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JANUARY 8, 2009 11:11PM

Our Nightly Disagreement

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My wife of 25 years and I tend to sit together in our family room and watch the local news together almost every weeknight, no matter where we might have spent the hours after work.

I live in a town of just about 100,000 people. There are  two local television stations, ABC and NBC affiliates, and I have developed the annoying (at least to my wife) habit of yelling back at the TV news readers - I can't use the word reporter with a straight face - when they mispronounce words in common usage or streets or landmarks that anyone living here more than six months ought to know how to say.  I don't know whether the problem is the readers themselves or whomever writes the copy that goes on the teleprompter.

I am good for at least one outburst per night. I don't know whether this raises or lowers my blood pressure but it sure feels good to yell at the HDTV.

But what really makes her nuts, because it makes me nuts, is the promo every night at the start of the newscast: there is always a story coming about the puppies, or THE puppy, or the cat or cats.  

I turn to my wife and scream, Puppies! Is this news?  Which prompts her to get up off the couch, give me her trademarked dirty look and take the dog out. 

I would like to thing that triteness is typical of the Southeast, not my native region, but I've seen the same kind of reporting about animals in other cities around the country.  Is this news? 

But it draws in the viewers, including the two of us, doesn't it? 





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puppies is always news....
They sure am....
Without 'em what would she and I argue about?
Yep, kids, pets, sex and blood sell newspapers/news. Always have, always will. I admire your yelling tho -- I do it myself frequently.
Hee. This reminds me of when I lived with my favorite roommate - every Sunday, after watching X-Files, we would watch the local news ... and throw things at the TV when they said something asinine. (We ran out of things to throw before they ran out of stupid.)
guess I am not so unique in my reactions to the news.
I will show these comments to my wife at breakfast to show her I am part of a movement.,
Here in DFW we have a news reader that has been one of the "co-anchors" the 6:00 p.m. news for way too long. He's just plain stupid. I can't watch him. I yell at his stupidity. I really don't want to yell at the TV, so I choose not to watch. Actually, not watching the local news (except for my favorite weather person) has had a positive impact on my life.
No matter who it is, we watch.
Maybe I should listen to my daughter's advice and switch over to Jon Stewart,