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DECEMBER 23, 2011 9:00PM

New Year Resolute

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I'm skipping right on to the New Year. I'm going to write out some things I'd like to see, and then check back next year, well, you know, maybe, and see what's going on with that.

 1. Let's see. I'd like a full time job with benefits. But, what I'd really like is the ability to take care of the Kid and myself until that happens. Nine adjunct jobs is a few jobs too many. Although I can sure as hell answer that interview question about time management without blinking ... I want to be able to teach. I love it, and I'm very, very good at it.

 2. Also. I'd like to move to place where I am happier to live. Right now, I'm thinking Portland. But, what I'd really like is the ability to move bravely forward, at peace with my physical location, knowing that my physical location is directly influenced by my own outlook. Well, there are a lot of asshats here, and the racism, gah! but still ...

 3. Then. I'd like to find someone to share things with. Pardon the crappy grammar. Well, what I'd really like is the ability to be at peace with myself and find acceptance with myself, so that people like hanging out with me, and so that I like hanging out with them more often, without getting annoyed with us both.  You know what I'm saying? 

 4. And! I'd like to be healthier, but what I'd really like is to find the patience to slog it through, even when it's boring. Also, some creativity to overcome the boredom of attempting to be healthier would be good. 

5. Plus--I'd like the Kid to be happy as much as possible. Well. There's no need to supplement that. I want that to happen. Often. I wish for the massive patience it takes to not be snippy with her when she asks me, for the fifteenth time, if we can do something when we get home, something about which I've already said yes several times. 

6. Of course. It would be nice to have politicians who weren't jerks. Or you know, anyone remotely okay for whom I could vote. Whatever. I guess I need to ask for the fortitude and patience required to wait the yucky political situation out. Again, pardon the grammar. OR, I'd like to have a nice black pen so that I can draw little horns and mustaches on all their photos. And my TESOL and ESL certificates. Because teaching overseas probably would be pretty safe, depending on where. 

 7.  Finally. I would joy for all good people and for the bad people, I would wish that they felt some guilt and regret and repented. Also, maybe if someone could get that kid next door to tune his snare drum, if he's going to play it all day. That too.

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I hab a code. cough sniffle
wonderful list Odette, feel better soon
Wishing all those things for you, too, Odette. Happy 2012!
Oh what a wonderful world it would be if we ALL had politicians who weren't jerks.
May all your new year wishes come true (crossing all fingers and toes)!
Sorry for your cold--get better. All your new year's resolutions are really wishes but hope you get some, especially the kid with the drum. But I didn't know drums could be tuned--that shows how much I know about music! Happy New Year (and hope you enjoy where you are at right now!)
Oh, these aren't resolutions at all! I don't make those. :) Those are just some hopes. I like those better. I want to see what happens if I wish for it and then maybe work for it a little. Not that I plan to get any hopes up or anything crazy like that.

I'm sad to say that I know drums get tuned because I dated a drummer. I don't date musicians now.
May you have complete fulfillment of 1-5 & 7. No. 6? Never gonna happen.
May it all come through for you this year, odetteroulette . . . untuned drums are almost as annoying as untuned guitars and pianos . . . yikes!
Great list -- I especially like the way you put #4 -- wanting "creativity to overcome the boredom of attempting to be healthier." I really want that one, too. Hope your resolutions come true, & your cold gets better. (I have one, too, plus a sore mouth from binging on Vitamin C drops.) Do us right, 2012!
I like how you "dug out" your real wish - the wish that underlies the initial wish. Just that exercise is so meaningful. I'd like a follow-up a year from now. I'd also like to do this myself. Sometimes simply writing it, putting it out there, makes it happen. Manifestation, baby! Burn candles when you write out your wishes and blow them out with vigor, knowing the smoke will carry that wish out into the world. Or something like the wish...that's the tough part; knowing when actually had our wish come true, just in a different kind of incarnation.