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Skunk Killa

Skunk Killa
Portland, Oregon,
October 16
I have no ambitions nor desires. To be a poet is not my ambition, it’s simply my way of being alone - Fernando Pessoa


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JANUARY 16, 2012 10:28AM


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There are no plantations in Oregon

none in this whole region


That history doesn’t resonate for us

for those living here just in the present


I met Amy while working in 

Charleston South Carolina


She was a black student

washing our laboratory dishes


When she told me her last name

I told her of a plantation by our place


She said she got her last name there

Middleton Plantation isn’t just in the past


There are no plantations in Oregon

but I still live present past and future




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belief/religion, poetry, mlk

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Perfect for today. Enjoyed and appreciated.
Thanks Rita, sometimes if I think enough, these thoughts on paper become almost coherent. And if these thoughts are truly coherent, they should bind us all (or at least those listening).