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JULY 2, 2011 6:54PM

Lets get drunk and abuse animals.

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Last night I was watching TV.  I wasn't paying too close attention to what was going on until a commercial came on. It featured a man wearing a snakeskin jacket while going places where such attire would be deemed inappropriate, a board meeting, the golf course and so on. But then the commercial took a rather dark turn when the man boarded an old ship. On this ship was a group of people drinking Heineken Light beer and placing wagers and in the center of the crowd was a pit with two cobras. Clearly the man was attending and betting on an illegal snake fight.

I was shocked, is this really the message Heineken Light wanted to make? Lets get drunk and bet on the cruelty to animals? I decided to look up the video on youtube to make sure I hadn't been mistaken in what I saw. I was right, clearly the people in the video were betting on snake fighting, the message was loud and clear.

I decided to express my outrage over this ad by leaving a comment on the youtube page and I got a response from the company who had produced the commercial, "lighten up...they're fake snakes." I couldn't believe this cavalier attitude towards the promotion of animal cruelty especially in light of the recent case involving football star Michael Vick.

I contacted Heineken and expressed my disgust with their choice of subject matter to promote thier product. Not being a beer drinker I can't actually boycott their product but I do encourage others to follow suit and let them know that this commercial violates all standards of good taste and decency and demand that not only is it pulled from the air but an apology be made to anyone with scruples.

And thus ends my rant. If you are interested in seeing the commercial I have provided a link at the bottom of the page, as I couldn't get the HTML to work. Trust me, you might be just as shocked as I was.

And if you wish to contact Heineken's advertising executive directly here is is e-mail address.

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I saw this commercial the other day when i was surfing youtube.
I could not believe it.
OK, I emailed him. Let's see what that gets us...

Treating these kind of activities with humor just serves to make them more socially acceptable over time. So it's not OK, and we shouldn't "just lighten up".
i only wish it wuzznt so, sir.
snakes are the least respected of god's creatures these days,
which is why
for their infringement on my space
i only cut them in half,

which is a favor to them
cuz they grow back.


I could not agree with you more on your take.
Fake or not, the message is clear:
Place a wager on your chosen snake
While guzzling down some Heineken beer!

What's next? Vodka commercials depicting a group of drunks kicking a frightened puppy around the room?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
I agree disgusting and someones very stupid idea that I hope costs this company a lot of money to make amends for.
And at the end of all the alcohol commercials is the disclaimer, "Drink Responsibly." I suppose the suits at Heineken think attending a snake fight is a form of "responsible" drinking.
The whole thing is irresponsible and crude. The American version of Heinekin is skunky, anyway.
I don't want to see the commercial and I don't drink Heineken but for a company that presumably can afford the best in advertising, it doesn't sound like they're getting their money's worth. I wonder what the connection is supposed to be between beer and a snake fight.
Ugh. I sent this email:

"That has to be the most unappealing, tasteless commercial I've ever seen. It celebrates cruelty, and the snake pit evokes the tragic and sordid arenas of dog and cock fights. I happen to like snakes, but have you considered that there are a large number of people with snake phobias who will simply cringe a the sight of this commercial? You have some big negatives here--people who care about animals will be appalled, and people who fear snakes will experience nightmarish flashbacks to the commercial when they see your beer on the store shelf. If you are trying to appeal to young males, you should consult some psychologists. Fear of snakes is just as prevalent in the young, macho customers you are targetting to as in the general population. You are making your product viscerally repugnant for both types of customers. I like beer, but I will pass up Heineken in the future on the grounds that you encourage animal cruelty. "
Unbelievable clutter in ads -- most non-memorable "vanilla" messages.

New commercial about a commodity product.


Brand recall from a non-beer-drinker. And word-of-mouth advertising as well!

I say, "mission accomplished" and kudos to the advertising firm.
I get along with animals fine but I wonder how much attention the ad would have gotten without the obvious appeal to cruelty.
Wow, wtf was heineken thinking.
This this is going to be a huge embarrasement to heineken.
Whos incredibly stupid idea was this.
Next commercial, shows him hangin with his budds as they club baby harp seals to death, wearing a seal skin coat, standing in a pool of baby pup seal blood, hey but hes edgey.
Hope these morons are typing up their resumes this weekend.
What a bunch of idiots.
Ya they got name recognition, but they got the same name type of brand name recognition as recognition as Enron, ans Berny Madoff, and the Exxon Valedez.
Ex heineken drinker now.
I thought this was an eye-catching title/play on words and that you'd gone back to your excellent reporting on your trip to London. Instead, I find something very different and while cruelty to animals is something I take VERY seriously, what you've written here gives me cause for joy - because I love when people feel as I do - especially about non-"cuddly" critter like snakes. Bravo, ocular, for this passionate post, and for following your convictions!