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norman kelley
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Norman Kelley is an independent journalist, author, and former segment radio producer at WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio. He has written for Society, L A Weekly, The Brooklyn Rail, The Village Voice, The Nation, New York Press, Newsday,, The Black Star News, New Politics, Black Renaissance/Noir, and The Bedford Stuyvesant Current. He is also the author of the "noir soul"/ mystery series that features "Nina Halligan" in Black Heat (Amistad), The Big Mango (Akashic Books), and A Phat Death (2003). Norman Kelley was also a contributing writer to Brooklyn Noir (Akashic Books, 2004) and DC Noir (Akashic Books, 2006) and Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs at the Turn of the Millennium (Random House 2000). He edited and contributed to R&B (Rhythm and Business): The Political Economy of Black Music (Akashic Books, 2005; 2002).

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The recent Pentagon shooting will not be labelled as a terrorist attack on the government, just as the plane crash into an IRS building wasn't seen as such.

People like John Patrick Bedell aren't terrorist; they're just worked up Big Government extremism.

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Nothing may better show the need for a comprehensive draft rather than depending on an all volunteer force than Justine Sharrock’s Mother Jones reporting on a cluster of “patriots,” who are serving or have served in the military but are contemplating resistance to the government: inRead full post »


The Paper of Record has some interesting insights regarding the Obama administration's media agenda:

 After a year in office, Mr. Obama has managed to do what every modern president may have wanted to do but never did: effectively shut out the reporters who work just a few feet from theRead full post »


Watching President Obama speaking at the GOP’s retreat in Baltimore underscored why it is important for the US Congress to institute a practice of the British Parliament: Prime Minister’s Questions, a process by which members of Parliament can ask the Prime Minister or members of h… Read full post »

Watch the POTUS deliver a year's worth of American can-do:


If you want to see the South American left act like cynical GOPers, that is, scoring cheap political shots over any issue under the Obama administration, read how Hugo Chavez and his ilk are accusing the US of occupying Haiti.

Despite Chavez's populist rhetoric, he's basically a caudillo who's done a… Read full post »

Read this assessment of Obama first year as POTUS  by Michael Lind, who nails it with a seldom mentioned nugget of the 2008 campaign: Obama  "received more Wall Street money than his Republican rival John McCain and his rivals for the Democratic primary nomination." &nbs… Read full post »

As reported by the NY Times regarding Harry Reid's shocking revelation about Barack Obama:

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, apologized on Saturday for once predicting that Barack Obama could become the country’s first black president because he was “light-skinned”Read full post »

JANUARY 5, 2010 10:51AM

Tom Shales and the CIA Ghost Warriors

While upbraiding Brit Hume's religious advice to the newly negroid Tiger Woods, Tom Shales had this to say:

In "North by Northwest," cold and heartless bureaucrats in Washington realize they may have inadvertently sent a frivolous but innocent advertising man to his death, and one of them says, "It'Read full post »

I 'm behind in my militarese, but please take a look at the context of this phrase, "consensual activity." If you're a woman, it's always your schtupping fault! Read full post »

 Charles M. Blow, a NYT columnist, has aptly summed up the age of Obama thus far:

The hard truth is that Obama needs white voters more than he needs black ones.

According to my analysis, even if every black person in America had stayed home on Election Day, Obama would stillRead full post »

From the Washington Post regarding the White House jobs summit:

"What's a bit ironic to me is they were able to figure out how to help the big banks without any summit, but now that they are talking about helping people, it is a year later and they need a summit,"… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2009 11:40AM

Why Obama Doesn't Totally Feel Your Anger

I suspect that Obama, even if he does get a healthcare reform bill, may be a one trick pony come 2012. He, like most members of today's Democratic Party, can't and won't use the best of American populism to protect the interest of the public.

As Michael Lind put it:… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2009 11:07AM

Now that Nixonian Sexist is Playing Golf!

Remember weeks ago when Obama was getting slammed for being  Nixonian because he and the White House posse got tired of Fox posing as a legitimate newscaster, and then he was raked over the coals by the press for playing basketball with the boys and not inviting any girls? He's really… Read full post »

It has been very interesting reviewing the reactions of some who oppose Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s decision to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the master mind of the 2001 WTC terrorist attack, in a federal court in NYC, the scene of the attack.

For Example, this was Sen. Lindsey GrahamRead full post »

Here's an ace  indictment of John McCain's role in selecting Sarah P. It's by Andrew Sullivan: "No one who put this person near the nuclear button should have a future in public life."

File under: "How conservatives  really practice personal responsibility." Read full post »

NOVEMBER 16, 2009 11:11AM

Pat Robertson, American Jihadist

Why is it that Islam can be denounced as a"violent  political system" by Pat Robertson, yet no one bats an eye when he called for the assassination of a democratically elected but troublesome adversary of the US?

And this man is a Christian? A follower of the proclaimed prince of peace?… Read full post »

What's the use of having 14 million names if the government doesn't use it?

The Huffington Post has reported that a donnybrook occured in its news room over a "charticle." Will Howard Kurtz covered that as part of the celebrity media fluff that is supposedly media journalism in the Washington Post?

Big government . . . government takeover . . . the loss of liberty and freedom at the hands of an ever- expanding government: these are among the recurring themes from those who oppose nearly any policy launched by the Obama administration.

These signature themes are often pushed by TV and… Read full post »

OCTOBER 10, 2009 11:16AM

Why the Chattering Class Loves Obama

More people will no doubt be chattering about Obama's  Nobel award than understanding that their government is owned by the banksters. See this peice by Glenn Greenwald. Read full post »

OCTOBER 10, 2009 10:55AM

Why Obama But Not Gandhi?

I still think that is even more bizarre than Barack Obama wins a Nobel but not Gandi, a man who led a nonviolent revolution was troubled when India was split into one nation for Hindus and another for Muslims.

This award is, at the very least, bizarre. After all, Obama has been spending the last few days in war council trying to figure out what to do in Afghanistan. I guess he's getting it for setting a "new tone" in international diplomacy.

Greenwald's  take is: "That's what makes thisRead full post »

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