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Skunk Killa
Portland, Oregon,
October 16
I have no ambitions nor desires. To be a poet is not my ambition, it’s simply my way of being alone - Fernando Pessoa


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JANUARY 27, 2012 7:21PM

Joseph Oregon

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I dreamt I was back
in my hometown
awake at five am

The streets were deserted
so I walked down the middle of mainstreet
thinking I would stop when a car approached

I walked past my old elementary school
past Dummer’s drugstore
past the dark post office

No cars came
my own Chief Joseph Days parade
minus the crowd and candy to toss to kids

At town edge finally a big purple dinosaur truck
with my childhood friend at the wheel
with a bemused smile and a simple wave

It is dreams like this you can make come true
but only if willing to walk down
the middle of the street at five am

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poetry, family, belief/religion

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Yes the early deserted hours have a magic that seem true.