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October 16
I have no ambitions nor desires. To be a poet is not my ambition, it’s simply my way of being alone - Fernando Pessoa


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MAY 5, 2012 10:58PM

Love is not the Sum of its Parts

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If only love

was the sum 

of its parts

I might know it


For I have spent 

a lifetime

in the study 

of its components


Under scope

the big picture is lost

out goes perspective

when in comes focus


Behold the brain

where only the soul can sit

held in hand or when sliced

dreams are not found


Behold the pituitary

excised from sheep and cows

reformed in a tube

this mimicry does not flatter


Behold the sperm and egg

viewed under glass

neither have set directions

as I inject him into her


Even behavior can be 

recorded and shaped

rewards have their own

ability to overcome extinction


If only love 

was the sum 

of its parts

I might know it

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poetry, belief/religion

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Well done, Nusser.
Perhaps my favorite of all of your poems, Nusser. Since we have hijacked natural selection and decided that love, along with all other thought, is essentially sodium and potassium exchanging across a membrane, you would think we could figure this out. I'm glad we can't. I need there to be a little more mystery to everything you have addressed.