or something, you cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.

Around peopleI don't know, I won't even say the title of the book. If there's music playing and wu-tang comes on, I just leave for fear of uncontrollably mouthing the words.

You can't even use niggardly anymore, for christ's sake, and it's not even a relative of the the big N...just a homonym. That word is fucking radioactive and anyone that uses it will learn real quickly why it was a mistake. I'd take my chances wearing a shirt that had "CUNT" written in big, bold letters to work before I'd risk saying that word or anything remotely sounding like it at that same job. The former is a stupid fashion choice for work, obviously, but it is only most likely to get you fired. Droppin' that word just once - that definitely will.

Most journalists are pussies for plenty of other reasons. I say give 'em a pass on this one.
Kudos for the Jackson reference, though. God, I love that sketch when Murphy lambasted him on SNL.
Pussy-Whipped, eh? Jew Bastard, eh? The media is "dickless", eh?
In this post you come across like one of those disturbed kids obsessed with genitals, constantly playing with themselves. As a reader am I supposed to imagine you have a dick, just because you say the name of Perry's ranch? Meanwhile you sit there in your own private ranch, which is probably called dick head. At your ranch I'm thinking you hold sexist, anti-Semitic, circle jerk parties with all your Dick Toting cronies. The ones who nigga-it-up. Perry isn't getting away with anything when the media decides to tread lightly around the word you seemingly demand they say, but I bet you get away with this kind of misogynistic, macho clap-trap all the time.
I realize I'm in the minority, but I don't see 'nigger' as merely a racist word so much as it is about decency, attitude and character. As the lyric in one of my songs goes "Niggers come in colors, but most of them are white". Rick Perry is a not so shining example of a white nigger.
Nigger is a derogatory word no matter how you want to rationalize it. Malcolm X and MLK never used it. Those of you White boys who think its okay to use it, well I suggest you come down to my neighborhood and see how many times you will get to say it after the first time.
Yah know, I agree with Charlie re the macho references. As I was reading your post, I was being offended by the denigration (oh-oh, bad word in the middle of that word) of women thru using 'pussy' as baaaad and 'dick' as goooood. And 'fuck' as denigration too. It's so much a part of the vocabulary that people hardly notice it...well, some female people tend to.

But I agree with you on the unseemly spectacle of niggerhead-Perry chuckling about poking Obama with the birth certificate crap.
MSM is trash, lets face it. talking about n------ is the least of its problems. its whitewashed BS "of, by, and for the 1%"
You can get away with any kind of language, friend. So, I commend for writing in this light. It IS, for differing reasons, offensive. That's what opinion is, offensive.

They hypocrisy with which we swerve at any racial sign is counter-productive. Everyone has differences. Holding them in, though, only compounds the problem.

Great post.

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