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August 26
Chief Financial Officer (until they cut my balls off in June)
I am a full-time accountant and part-time potter. I was just invited to leave my job of over 19 years. I carry no bitterness to my old employer and the main feeling I have is relief. In some respects, these guys may have done me a favor.


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MAY 3, 2009 9:22PM

Follow-up to Two Truths, One Lie

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In response to my post last night:e


The first three of the four issues of EROS that were published in 1962 list my mother as chief bookkeeper. When the Government began bringing obscenity charges against the publisher, my mother got herself out of there .


'In 1977 I lived in Queens and received two job offers when I finished my MBA: $15,000 from Izod-Lacoste, a division of General Mills in the garment center in Manhattan and $17,000 from Amerada Hess in Edison NJ... I worked at Izod for eight years. 


(I hope my 1982 girlfriend  (who is now my wife) does not read OS).


Im 1982 my mother died when I was on my third annual trip to Minneapolis and the CFO did send someone to buy a card. Fortunately a girl in the tax department, with whom I shared some intimacy in an earlier trip, was aware of my religion and tipped off the woman who was given the job of buying a card for me.  It did keep Mary out of an embarassing situation because she had no idea of my background.




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Great follow up. I think I got this wrong but it was fascinating none the less! Rated.
So, I've just returned after reading my response to see that I was right. I think? Although, now I'm not sure. You say that your mother left Eros after three of four issues were published, which makes this the lie because she didn't complete a full year. However, you also say that embarrassment was avoided with the condolence card so in fact, you did not receive the card late because of a mistake. Am I missing something here or are both of these half-truths? Now, I'm just plain curious, because the only "truth" I can decipher is that you took a job for less money in order to live in Manhattan.
BTW: why are you afraid for your wife to learn this after so many years......? Just wondering.

I think I needed to be more precise and a little less "cute". My mother worked for EROS until the Feds brought the obscenity charges against the publisher. She worked there when they first opened and left after the third issue went to press, over a year but she was not there when the fourth and final issue was published. In the book trade, copies of the full set of Eros, all four issues, are more valuable than the individual issues. Unfortunately all I own are the first and third issues although my sister insists I have the seconds somewhere in the attic.

The issue with the condolence card came to my attention when I returned to work after sitting shiva and got a call from Minneapolis about how VSD, the girl I went out with, told Mary Larsson that I was Jewish and her not to buy what she expected Mary to buy.

Sorry for the imprecision if it mislead you..

As for the bit about my wife, although we were dating and not married at the time, I should not have included the fact that I had gone out with VSD, even though I would not have been violating any vows or promises at the time.

I will get the hang of this sooner or later.